Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dead or Alive Dimensions

Dead or Alive was, once upon a time, one of the top fighting game franchises out there. It was, in fact, one of the first games that gave us really hot and sexy barefoot babes to play with, care of the first DOA home versions- the totally awesome Dead or Alive for Playstation in particular. Among the unlockables were sexy swimsuits for the ladies, in which they were barefoot. To this day, the PSX version of DOA is one of the crown jewels in my barefoot babe game collection. Sadly, after that an obscene amount of time and sequels of DOA2 passed before another DOA babe would show off her bare feet for footfans- that was Dead or Alive 3, with the super-cute karate princess, Hitomi. Easily, this half-German, half-Japanese hottie captured a lot of hearts the first time she appeared in a DOA3 trailer in her karate gi, kicking her bare sole into the camera. Awesome! Hitomi would once again appear in an even sexier karate gi version AND an awesome bikini in Dead or Alive Ultimate (yet another Must-Have barefoot babe game).

Sadly, after that things became murky with the series. DOA4 was atrocious in that not one babe had a barefoot outfit- even Hitomi lost her karate gi, a trademark outfit (this was made even more annoying by the fact that she had several different colored versions of one dress... the devs really screwed footfans). Perhaps as karmic punishment, the series went into remission as it's 'father', Tomonobu Itagaki left Tecmo. Years passed, and even though rumors of DOA5 were heard here and there, nothing ever came out.

Well, now here's Dead or Alive: Dimensions, a version of the game for the Nintendo 3DS. It seems to be a mishmash of the series, throwing in all the characters, along with a snazzy Story Mode (Chronicle) and various goodies. The best news though is that, at the very least, barefoot fans have a reason to get interested in DOAD- Hitomi has her karate gi outfit back! Check out the gameplay vid to see barefoot Hitomi back in action.

Nice quickie gameplay vid with Karate Hitomi!

Not only that, we can see her wearing her karate outfit during the game's Story Mode cutscenes. Check that out in the vid below. SPOILERS abound though, so watch it at your peril. Heheh...

Karate Hitomi shows up in the Chronicle Mode AKA Story Mode.

Aside from the costumes already in the game, there will apparently be more outfits that you can download. Here's to them giving us sexy barefoot bikinis! Well, that's not for sure, but at least we have karate Hitomi confirmed. Anyway, with DOA Dimensions and Super Streetfighter IV on the Nintendo portable, barefoot babe fans may want to check out the 3DS if they're looking for a mobile gaming fix. I just may pick up one up when DOAD launches later this month. For now though, enjoy the vids!


  1. Wow the game looks great. ^_^ Nice to see there will be at least one set of bare feet to look forward to viewing in the game. Hitomi's karate costume is hot!! ^_^

  2. It's really great that Hitomi is barefoot again. She needs to stay that way and many if not all of the other girls need to change their shoe wearing ways...

  3. Actually, aside from Hitomi, there IS another barefoot babe in the game- Alpha 152- even if she has that liquid/metal schtick going for her. At least this time around she's playable. ^__^ I prefer my soles fleshy and soft though.