Monday, May 10, 2010

Lara Croft Art by Nico Bass (Tomb Raider)

The Barefoot Adventuress by Nico Bass.

Once again, awesome Deviantart veteran Nico Bass delivers another wonderful rendition of a barefoot Lara Croft for fans to enjoy. This time the artwork portrays the sexy adventuress barefoot in her sexy diving suit from Tomb Raider 2, exploring a ruined, sunken ocean liner. Man, you can easily imagine her picking her way through the place, her strong, sexy soles padding lightly over the wet floor. I'm sure every footfan would give a lot to be able to give this heroine warm kisses and massages over her perfect soles, heels and toes after the adventure is done.

Nico regularly posts Lara art, several of them showing off her hot bare feet in loving detail. Enjoy the latest Croft masterpiece in full here.

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