Friday, April 15, 2011

Mileena Flesh-Pit Costume (Mortal Kombat)

Flesh-Pit Mileena makes her debut in this sexy cinematic.

The upcoming 'rebooted' Mortal Kombat looks, from all indications, a bloody lot of fun. The graphics are marvelously dark and atmospheric, the character models super-detailed with smooth and fluid animation, and best of all, the game plays a treat (I know this since I got to play the Demo Version). I can readily say that this is easily the BEST Mortal Kombat ever, in looks, gameplay and extras. The only flaw is, well... the apparent lack of barefoot babes. Yep, sadly the development team apparently are fans of high heels seeing as about half the babes in the game wear them into battle. In actuality, there's actually one female fighter in the game who is barefoot by default- unfortunately she's the beastly Sheeva, the female counterpart of Goro. While she definitely has skimpy outfits that show off a lot of skin and a pleasingly curvy (if muscular) figure, color me not liking her two-toed monster feet. Early on in the first trailer, there was a glimpse of a barefoot slave girl/prisoner sitting beside Shao Khan's throne, but ever since she hasn't turned up.

BUT... all is not lost! The game has a ton of secrets and hidden treats for players to uncover, and one of them is a much-touted and hyped-up secret outfit for the feral ninja babe, Mileena. Through information leaks we have learned that this is called the 'Flesh Pit Costume', a somewhat minimalist look that Mileena apprently sported when she was created in Shang Tsung's labs (the Flesh Pits). So, it's literally her 'birthday suit'. Predictably though, she's not actually totally naked, but almost just- her most private parts are just kinda-sorta-barely covered by some cloth bandages- think Leeloo from The Fifth Element, just less stylishly designed (but gobs sexier). Anyway, the best part is- well, she's barefoot in this costume. Yep, there IS at least ONE barefoot babe in Mortal Kombat! How hot is Flesh Pit Mileena? Well, check the pics below out to see!

This is one sleeping beauty you don't want to wake up.

A Skinemax moment in the Mortal Kombat saga.

Body, legs and feet to die for... and a killer face. Literally.

Kitana should take off those high heels as well to make this a fair fight...

Her face may be beastly, but Mileena's soles are perfectly human and, well, just perfect.

You first encounter the skimpily-clad and newly-created Mileena in Story Mode, where Kitana discovers Shang Tsung's laboratory or Flesh Pits. A catfight predictably occurs, which is our first taste of this sexy barefoot siren in action. But to actually unlock Mileena's Flesh Pit costume for play, it's a little bit more complicated. Flesh Pit Mileena is the prize for beating the 300th and final trial of the game's Challenge Tower mode, which is no easy feat. For starters, you have to beat all 299 other trials first. When you reach 300, the test is pretty hard- it's literally a multi-stage boss fight, where you have to fight Goro, then Kintaro, Flesh Pit Mileena herself, and then the Big Boss, Shao Khan. The good news is you get some energy back after each fight, but it's still no cake walk. It's gonna take practice to beat that trial- or just a lot of fight money to buy your way through.

But rest assured, the prize of unlocking the game's one barefoot babe is worth the effort. Check out the shoeless vixen in action in the following videos below. The first one is the Story Mode cutscene where she is first discovered by Kitana. Can you say... catfight?

Next up, how hard is it to unlock Flesh Pit Mileena? Check out the next vid, which shows off the final, 300th Trial for Challenge Tower Mode. You can, alternatively, buy your way past this challenge with enough koin. Heh...

It may be a bit hard, but the prize is worth it! Barefoot Mileena is yours if you defeat her (and everyone else).

Finally, here's in-game footage of Flesh Pit Mileena, unlocked and in action against Johnny Cage. Check her out!

Yeah, she's scary.. but damn, she's hot too.

Some may hate her, some may love her, but I have to say for myself... Flesh Pit Mileena's definitely sizzling, and the fact that she's a bad girl makes her even more appealing- nothing's hotter than a barefoot bad girl. This is a great treat for barefoot babe fans like us, even if other fight fans may not think it's such a hot prize. This definitely makes the new Mortal Kombat a Must Buy game to add to my collection. Flesh Pit Mileena's hot enough to deserve worship of those hot and perfect toes and soles. Well, all the better to keep my eyes off her face... yikes. I think she heard me...

Darn! Judging from how Mileena looks in her Flesh Pit costume, the MK devs certainly can do sexy bare feet! I really hope that the other girls somehow get sexy barefoot outfits, perhaps as DLC, as well. Mileena is certainly a lot of barefoot babe to love, but if Kitana, Jade, Sonya and Sindel also get their boots off, man, MK may become a true foot fan must-have. Anyway, I'll be posting more pics and vids from this evil barefoot hottie when I get my own copy of the game soon. For now, enjoy the pics and vids! Mortal Kombat is out on PS3 and Xbox360 this coming April 12.


  1. O_O Wow...awesome. ^_^ Mileena is one of my longtime fantasies since Mortal Kombat 2 was first released. I'm a little upset that as the series progressed they seem to overplay the fact that she has Tarkatan teeth. Earlier games in the series seem to imply she could change back and forth between her human and more demonic halves. Now it seems like that ability is pretty much abandoned. It is still massively cool to see her barefoot and showing so much skin though. ^_^

    I also really love the polish too. I can't tell for sure but it looks like she has purple polish to match her mask...if so that is massively hot!! I'm now fantasizing how awesome it would to be to be on the receiving end of one one of her teleport kicks to the face. Great Post Sole Keeper!!

  2. You said it, KSC. It wouldn't hurt if Mileena's chompers were slightly less pronounced, but still, man, you can't ignore that body. ^__^

    Mortal Kombat has definitely jumped up to be among my favorite fighters, alongside Tekken 6 and Soulcalibur IV. I will definitely be posting tons of vids on my channel once I get my own copy of the game. Barefoot Mileena is goddamn hot and awesome!

  3. It's funny that while Ed Boon and his devs have hyped up this reward (The Flesh Pit costume) so much, but now it seems a lot of gamers are backlashing against it, saying it's not worth the effort or isn't that great a prize.

    I think foot fans should give Boon and his crew a big round of applause. Indeed, for us, Best Alternate Ever is true indeed! ^____^

  4. Wow that is really really hot! Mileena was one of my favs as well and this costume just makes my love for her grow. So awesome! Oh on a weird side note I also think Sheeva is hot...yea... >.> <.<

  5. I've replaced the Story Mode cutscene video to include the full cutscene between Kitana and Mileena, as well as a fight and the aftermath. Check it out!

  6. :-D That catfight/aftermath clip is hot. Yeah totally have to agree with Boon...that costume is the ultimate prize. ^_^