Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Poll Results (Soulcalibur IV)

The votes are in, and with some results that have kinda surprised me. Who's the Hottest Barefoot Babe in Soulcalibur IV? Apparently it's Gaijin Iai-jutsu assassin Setsuka, who garnered 51 votes (17%). Did her hot Forget-Me-Not KO ryona vid have anything to do with this? I thought Setsuka was one of the more understated babes in the roster, to be honest. Coming up in second place is the busty ninja, Taki, with 49 votes (13%). Then it's even bustier Ivy with 36 votes (12%), though I actually thought she's rank up higher. Up to now it's all been the hot, mature ladies of the game with, er, forward-facing assets... but bucking that trend is Xianghua, the slim and pretty swordswoman and martial artist, who gets 32 votes (11%), beating out Hot Momma Sophitia who got 25 votes (8%).

From here the list goes on from Tira to Talim, Cassandra then Amy, with Hilde only beating out the CAS Babes by one vote. Man, no love for Hildegarde? To be honest, my vote went to her, since I really find her gorgeous face and trim physique really enthralling. That's okay anyway- I kinda like going for the unconventional choices.

What's next for Soulcalibur IV? As I've posted earlier, I'll be getting (hopefully) HD video recording capability soon, so I'll most probably be redoing KO Ryona vids for the various SCIV babes in HD, as well as going forward with more material from Namco's sexy slashing beat 'em up. Stay tuned then, there's more barefoot babes with Calibur to come here on Virtual Soles.


  1. Wow...didn't predict Setsuka winning this. (She is really hot though). For me the sisters Cass and Sophie will always be my favorites.

    Anyway great poll Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. I know! Man, Setsuka was the last babe I thought would end up dominating. Taki or Ivy more likely, but Setsuka? Oh well. I love her as well, in any case, but Hilde is more my flave. ^_^