Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christie Monteiro, Barefoot Capoeira Queen! (Tekken 4)

Christie Monteiro’s Tekken 4 character art.

Over on the Youtube Channel, a viewer gave an intriguing request for some videos- intriguing since it didn’t ask for Tekken 6 content, but from the much older Tekken 4. So I had to dig up the old disc from my PS2 library. Thankfully, I owned an original Japanese version which would play on my Playstation 3 (love backward-capability!).
Anyway, this just allowed me an opportunity to spotlight this retro title. Despite being a PS2 title that was released way back in 2002 (man, has it really been 9 years?), T4 still looks quite good, with vibrant colors and fairly well-detailed and HUGE characters when seen on an HDTV screen (playing through the PS3). This was a pretty controversial title, since many consider it the worst Tekken game. Looking at it now, I think it’s still head and shoulders above most beat ‘em ups, and is an interesting chapter in the franchise.

Christie's Tekken 4 CG Art.

In terms of barefoot babes though, Tekken 4 is significant in introducing to us the lovely Christie Monteiro (who was sadly, the only barefoot babe in the game). Christie took over the slot for resident Capoeira fighter from the missing Eddy Gordo (who actually appears via cameo in her ending). Certainly I myself didn’t miss the big lug, when you have such a fetching lass occupying your attention. And really, Christie is quite lovely, even with the older and less detailed PS2 graphics and character models. Her feet are a world away from the finely-sculpted peds in Tekken 6, but back then it didn’t matter- hell, we probably didn’t think it could get any better then! All we could think of, surely, was giving this sultry siren the worship and service a barefoot goddess like her deserved.

So here are the vids, basically having the lovely barefoot babe getting a bit of manhandling by Kazuya, Bryan and Heihachi.

Bryan gives Christie a hard massage… on her face.

Try to concentrate on Christie’s soles and not on Hei’s diaper…

Kaz dangles Christie to better show us her hot soles.

Don’t worry, afterwards they all are required to give Christie both full-body and foot massages (and, little do most know, Bryan does great foot massages… must be those cyborg fingers). Enjoy the retro Tekken goodness!


  1. Massively hot!! I like Christie a lot. Her fighting style is awesome and I love watching her bare feet in action. As far as Tekken goes she's probably the character I play best with. ^_^

  2. Wow I remember finding an ad with that Tekken 4 art of her in one of my magazines. I just couldn't take my eyes away from her hottness! Then I found out she was barefoot...well let's just say *drool* sooooo hot....

  3. I remember when I first got Tekken 4, I really liked Christie- she was after all the first barefoot babe in Tekken after a LOOOONG time (Nina was the only one way back in the first Tekken and hadn't shown her toes since). Unfortunately I remember also that I was disappointed in the game itself (small roster, unfamiliar gameplay, the weird way everyone was now TALKING) so I wasn't able to appreciate it that well. These days I now recognize T4 was an underappreciated classic.