Sunday, March 6, 2011

Miss Midnight: The Final Issue? (DC Universe Online, PS3)

Okay, I've got sad news on the DC Universe Online front. For some pretty silly reason, some feminist idiots complained to the devs that the 'Serious' class female characters (of which my Miss Midnight is one of) walked too sexy. And stupidly enough, the devs listened and changed the walking animation. Now, instead of the lovely, never-gets-old glide she had before, my leather-clad femme fatale now hobbles about like someone jammed a monkey wrench up her ass... which is probably just as bad anyways. You can see the truly horrible change in this comparison video I whipped up. See it and weep.

So apparently in the DCU, sexy femme fatales walk like Rain Man.

It's so bad that I now do not find it worth the coin to renew my subscription, whose 30 free days ran out recently (apparently it runs in real time, not in times you play or are logged in). Also, since I can't play regularly, it's really not worth the money I invest in it.

So here is, as far as I can tell, the last issue of Miss Midnight. In this installment, her exploits bring her into contact with two of Gotham's deadliest females- the slinky Catwoman and the ruthless Huntress. Can you say, catfight? Anyway, who knows- If I find out the walking animation's been fixed and I find it worth it, maybe Miss Midnight's saga will continue. But don't hold your breath. There are other games out there, with more barefoot babes to find and worship. Just remember Midnight fondly as the darkly beautiful, barefoot avenging angel that she is, lovely, softly tip-toeing into your room, stroking your cheek with her perfect, smooth bare soles, inviting you to kiss her pearly tipped toes. What a way to go!

The last issue? Perhaps...


  1. yea I kinda know the feeling friend. I made a flirty character but her walk animation looks really silly too if you ask me. Dunno if I will keep it myself... will probably go back to AOC instead. Thanks for posting however!

  2. The walking animation for Midnight really turned me off. It's simply horrid. As for Hot Chick, who is also a Flirty character, her walk is indeed silly (good thing she can fly). In any case, while it lasted it was nice. Moving on, then.

  3. Oh man...that really sucks. :-( I can't believe the developers would do that and call it an improvement. :-(

    It's really is a shame because this climax issue was really awesome. A catfight between Miss Midnight, Huntress and Catwoman was through the roof hot!! ^_^

  4. Wow that new walk is just terrible!! Thats a shame.

  5. Well, there will always be other games and other babes to blog about. We'll see what happens next...

  6. DC Universe online is now no longer charging subscription fees. :-D Hopefully during the elapsed time they've upgraded the game dynamics restoring Miss Midnight to her former graceful movements. *Crosses fingers* It would be really cool to see a return of this villainess in the future. ^_^