Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hitomi, Barefoot Karate Babe! (Dead or Alive Ultimate)

She's got technique and power! And hot, sexy feet!

I recently got myself a Nintendo 3DS, and with it I now have a copy of Dead or Alive: Dimensions, the latest DOA fighting game. This handheld fighter's pretty cool, and has one simple reason why barefoot fans should like it- the return of the stunning Hitomi in action wearing her trademark Karate Gi! Even better, the version she's wearing in DOAD is the redesigned Gi from Dead or Alive Ultimate, which nicely replaces the black undershirt she wore in DOA3 with a black sports bra (gotta love that extra bit of midriff).

Unfortunately, as seen with my videos posted of Super Streetfighter IV 3D Edition (also on 3DS), capturing video from the dinky little 3DS screen with a digicam is tedious, and the quality of the vids leave much to be desired. So for now, instead of posting crappy DOAD vids, I'm doing the next best thing- posting video of Karate Hitomi from Dead or Alive Ultimate on Xbox360. So check out the match vids below for some hot barefoot action with easily the cutest and hottest karate babe in fighting games.

I have to say, taking out DOAU from the library and firing it up again to see this hot barefoot karate princess in action after such a long time brings back so much great memories. Kissing those perfect karate soles must be the dream of every footfan. Man, they don't make games like DOAU anymore. Hitomi is darn HOT! Enjoy the vids... there will definitely be MORE Hitomi to come very soon...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Nina Williams: Barefoot on the Battlefield (Tekken 6)

Nina's unaware she's about to take an unscheduled nap in the Urban Warzone...

Here's another short but sweet barefoot KO vid from Tekken 6, this time with the sexy Nurse of Pain, Nina Williams! While on a mission for the Mishima Zaibatsu to blow up an enemy stronghold, Nina is intercepted by another sultry assassin, Zafina! Nina, ever the professional, goes forward with her mission and fires her bazooka with lethal accuracy. The price for her success though is an impromptu nap after Zafina deals her a knockout blow. Hot sole shots of Nina's perfect, alabaster-smooth soles abound as she falls, and she's left to lie unconscious in the middle of the deadly battlefield.

Nina takes out a target only to get taken out herself. What a pro!

Doubtless there will be Tekken Force troopers who will dash in, even at the risk of their lives, to keep Nina and her perfect peds from being scratched by random gunfire. Of course, they'd also probably take the opportunity to sneak in some kisses on those amazingly irresistible femme fatale feet. I know I would! Heheh... Enjoy the vid!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Asuka Barefoot Knockouts (Tekken 6)

Asuka's stance says, "Like my feet? Come and get 'em if you can."

Even though these days my Main in Tekken 6 is the leggy, graceful heiress, Lili Rochefort, firmly right alongside and perhaps just a hair away is the lusciously lovely troubleshooter of Osaka, Asuka Kazama. Her gorgeous and feminine Asian features are a wonderful mix with her somewhat tomboyish manner of carrying herself into battle. Oh, and of course I believe she has perhaps the most beautiful feet in the game, with the fleshiest, most delectable soles. I can't really decide what outfit is best able to showcase her strong, worshipful peds- her regular hakamas, which teasingly show off lovely lengths of calves and ankles, or the nice capri-length Miko version. But then, there's her sexy cloth shorts, or sarashi, which is basically just a long strip of (lucky) cloth hugging her waist like an enchanted foot fan, that shows off her hot legs best. Anyway, it's been a while so here are a couple of KO vids that nicely have Asuka showing off long, lingering views of her sexy, sleepy soles after she's given an impromptu naps by the ever-silent Dragunov and the sultry Zafina.

Asuka takes a long nap after missing her sexy Sparrow Pirouette kick against Zafina.

Dragunov puts Asuka out like a light after blocking her sexy Haze Palm Fist combo.

The White Heron Dance ends in a sexy straight kick- and in this case, one unconscious barefoot babe showing her soles.

Sigh... I'd give Asuka's feet service for hours... kisses on every toe and every inch of those ample, smooth soles. Well, at least until she wakes up and kicks us out of the room (mmm, more of her soles in our faces). Enjoy the vids... more to come!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Barefoot Costumes in Dead or Alive: Dimensions?

Barefoot Lisa in DOA Dimensions?

Here's a tantalizing bit from the sexy 3DS fighter, Dead or Alive: Dimensions. We already know that the game will have, at least, one barefoot costume for DOA's karate princess, Hitomi- namely her trademark karate gi. Aside from this though, there hasn't been any sign that there will be other barefoot costumes available for any other DOA girl... till now!

The above pic is of a 'figure' that will be free to download soon after DOA:D's release- it's a two-character figure with a barefoot Lisa about to be suplexed by Tina Armstrong. Yes, it's a figurine, but conceivably the costume Lisa is wearing (in which she is barefoot) may be an available and/or unlockable costume in the game, or perhaps a DLC extra outfit. Additional costumes will be downloadable free for DOA:D sometime after release, via the 3DS's Spotpass feature. Conceivably there may be barefoot numbers among the at least 30++ coming extra costumes, perhaps even something awesome like Hitomi's polka-dot bikini from DOA Ultimate. We'll have to wait and see!

Anyway, I'll be grabbing a copy of Dead or Alive: Dimensions as soon as I can, so I'll be revealing all that I find in the game then. For now though, barefoot fans may seriously consider getting a 3DS (awesome toy) and the cool barefoot babe fighters on it (right now SSFIV 3D, and then DOA:D!) for awesome barefoot babe enjoyment on the go. Later then, footfans!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Barefoot Lili Action! (Tekken 6)

It's been a while, but hey, here's another batch of teen dream action brought to us by the leggy Lili Rochefort, easily the most graceful and gorgeous fighting babe in Tekken 6. Despite being a manicured, pedicured and pampered princess, you have to admit it's awesome this heiress can go down and dirty with any opponent and never lose her perfect poise. I'm sure any footfan will scramble to give her a foot massage and a barrage of kisses on those alabaster soles and worship-worthy toes after a good, long fight. With that in mind, check out these hot matches with the Goddess in White laying the smackdown with her supreme soles!

The Man-Mountain falls to a pair of soft, beautiful soles!

Zafina tastes defeat from Lili's muddy, pretty feet!

Lili must like fighting with her feet in the water...

There are tons of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 vids out now as the game is being tested, which makes me so hopeful that the finished game will have awesome Character Customization so we'll have more barefoot Lili battles to come in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed and let Lili's perfect feet keep dancing in your dreams.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Super Streetfighter IV 3D Edition's Sole-ful Dynamic View Battles!

Sorry I haven't been able to post as often recently- one of the reasons for which is my sudden acquisition of a Nintendo 3DS. It's a cool little gaming gadget, and I can't wait to grab the sexy Dead or Alive: Dimensions once it arrives in a couple of weeks. But right now, all my time on the 3DS is being taken up by Super Streetfighter IV 3D Edition! While this is basically a pretty faithful and more-or-less complete port of SSFIV to the portable, it has a nice extra that the big console versions don't- and that's a nice 'Dynamic View' option. Basically this shifts the camera from the usual side view of the action to somewhere over the shoulder of your chosen fighter. This puts your opponent basically in front of you, directing their attacks right at your direction and taking advantage of the portable's 3D effects.

But of course, the best part of this how it gives us a nice, new view of the action- and gives us nice views of the big, beautiful soles of the game's hot barefoot babes!

Now, I wanted to share this with you guys, and sadly the 3DS has no Video Out. I had to capture videos with a digicam since my HD Flip Mino is incapable of focusing on the 3DS's small screen. Anyway, I think the vids came out fine, and you can see the nice sole view of the babes... particularly when they're knocked out on the ground. Mmmm...

Makoto's lovely and tough soles look great from this angle...

Ibuki's ninja soles come flying at you from below and above!

Juri's sexy soles are particularly lovely from the Dynamic View.

Between the sexy soles of Makoto, Ibuki and Juri in SSFIV 3D and the upcoming sexy karate feet of Hitomi in the upcoming Dead or Alive, the 3DS looks like a nice buy for barefoot fans looking for a portable console to play with. Anyway, check out the vids and enjoy as the SSFIV babes kick their feet into your face!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dead or Alive Dimensions

Dead or Alive was, once upon a time, one of the top fighting game franchises out there. It was, in fact, one of the first games that gave us really hot and sexy barefoot babes to play with, care of the first DOA home versions- the totally awesome Dead or Alive for Playstation in particular. Among the unlockables were sexy swimsuits for the ladies, in which they were barefoot. To this day, the PSX version of DOA is one of the crown jewels in my barefoot babe game collection. Sadly, after that an obscene amount of time and sequels of DOA2 passed before another DOA babe would show off her bare feet for footfans- that was Dead or Alive 3, with the super-cute karate princess, Hitomi. Easily, this half-German, half-Japanese hottie captured a lot of hearts the first time she appeared in a DOA3 trailer in her karate gi, kicking her bare sole into the camera. Awesome! Hitomi would once again appear in an even sexier karate gi version AND an awesome bikini in Dead or Alive Ultimate (yet another Must-Have barefoot babe game).

Sadly, after that things became murky with the series. DOA4 was atrocious in that not one babe had a barefoot outfit- even Hitomi lost her karate gi, a trademark outfit (this was made even more annoying by the fact that she had several different colored versions of one dress... the devs really screwed footfans). Perhaps as karmic punishment, the series went into remission as it's 'father', Tomonobu Itagaki left Tecmo. Years passed, and even though rumors of DOA5 were heard here and there, nothing ever came out.

Well, now here's Dead or Alive: Dimensions, a version of the game for the Nintendo 3DS. It seems to be a mishmash of the series, throwing in all the characters, along with a snazzy Story Mode (Chronicle) and various goodies. The best news though is that, at the very least, barefoot fans have a reason to get interested in DOAD- Hitomi has her karate gi outfit back! Check out the gameplay vid to see barefoot Hitomi back in action.

Nice quickie gameplay vid with Karate Hitomi!

Not only that, we can see her wearing her karate outfit during the game's Story Mode cutscenes. Check that out in the vid below. SPOILERS abound though, so watch it at your peril. Heheh...

Karate Hitomi shows up in the Chronicle Mode AKA Story Mode.

Aside from the costumes already in the game, there will apparently be more outfits that you can download. Here's to them giving us sexy barefoot bikinis! Well, that's not for sure, but at least we have karate Hitomi confirmed. Anyway, with DOA Dimensions and Super Streetfighter IV on the Nintendo portable, barefoot babe fans may want to check out the 3DS if they're looking for a mobile gaming fix. I just may pick up one up when DOAD launches later this month. For now though, enjoy the vids!