Sunday, May 9, 2010

Julia Chang (Tekken 6)

As awesome as Tekken 6 is thanks to it's cast of barefoot-able femme fatales and perhaps the sexiest-rendered feet and soles in games today, it does have its quirks. One of which is the irritating and inexplicable absence of barefoot customization for several of the game's ladies. Notable is Julia Chang, the sexy kung-fu fighting Indian eco-fighter. I still find it unfathomable why Julia lacks an option for bare feet, since you'd expect a nature-lover like her to enjoy having her naked soles caress the soil. In any case, it's a great loss, since she is incredibly hot and a lot of her potent attacks have her stomping on her opponents with her feet. Surely any footfan gamer will love to see this feisty heroine shed those big, honkin' boots and socks- perhaps the devs will give us this in the next Tekken chapter.

However, thanks to Tekken 6's awesome screencap feature and some Photoshopping, here at least is a look at a barefoot Julia Chang. As you can see, bare legs, feet look awesome with her denim shorts or skirts. Surely Julia deserves the pampering of foot massages and worship from foot fans just as much as any of the game's barefoot beauties. I know I'd give her surely-smooth soles and luscious toes kisses and more with great gusto. So keep your fingers crossed that in the next Tekken Namco-Bandai corrects this oversight and gives us barefoot Julia for real. For now, enjoy the pics!

Zafina knocks her out, we take 'em (her boots, that is) off!

Quick, hide her boots where she'll never find them again...

Barefoot Julia in Tekken 7 or bust!


  1. Wow...spectacular pictures. You did a really great job on them. So awesome to see Julia barefoot. She's a great character. ^_^

  2. It was a shame to find out that Julia was not not given that option. I was like...wha??? Appreciate the post man. Btw, when you customize the female characters to be barefoot, notice how each of them are different by size and even some vein action going on. I'm like "hello details".

  3. Nice fotoshop man, I love it. :)
    I always liked Julia as a sexy legged character, nice work I am happy now and I can sleep well. (Take that as you want LOL)

    No really... Its awesome, thanks!

  4. Hey guys! Glad you liked the pics. It's the best we can get, I think, in lieu of Namco not giving us the real deal.

    The Baoss: Yeah, the detail and uniqueness of each girl's feet (shape, skin textures, size, etc) are what makes me consider Tekken 6 as having the best in-game female bare feet in games right now. You really can imagine their feet actually having smell and feel, thanks to how realistic and fleshy they are. The love is in the details, which keeps T6 over games like SCIV.

    It's really irritating how Julia got snubbed for barefoot customization. I can very well understand why Anna didn't get it, and Leo from all indications is a guy. I really hope they remedy this in the next game, as well as add more improvements like more realistic animations, more KO animations, etc.

  5. Posted a new version of the first pic, with some slight fixes... damn, I'm anal. ^_^

  6. Even if you are, there's nothing wrong with tweaking her perfect soles, making her sweet soles look even more desirable is never wrong by any means in my book. The only thing that would make this better for me would be barefoot Zafina and Anna, I can understand Anna not having barefoot customization and all but Zafina by far was #1 on my list for my most desired to see barefoot once the other 3 babes were confirmed to have barefoot customization.

  7. To true Sole, too true. I'm gonna have to go with Lili's model on this one. Dear lord, she's taller than all of the other chicks in the game. *scratches head* lol.

  8. @Stephan - I think that Zafina would be awesome to have really, too. I still like her sandals, but an actual barefoot version would be nice. Sole, can you provide that at all? :)
    By the way, I wish I was talented with fotoshop lol.

  9. I wonder... barefoot Zafina... Heheh...

  10. Lovely work mate..
    Im a very very big fan of Julia.
    I thought julia wudnt look good with barefoot but thanx to u,she does look hot :).
    Love ya Jules :).

  11. Could you do a barefoot julia in her denim skirt?

  12. GREAT! i want more ryonas of julia, she's veeery sexy!

  13. marry me julia chang

  14. Regarding the top-most pic (from Zafina's LP Win Animation), I think Julia's one of the hottest-looking in that pose. I just like how her face looks unconscious in that winpose.

    Sadly, I was forced to put Julia in shorts in these oics, since these winposes would not appear if Julia was in her default denim skirt- yet another weird quirk/censorship in the game.

  15. What happened to the images, they were great! Any chance you could reupload them? There are literally no other images of barefoot julia on the internet.

    1. Unfortunately those pics are long gone with my old PC, or buried somewhere. Sad but maybe they expired with the imageshack account I hosted them with.