Monday, May 31, 2010

Barefoot Knockouts: Lili Rochefort (Tekken 6) in HD!

How's the HD PVR been doing so far? Well, wonderfully, actually! Here's some fruits of HD labor, some sexy KO ryona starring none other than Tekken 6's Panchira Princess, Lili Rochefort, as she blissfully lapses into unconsciousness at the hands of Zafina and Dragunov, nicely showing off her heavenly, unconscious soles for our enjoyment. All in lovely, crisp HD. Enjoy and dream of what you would do if you have the lovely Miss Rochefort's sleeping feet, smooth soles and delicate toes, laying right before your face...

Lili's missed unblockable attack leads to a sexy knockout...

More sleepy soles from Lili care of Ling Xiaoyu.

Lili goes out like a light among the sparkling lights of the Electric Fountain.

You gotta be envious of the rich highrollers who can afford to have barefoot hotties fight and get KO'ed for their pleasure...

Creepy he may be, but Dragunov has a special quality that just knocks ladies off their feet...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HD Upgrade Complete!

My new weapon of choice: The Hauppage HD-PVR.

At long last, I finally got my much-awaited new tool for video capture, the Hauppage HD Personal Video Recorder. The successor to my old Archos AV700 PVP is, while bigger than it's predecessor, surprisingly light and apparently made mostly of plastic, making it seem toy-like and fragile. However the proof is in the pudding- the Hauppage does what it's supposed to do- capture HD video- easily, quickly and smoothly. Setting up the device in my room was pretty easy, mostly plug-and-play, though it was good foresight on my part to have in advance acquired an extended USB 2.0 cable to connect the PVR to my Mac, on the other side of the room from the TV and game consoles. Really, who would have their TV right next to their computer?

Anyway, once everything is connected, opening up a third-party app (EyeTV) and turning on the Hauppage and the video source (PS3) immediately opened up a lovely view of streaming 720p footage on my desktop, ready for recording. The slight wrinkle is about a couple of seconds delay between what's showing on your TV and what's recording on your computer monitor, but that's no biggie. Recording is easy as pushing the record button on the virtual remote control on your desktop, and that's that! Recording is almost instant, and once you stop it's there ready to be exported to your desktop or anywhere else in a flash. The files I got were H.264 video (mp4), which can be easily viewed in Quicktime.

After a couple of hours of initial testing and recording of vids from Tekken 6, the PVR did so admirably with crisp, clear video that captures the awesome detail of the game's graphics. It totally delivers on its promises, for which I am truly overjoyed. All I can do now is keep the device well-maintained and dust-free, safe on its new place in my headquarters.

Anyway, I've posted some test vids and more stuff from Tekken 6, so check out the awesome loveliness of hot, buttkicking barefoot game babe action in luscious 720p.

Asuka (looking cool and fresh in her tank top and bandage shorts) battles the walking tank, Ganryu.

Lili battles Anna (maybe she can strip off those stockings and heels afterwards..?).

Lili and a pretty creepy Yoshimitsu battle it out in the Graveyard stage.

Asuka takes on TKD Maestro Baek in Rustic Asia.

Lili's turn to give old man Baek a beating...

These match vids are pretty much raw footage, with just a bit of trimming. I can't wait to start doing edited barefoot babe features- Tekken 6 KO ryona, Soulcalibur IV FMN Knockouts, CASplay matches- in HD! Man, this is gonna be fun. Anyway, that's that for the technical side of things. Now the real work (or fun, actually) begins. Later then!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Juri Anime!

Okay! I was able to score a couple of choice excerpts from the Juri OVA- perhaps the best foot clips in the whole feature (though there are certainly lots). The anime is a bonus that you get from the Japanese and Asian Collector's Editions of Super Streetfighter IV. Included in the package is a download code that you use to access the feature on Xboxlive. These are from the Asian version, which is in english. Anyway, the OVA runs for about half an hour and focuses pretty much mainly on new SF villainess Juri Hani and her sound beatings of everyone she meets- from Chun-li to the Shadaloo Dolls to Guile and Cammy. Man, that chick is NASTY!

This is early in the show, where Juri is taking out a bunch of heavily-armed dudes. Of course automatic weapons and rocket launchers are no match for Juri's sexy-strong feet, as seen in the clip below...

Next up is perhaps the best foot clip in the whole OAV, with a nice panning up shot of Juri, with special focus on her sexy bare foot as she flexes her toes in anticipation of her next fight. Nice animation on those lovely purple-tipped digits, I have to say. I'm sure any foot fan will surely be wanting to reach out and give those toes a lick or two... heh...

All in all the anime is a pretty cool feature but it's very hard to get a hold of. Perhaps eventually it will be available online for streaming or download in full form. For now though, enjoy these clips of some hot, sexy TKD feet!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Poll Results (Soulcalibur IV)

The votes are in, and with some results that have kinda surprised me. Who's the Hottest Barefoot Babe in Soulcalibur IV? Apparently it's Gaijin Iai-jutsu assassin Setsuka, who garnered 51 votes (17%). Did her hot Forget-Me-Not KO ryona vid have anything to do with this? I thought Setsuka was one of the more understated babes in the roster, to be honest. Coming up in second place is the busty ninja, Taki, with 49 votes (13%). Then it's even bustier Ivy with 36 votes (12%), though I actually thought she's rank up higher. Up to now it's all been the hot, mature ladies of the game with, er, forward-facing assets... but bucking that trend is Xianghua, the slim and pretty swordswoman and martial artist, who gets 32 votes (11%), beating out Hot Momma Sophitia who got 25 votes (8%).

From here the list goes on from Tira to Talim, Cassandra then Amy, with Hilde only beating out the CAS Babes by one vote. Man, no love for Hildegarde? To be honest, my vote went to her, since I really find her gorgeous face and trim physique really enthralling. That's okay anyway- I kinda like going for the unconventional choices.

What's next for Soulcalibur IV? As I've posted earlier, I'll be getting (hopefully) HD video recording capability soon, so I'll most probably be redoing KO Ryona vids for the various SCIV babes in HD, as well as going forward with more material from Namco's sexy slashing beat 'em up. Stay tuned then, there's more barefoot babes with Calibur to come here on Virtual Soles.

Hope for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown?

Are barefoot bikini commando babes in our gaming future?

One of the best barefoot babe games so far today that exists just out of our reach is Virtua Fighter 5R. An arcade-only upgrade to the original Virtua Fighter 5, 'R' gave us what we wanted- barefoot customization for ALL the babes in the game (actually all the characters got it) and not just aikido mistress Aoi. With sexier outfits and moves added along with the shoeless option, VF5R is the Holy Grail for barefoot videogame fans outside of Tekken 6 and SCIV. But sadly, Sega of Japan has not seen fit to port the game to any home console. In the hopes of getting the game outside of Nippon arcades, hardcore VF fans over at VFDC ( started a petition calling on all gamers interested in the game to ask Sega for a port.

Well apparently, according to recent posts on Sega's offical developer blog, the peition has indeed reached the ears of some pertinent people, particularly some of the devs. They've posted that they've been positively affected by the words of fans, and that they will try their best to meet the expectations of VF fans 'both domestic and international'. What does this mean? Well, who knows... but maybe it does point to an eventual port of an upgrade to VF5... perhaps not VF5R, but the upcoming Virtua Fighter 5: FInal Showdown which looks to be the Ultimate Version of the game, adding even more new moves, new costumes (including bikinis!) and more to the already bursting-to-the-seams game.

Whether VF5FS is coming to consoles due to the petition or as part of Sega's plans all this time, we have something to look forward to in the near future of hot barefoot babe fighters. Barring Tekken 7 or Soulcalibur V, this is the one we want to see most. Keep your fingers crossed and your dreams of Virtua Soles firmly in your sights, people... the best of gaming feet is still to come.

Barefoot Sarah or bust!

UPDATE: A bit more info on the bikinis and swimsuits. So far the character costumes in VF5 have been divided into A, B, C and so forth. Each costume has a base outfit which is then modified by changing the designs/colors of the tops, bottoms, footwear, etc. VF5FS will introduce a new 'Special Costume' in which the characters will start off wearing nothing but a swimsuit (or perhaps trunks for the guys?), to which you can add other elements freely (perhaps you can mix and match stuff from the other costume types). Now, why do I get the feeling that many players won't bother to add anything at all and just keep the babes in particular in their bikinis..? Heheh... Anyway, this bit of info was posted on the VFDC forums and is supposedly translated from the latest VF5FS blog posts. Hopefully it's true, and hopefully indeed this game comes to consoles in the very near future. Keep wishing for this, people! This is the brass ring. Heheh...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zafina (Tekken 6)

Okay, here's a bit of a treat for fans of this serpentine femme fatale. Up to now, Zafina's main use for me has been dishing out sexy KOs in Tekken 6 thanks to her awesome win animations where she has her unconscious opponent at her mercy. It is with continuing annoyance that I still can't believe that this babe didn't get barefoot customization in the game. She gets on her tippy toes or often crawls for her special moves- if there be a babe more suited to going barefoot, Zafina is it. Sadly I recall that in the early trailers of Bloodline Rebellion Zafina did indeed at one point have 'barefoot' instep guard leggings, but they were changed to sandals in the final game. DARN!
Perhaps it's because her P1 sandals are so revealing that the devs thought against giving her an option for bare feet, thinking it redundant. Sadly, even with so much skin exposed, sandaled feet are not bare feet, and for me a lot of the appeal is all about the babe's soles touching the ground. In any case, Zafina is surely an eye-catching beauty thanks to her distinct, exotic looks, oddly sexy contortions, lethal moves and... shiny painted toenails.

Anyway, thanks to a bit of Photoshopping of some T6 screencaps, here is a barefoot Zafina for you to enjoy. Hopefully in the next game the Tekken team will see fit to give her sexier outfits and customizations, including a belly dancer outfit and yes, the option for truly, fully bare feet. For now enjoy the pics and dream of giving this dark-eyed beauty's long, strong and luscious toes and sand-smoothened soles due service and worship.

It's all about those shiny black toenails...

Zafina shows she's just as much a knockout as the other girls...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lara Croft Art by Nico Bass (Tomb Raider)

The Barefoot Adventuress by Nico Bass.

Once again, awesome Deviantart veteran Nico Bass delivers another wonderful rendition of a barefoot Lara Croft for fans to enjoy. This time the artwork portrays the sexy adventuress barefoot in her sexy diving suit from Tomb Raider 2, exploring a ruined, sunken ocean liner. Man, you can easily imagine her picking her way through the place, her strong, sexy soles padding lightly over the wet floor. I'm sure every footfan would give a lot to be able to give this heroine warm kisses and massages over her perfect soles, heels and toes after the adventure is done.

Nico regularly posts Lara art, several of them showing off her hot bare feet in loving detail. Enjoy the latest Croft masterpiece in full here.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Julia Chang (Tekken 6)

As awesome as Tekken 6 is thanks to it's cast of barefoot-able femme fatales and perhaps the sexiest-rendered feet and soles in games today, it does have its quirks. One of which is the irritating and inexplicable absence of barefoot customization for several of the game's ladies. Notable is Julia Chang, the sexy kung-fu fighting Indian eco-fighter. I still find it unfathomable why Julia lacks an option for bare feet, since you'd expect a nature-lover like her to enjoy having her naked soles caress the soil. In any case, it's a great loss, since she is incredibly hot and a lot of her potent attacks have her stomping on her opponents with her feet. Surely any footfan gamer will love to see this feisty heroine shed those big, honkin' boots and socks- perhaps the devs will give us this in the next Tekken chapter.

However, thanks to Tekken 6's awesome screencap feature and some Photoshopping, here at least is a look at a barefoot Julia Chang. As you can see, bare legs, feet look awesome with her denim shorts or skirts. Surely Julia deserves the pampering of foot massages and worship from foot fans just as much as any of the game's barefoot beauties. I know I'd give her surely-smooth soles and luscious toes kisses and more with great gusto. So keep your fingers crossed that in the next Tekken Namco-Bandai corrects this oversight and gives us barefoot Julia for real. For now, enjoy the pics!

Zafina knocks her out, we take 'em (her boots, that is) off!

Quick, hide her boots where she'll never find them again...

Barefoot Julia in Tekken 7 or bust!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Warriors of Elysia Full Trailer

Several years ago, a game called Bikini Karate Babes was released. Part parody, part cheesecake panolpy, this fighter featured digitized graphics of real female performers, giving it a Mortal Kombat-style of look. It actually didn't take itself too seriously, featuring among other things fart moves and special attacks that had fighters stealing off their enemies' tops. Really, it all looked and moved more like an amateur effort and not a serious entry into the beat 'em up genre. Well, I didn't really care about that since the game featured, well, bikini babes- to be more exact, barefoot bikini babes... so it was great for me.

Since then, the studio responsible- Creative Edge- has been plugging away at a sequel, Warriors of Elysia. From all indications, WOE does a 180 away from the original, adopting a more serious storyline and tone... well, as serious as an all-out war set on an island populated completely by hot barefoot babes in bikinis can get. The game has been in development for what it seems like an eternity, but apparently it will finally see release on PC this October. As cheesy as it is, I can't resist a game full of so many live-action barefoot martial arts beauties... too bad it's on PC (I'm on Mac), so unless they put out a version for OSX or consoles, I'll have to pass. Still, we'll see, as it's still a long way to October. For now, enjoy the full trailer, just released recently on Youtube.

It's like Mortal Kombat, but with barefoot bikini babes!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Upgrading... Upgrading...

I've been doing this little hobby of mine, sharing vids of virtual babe feet, for the past couple of years. It would not have been possible without access to means of video capture, and fortunately all this time I've been using an Archos Personal Media Player with record function, and it has proven up to now easy to use, problem-free and adequate. However, the videos captured are at best only VGA quality- that's 640 x 480 resolution at 30 frames per second. It's fine for older games, but for hi-res games like Tekken 6, Virtua Fighter 5 and Soulcalibur IV a lot of fine detail is lost. The recently-released Super Streetfighter IV in particular looks pretty crappy (which is why I haven't posted much from it so far).

So with HD being the proper way of seeing video these days, I finally went and bit the bullet, acquiring a solution to capturing video from games in High Definition. I'm not one for complicated capture cards and more for actual devices; so I chose the Hauppage HD Personal Video Recorder. As far as I know, it's the most easy-to-use HD recording device available readily and at a pretty good price. Admittedly, it's not as plug-and-play easy as the Archos device was- a computer is actually required to be hooked to the PVR with software for recording, albeit the machine does most of the actual recording work. Reviews are good and this machine looks to be the tool of choice for capturing HD game footage for us armchair web video casters, particularly on Youtube.

As of this writing, my order has 'already shipped', though I am not totally sure when it will arrive- it could be by next week at the earliest. Till then, I'll continue updates as usual, though I think I should put big vid projects like the Soulcalibur IV Knockouts series on hold since I'll surely be re-doing all the FMN vids in HD once I have the Hauppage in place. But think of it... Tekken 6, SCIV, SSFIV and potentially VF5R (or Final Showdown?) in eye-catching, sole-exposing, foot-lovin' HD! I'm excited, and I hope you guys are too. Fingers crossed that the Spirits of Shipping smile on my package and bring it safely and speedily to my doorstep. Later then!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Soleful Juri Artwork (Super Streetfighter IV) UPDATED!

Juri shows she's got sole.

I got my copy of Super Streetfighter IV recently, and it's all I expected it to be. The fighting action is top-notch SF, the three hot barefoot babes are awesome, and the game is polished to a nice sheen. There are even some cool artworks in the menus, the best of which is the one above, a nice action shot with Juri showing off her lovely sole (among other things). If you haven't gotten your SSFIV yet, what are you waiting for? It's a fighting game every foot fan should have in their kick-ass game collection. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to give Makoto, Ibuki and Juri some foot massages...

UPDATE: Get a larger version of the pic here.