Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Barefoot Lili Action! (Tekken 6)

It's been a while, but hey, here's another batch of teen dream action brought to us by the leggy Lili Rochefort, easily the most graceful and gorgeous fighting babe in Tekken 6. Despite being a manicured, pedicured and pampered princess, you have to admit it's awesome this heiress can go down and dirty with any opponent and never lose her perfect poise. I'm sure any footfan will scramble to give her a foot massage and a barrage of kisses on those alabaster soles and worship-worthy toes after a good, long fight. With that in mind, check out these hot matches with the Goddess in White laying the smackdown with her supreme soles!

The Man-Mountain falls to a pair of soft, beautiful soles!

Zafina tastes defeat from Lili's muddy, pretty feet!

Lili must like fighting with her feet in the water...

There are tons of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 vids out now as the game is being tested, which makes me so hopeful that the finished game will have awesome Character Customization so we'll have more barefoot Lili battles to come in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed and let Lili's perfect feet keep dancing in your dreams.


  1. Always good to see more Lilli. Wow She is hot!! :-D

  2. I always love these Tekken babe posts! Very hot as always!