Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hope for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown?

Are barefoot bikini commando babes in our gaming future?

One of the best barefoot babe games so far today that exists just out of our reach is Virtua Fighter 5R. An arcade-only upgrade to the original Virtua Fighter 5, 'R' gave us what we wanted- barefoot customization for ALL the babes in the game (actually all the characters got it) and not just aikido mistress Aoi. With sexier outfits and moves added along with the shoeless option, VF5R is the Holy Grail for barefoot videogame fans outside of Tekken 6 and SCIV. But sadly, Sega of Japan has not seen fit to port the game to any home console. In the hopes of getting the game outside of Nippon arcades, hardcore VF fans over at VFDC ( started a petition calling on all gamers interested in the game to ask Sega for a port.

Well apparently, according to recent posts on Sega's offical developer blog, the peition has indeed reached the ears of some pertinent people, particularly some of the devs. They've posted that they've been positively affected by the words of fans, and that they will try their best to meet the expectations of VF fans 'both domestic and international'. What does this mean? Well, who knows... but maybe it does point to an eventual port of an upgrade to VF5... perhaps not VF5R, but the upcoming Virtua Fighter 5: FInal Showdown which looks to be the Ultimate Version of the game, adding even more new moves, new costumes (including bikinis!) and more to the already bursting-to-the-seams game.

Whether VF5FS is coming to consoles due to the petition or as part of Sega's plans all this time, we have something to look forward to in the near future of hot barefoot babe fighters. Barring Tekken 7 or Soulcalibur V, this is the one we want to see most. Keep your fingers crossed and your dreams of Virtua Soles firmly in your sights, people... the best of gaming feet is still to come.

Barefoot Sarah or bust!

UPDATE: A bit more info on the bikinis and swimsuits. So far the character costumes in VF5 have been divided into A, B, C and so forth. Each costume has a base outfit which is then modified by changing the designs/colors of the tops, bottoms, footwear, etc. VF5FS will introduce a new 'Special Costume' in which the characters will start off wearing nothing but a swimsuit (or perhaps trunks for the guys?), to which you can add other elements freely (perhaps you can mix and match stuff from the other costume types). Now, why do I get the feeling that many players won't bother to add anything at all and just keep the babes in particular in their bikinis..? Heheh... Anyway, this bit of info was posted on the VFDC forums and is supposedly translated from the latest VF5FS blog posts. Hopefully it's true, and hopefully indeed this game comes to consoles in the very near future. Keep wishing for this, people! This is the brass ring. Heheh...


  1. O_O Really hope that game comes out in the U.S.

    Bikini customization + Sarah = Super hot!!

  2. Yep. Man, you can imagine how freaking hot this game will be. I think there's a great chance this will indeed come to consoles. We just all have to keep it on our radars and keep crossing our fingers. ^_^