Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nina Williams: Barefoot Nurse of PAIN! (Tekken 6) UPDATED with More Videos!

She Kicks High! Tekken's first barefoot babe is still also the finest.

Among the hot and lovely barefoot-able babes of Tekken 6, there will always be one sentimental fave of mine. Yeah, these days, my mains are Lili and Asuka, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Nina Williams. Indeed, back in the first Tekken, she was the franchise's first barefoot babe (and really, one of the first barefoot babes in all of beat 'em ups, actually) and my main fighter. Since the original Tekken though, changes came with every new sequel. for starters, she lost the MMA-type barefoot outfit and went with her now-signature purple military outfits and tights. I always thought it was cool that Nina went barefoot while her sister and rival, Anna, wore pumps and high heels- a nice counter point. Sadly, both of them wore high-heeled stuff for most of the games. Nina's game also got a lot more complex and technical for me, so while I still thought she was awesome, I didn't find her style to be that easy to play anymore.

Tekken 6 brought us barefoot customization, and, at long last, let Nina's sexy, perfect feet see the light of day and feel the touch of the ground. What can I say? She's truly never looked better than she does in Tekken 6... she's a blonde goddess, confident, mature and utterly gorgeous... plus her cool, calm and icy-cold dominatrix demeanor just makes her all the hotter.
Lately I've strangely been in a Nina mood- I've finally gotten the desire to play her, and I think I'm getting better at using her, even if some of her stuff- like the rapid-flapping combos being done by experts- seem beyond me. Still, her arsenal of sexy attacks (and quite a few hot high kicks) gives more than enough versatility for any level of player.

Have an appointment with this hot, barefoot Nurse of Pain?

So here's my Nina- my favorite customization for her is her Nurse outfits, since they're freakin' hot and give us the best of both worlds- royal views of Nina's deadly-sexy legs, teasing upskirt shots AND the ability to be seen in Tekken 6's hottest win animations (which are sadly closed off to outfits like her miniskirts). Adding to the hotness of the ensemble are a set of submachine guns at her hips, which give her a Lara Croft-ish feel, as well as the Williams' signature bazooka at her back. The sophisticated Styled Hairstyle gives her glamor, while the frameless glasses are a finishing touch, giving her a bit of 'Teacher' appeal, which suits her perfectly as the genteel, bewitching dominatrix that she is.

I can't decide whether Nurse Nina is hotter in white or black...

Aside from the hot pics already peppering this post, see this Killer Nurse in action in these sexy matches. Really, no babe dishes it out like Nina. And those win poses- some of the best and sexiest in the game. Man, what I'd give to be right under Nina's feet when she stomps down with her 'Twisted Mind' foot stomp... how soft those soles must feel... they must hurt so good! Heheh...

Nina and Raven have been rival since Tekken 5. She's stomped on his face a lot... lucky bastard.

Wang likes the ladies. I wonder if he's a foot fan, the dirty old coot...

This match between two hot babes will keep you guessing till the end. Who will taste de-feet?

Sister vs Sister Match! Of course we know who our favorite is...

Christie's hot but putting on boots slows her down surely in this match...

Perhaps Julia will think about changing her attire (heheh) after this session with Nurse Nina...

Whether dishing out the pain or taking it herself, Nina always looks amazingly gorgeous.

Nina's so tranquil and peaceful, like a lovely angel... well, only when she's unconscious.

Of course, you can't win 'em all. Zafina gives Nina a long nap...

Of course all of us foot fans would love to have this blonde bombshell give us a grapple or two, or perhaps place her perfect soles right onto our faces. She'd do it with pleasure, and a self-assured smile. That just makes it all the hotter. I dunno if Nina will totally become another of my Mains, but well, I am using her so much right now. Perhaps this is the start of a great new partnership? Man, Asuka and Lili will be pissed... I'll be getting a stomping from them too. Heheh... Anyway, for now, enjoy the pics and the vids! Later then!


  1. This is a REALLY hot post Sole! I can't tell you how much I would love to suck on her sweet, sweet toes and soles.

  2. Yes, indeed. Nina's awesome. I really hope she gets barefoot customization again (along with all the other babes) in TTT2. For now though, she's just over the top HOT in Tekken 6. I'm gonna do more vids with her! ^_^

  3. That's one nurse I would love to make an appointment with. ^_^ I think Nina will always be one of my favorite Tekken characters and female assassins. These pictures and clips of her are awesome. Great post Sole Keeper.

  4. Thanks, KSC!

    I have to say, Nina's got a striking resemblance to Scarlet Johanssen in the last pic (where she's KO'ed by Zafina). Mmmm... must be the lips. ^__^

  5. The first pic, where Nina Kicks High, is my favorite of the bunch, of course. It's like she's raisng her foot and saying, 'Kiss it!'. ^___^ Also, it just shows off how amazingly detailed and beautiful her feet are, something which IMO makes Tekken 6 the most awesome barefoot babe fighter out. Hoping that TTT2 lives up to it in this regard at least.

  6. Very nice! Nina is such a hotty. Being barefoot makes her even more so!

  7. Added three more vids to this post. Check 'em out for more barefoot Nina action! ^_^

  8. Sexy,I love a barefoot girl who wears glasses. So sexy. BTW,I've got a Wikia that I'd like you to contribute to...if you know any foot scenes from Anime or Cartoons. Feel free to add them.

  9. Interesting. I'll check it out. ^___^