Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Mileena (Mortal Kombat)

Nice views all over in this vid, including a lovely view of Mileena's sexy, sleepy soles.

After almost a week of playing Mortal Kombat, I can safely say that this new, rebooted fighter has become one of my new favorites. Yeah, it's not quite Tekken 6 in terms of hot, sexy barefoot-able babes, but it's a great start, and the new fighting system makes it more playable than any previous MK. I'm just hoping that the future gives us more barefoot MK babes, and not just the one scary (but sexy) femme fatale they have now. In any case, before I go back to Tekken 6 and other games, here's one more dose of sexy, scantily-clad barefoot Mileena both dishing out punishment and taking it, showing off her deadly skills and perfect, lickable feet and soles along the way. Enjoy!

The Shaolin is no match for this deadly barefoot babe.

Mileena kicks Ermac's ass!

Mileena bites back at her evil creator, Shang Tsung.

Even the god of war must bow down at Mileena's hot feet!

Kintaro wins himself a Mileena doll to play with.


  1. I think I could be perfectly happy spending the rest of my life worshipping Mileena's feet. Awesome post Sole Keeper. Between all the barefoot Mileena action and Jade's pole dancing victory pose...I'm really in hotness overload. ^_^

  2. Yes indeed. I have to say, the devs really did a great job on Mileena's feet in this game- I really wish they gave the other girls barefoot outfits too. Mileena's soles just look so good to lick and kiss all day... such a contrast to her face. Heheh...