Monday, March 7, 2011

Matoya (Final Fantasy Legend)

Meet the lovely dancer, Matoya!

Barefoot babes are very rare in the Final Fantasy series. In fact, the only one that comes to mind is Cloud of Darkness in Dissidia Final Fantasy, and Yuna (temporarily only). Then there's Matoya, the lovely lady you see in the pic above. Matoya? Who the heck is she? Well, she's a character in Final Fantasy Legend, a FF game being release on mobile platforms (cellphones, I guess) in Japan. Anyways, Matoya seems to be an important character in the game- an alluring dancer who also holds great power and is supposedly tied the Ultimate Weapon of some powerful Empire. Well, sadly we'll probably never see her in a release outside of Japan, but then again, do we really need to? The artwork here is pretty much all you'll need to see of his lovely barefoot babe, as her in-game appearance is that of a tiny, SD sprite that's quite lacking in detail. So perhaps it's not really that big a loss. So just enjoy the pics I've posted here to your heart's content, and let this relatively obscure Final Fantasy heroine's talented feet dance in your dreams. Oh, Matoya... we hardly knew you...

Yet another babe that's destined to remain out of our reach in Japan...


  1. Wow hot!! A barefoot final fantasy girl is definitely spectacular to behold. ^_^

  2. Thanks a lot! Girls like this are scarce in Square games, they prefer girls wearing ugly Yoshi boots.
    Thank you, but Is this girl playable or it is a secondary character?

    Sailor Moon - All terrain feet

  3. Oh wow she is beautiful!! Love the outfit.

  4. She's playable, since there are gameplay screens that show her among your party (SD sprite). There's apparently an edition of the game that stars her as a main character. It's a Japan only mobile game though.

  5. Yeah, hardly the first time that a Dancer in a Japan-exclusive game with poor graphics was barefoot in much of her art.

    Most of the official artwork had the early dancers in sandals, which still expose the feet but doesn't get that soles-on-the-ground thing you love so much. Still, it looks as though the TCG artists had the right idea.