Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Barefoot Costumes in Dead or Alive: Dimensions?

Barefoot Lisa in DOA Dimensions?

Here's a tantalizing bit from the sexy 3DS fighter, Dead or Alive: Dimensions. We already know that the game will have, at least, one barefoot costume for DOA's karate princess, Hitomi- namely her trademark karate gi. Aside from this though, there hasn't been any sign that there will be other barefoot costumes available for any other DOA girl... till now!

The above pic is of a 'figure' that will be free to download soon after DOA:D's release- it's a two-character figure with a barefoot Lisa about to be suplexed by Tina Armstrong. Yes, it's a figurine, but conceivably the costume Lisa is wearing (in which she is barefoot) may be an available and/or unlockable costume in the game, or perhaps a DLC extra outfit. Additional costumes will be downloadable free for DOA:D sometime after release, via the 3DS's Spotpass feature. Conceivably there may be barefoot numbers among the at least 30++ coming extra costumes, perhaps even something awesome like Hitomi's polka-dot bikini from DOA Ultimate. We'll have to wait and see!

Anyway, I'll be grabbing a copy of Dead or Alive: Dimensions as soon as I can, so I'll be revealing all that I find in the game then. For now though, barefoot fans may seriously consider getting a 3DS (awesome toy) and the cool barefoot babe fighters on it (right now SSFIV 3D, and then DOA:D!) for awesome barefoot babe enjoyment on the go. Later then, footfans!


  1. Oh wow I want that! So hot!! I should really get me a 3DS!

  2. Wow this is awesome...Lisa is hot!!