Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zafina (Tekken 6)

Okay, here's a bit of a treat for fans of this serpentine femme fatale. Up to now, Zafina's main use for me has been dishing out sexy KOs in Tekken 6 thanks to her awesome win animations where she has her unconscious opponent at her mercy. It is with continuing annoyance that I still can't believe that this babe didn't get barefoot customization in the game. She gets on her tippy toes or often crawls for her special moves- if there be a babe more suited to going barefoot, Zafina is it. Sadly I recall that in the early trailers of Bloodline Rebellion Zafina did indeed at one point have 'barefoot' instep guard leggings, but they were changed to sandals in the final game. DARN!
Perhaps it's because her P1 sandals are so revealing that the devs thought against giving her an option for bare feet, thinking it redundant. Sadly, even with so much skin exposed, sandaled feet are not bare feet, and for me a lot of the appeal is all about the babe's soles touching the ground. In any case, Zafina is surely an eye-catching beauty thanks to her distinct, exotic looks, oddly sexy contortions, lethal moves and... shiny painted toenails.

Anyway, thanks to a bit of Photoshopping of some T6 screencaps, here is a barefoot Zafina for you to enjoy. Hopefully in the next game the Tekken team will see fit to give her sexier outfits and customizations, including a belly dancer outfit and yes, the option for truly, fully bare feet. For now enjoy the pics and dream of giving this dark-eyed beauty's long, strong and luscious toes and sand-smoothened soles due service and worship.

It's all about those shiny black toenails...

Zafina shows she's just as much a knockout as the other girls...


  1. O_O So hot!!! I love her pedicure. Awesome post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  2. Nice pics! Zafina has a kind of creepy hotness. I think for the next Tekken they need to add a female Taekwondo fighter like Chae Lim from KoF. That's all that keeps Tekken from being perfect. Alas, the closest so far is P2 costume Unknown on Tekken Tag Tournament-but that wolf demon is too distracting!

  3. KSC: Glad you like the pic! It was a bit tricky but in the end it turned out nice. I'm actually thinking of doing Anna next. We'll see.

    Anonymous: Unlike Streetfighter though, Tekken is no stranger to Taekwondo, with no less than two practitioners of it present in the roster. However, why not retire Baek (who looked none too fit in his ending) and replace him with a younger, female version? That would be awesome I think. ^_^ I loved the P2 version of Unknown- I much preferred the burnt-dress and bandages combo to the black bodypaint/goo. Yes, that darn wolf spirit needed to go. Too bad Unknown was just a non-canon boss...

  4. And the crowd goes wild! *cheers!!!*
    I am glad to see this Sole, its perfect. You do very well with photoshop. Again, I sux at the shopping of fotos. ;D

    I liked Unknown too, wish she would come back.

    As far as Taekwondo is concerned, I would love to see a new girl for it. I think it would be cool, some punk girlthat knows Haoworang and has a barefoot option whee! :) That would be great.

    (On opposite note, I have really gotten into Juri now. I retract my past statements about her! :))

    Thanks again!

    - M

  5. I'm really loving this post as well, It really makes me hope she'll go completely barefoot in Tekken 7 I hope.