Thursday, March 17, 2011

Barefoot Elves (Dragon Age 2)

The sequel to Bioware's hit RPG Dragon Age: Origins arrived recently, and it improves on quite a few things. For starters, the main hero, Hawke, is now fully-voiced instead of being just another silent protagonist. Another improvement is the faster, more action game-ish combat. But with all the new stuff, easily the best and nicest improvement in this RPG sequel is... well, Barefoot Elven Babes! Yep, in DA2, the lovely, lithe and magical, pointy-eared demi-humans have a tendency to hate shoes, walking around usually wearing some kind of leg armor from their knees to the tops of their feet, but otherwise leaving the rest of their peds bare and their soles touching the ground. It's a nice aesthetic design change which the designers actually pointed out in a nice interview here. Here are some awesome character/costume designs for Dragon Age 2's barefoot elven babes. I'm not sure if you'll actually meet or see these in the game, but at least you can enjoy the awesome art right now.

These barefoot Elven mages don't need magic to enchant us footfans, I'm sure.

Tip-toeing into your dreams. These barefoot Elven rogues are badass and sexy!

Sadly you definitely can't create your own Elf protagonist in DA2, since the main hero/heroine is always human. Perhaps we'll see the sexy Elven character designs in the next Dragon Age game? Anyway, for now, soon after you begin your adventure in the city of Kirkwall, you'll surely notice an elf or two walking around shoeless. Tear yourself away from the nice view and head off to find fame and fortune, and hotter elves.

The first significant barefoot elf you'll encounter in your adventures is the sassy Athenril, a tough-talking hottie who leads a smuggling operation in the city where you find yourself adventuring in. She's pretty fetching and a fair-handed sort for a smuggler, but you'd better take care not to get on her bad side. Maybe a nice foot massage will get her talking to you again if that ever happens?

Athenril may be pretty, but she's also pretty ruthless... don't step on her sexy toes if you know what's good for you.

And then, of course, there's Merrill. She appeared as an NPC in the first Dragon Age, and now is back better than ever. For starters, she's a playable character and companion. Next, she's now a powerful mage who can kick ass with her spells. And lastly, of course, she got redesigned with the rest of her race and now walks around barefoot wherever she goes. She's also one of the characters your hero can pursue a romance with, so that's pretty awesome- but you're gonna have to use your imagination for hot, steamy love scenes with Hawke giving her feet the worship they deserve though.

I'm nowhere near even breaking the surface of what Dragon Age 2 has to offier, so I'm hoping to have lots of encounters with barefoot elven femme fatales and adventures aplenty with my cute mage, Merrill (gonna make her mine...). This game has so far been awesome. I really hope that the designers and developers keep the Elves barefoot for the inevitable Dragon Age sequels... if so, I'm sure they can count on footfans to keep adventuring in their lands for many, many quests to come. Later then! I gotta go hunting for Elves...


  1. Wow Merrill is one million times hotter than Morrigan! I would love to see Merrill force Morrigan to worship her perfect feet!

  2. Hahaha! I'd pay good money to see that too. ^_^

  3. Wow...those elves are really hot. Dragon Age 2 looks like a great game. ^_^