Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HD Upgrade Complete!

My new weapon of choice: The Hauppage HD-PVR.

At long last, I finally got my much-awaited new tool for video capture, the Hauppage HD Personal Video Recorder. The successor to my old Archos AV700 PVP is, while bigger than it's predecessor, surprisingly light and apparently made mostly of plastic, making it seem toy-like and fragile. However the proof is in the pudding- the Hauppage does what it's supposed to do- capture HD video- easily, quickly and smoothly. Setting up the device in my room was pretty easy, mostly plug-and-play, though it was good foresight on my part to have in advance acquired an extended USB 2.0 cable to connect the PVR to my Mac, on the other side of the room from the TV and game consoles. Really, who would have their TV right next to their computer?

Anyway, once everything is connected, opening up a third-party app (EyeTV) and turning on the Hauppage and the video source (PS3) immediately opened up a lovely view of streaming 720p footage on my desktop, ready for recording. The slight wrinkle is about a couple of seconds delay between what's showing on your TV and what's recording on your computer monitor, but that's no biggie. Recording is easy as pushing the record button on the virtual remote control on your desktop, and that's that! Recording is almost instant, and once you stop it's there ready to be exported to your desktop or anywhere else in a flash. The files I got were H.264 video (mp4), which can be easily viewed in Quicktime.

After a couple of hours of initial testing and recording of vids from Tekken 6, the PVR did so admirably with crisp, clear video that captures the awesome detail of the game's graphics. It totally delivers on its promises, for which I am truly overjoyed. All I can do now is keep the device well-maintained and dust-free, safe on its new place in my headquarters.

Anyway, I've posted some test vids and more stuff from Tekken 6, so check out the awesome loveliness of hot, buttkicking barefoot game babe action in luscious 720p.

Asuka (looking cool and fresh in her tank top and bandage shorts) battles the walking tank, Ganryu.

Lili battles Anna (maybe she can strip off those stockings and heels afterwards..?).

Lili and a pretty creepy Yoshimitsu battle it out in the Graveyard stage.

Asuka takes on TKD Maestro Baek in Rustic Asia.

Lili's turn to give old man Baek a beating...

These match vids are pretty much raw footage, with just a bit of trimming. I can't wait to start doing edited barefoot babe features- Tekken 6 KO ryona, Soulcalibur IV FMN Knockouts, CASplay matches- in HD! Man, this is gonna be fun. Anyway, that's that for the technical side of things. Now the real work (or fun, actually) begins. Later then!


  1. Greaaaaaaaat!!

  2. I can't wait for those HD soles!!

  3. Wow...these clips do look really crisp in 720. So awesome...the Tekken girls are really hot!!!!!

  4. Rest assured... this is only the beginning! GOBS more to come. ^_^

  5. I love your sight! Keep up the good work. I know I'm going to get groans and whatnot, but I'm curious if you know about a gym leader in Pokemon (I know, I know, stay with me) Diamond/Pearl named Maylene who's nickname is actually "The Barefoot Fighting Genius"? Apparently, (I don't have either game myself) she uses only fighting-types. Well, just asking!

  6. Anonymous: Hello! We're all footfans here, as far as I'm concerned, so don't worry about anyone groaning or that sort of nonsense. ^_^ I am actually familiar with the Maylene character from Pokemon- I'm sure I posted vids with her in my past (and unfortunately long-defunct) early Youtube channels. I'm pretty sure Anime Feet still has pics of her on their blog.

  7. I have to say, I'm REALLY happy with the new PVR. Not only does it take 10 times better video than my old video capture device, it's also so much easier and more convenient to use. No more unplugging, unhitching the old Archos from the TV, lugging it to the computer, plugging in the USB, dragging the files to the desktop and then bringing the thing all the way back and plugging it in again... whew! Now Once the PVR and PS3 are on, the recording is done from the computer, and files are right there in front of me to be saved on the desktop, easily, quickly and crisply. Best thing I've bought all year. ^_^

  8. Woo go Sole Keeper! =D