Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Asuka Barefoot Knockouts (Tekken 6)

Asuka's stance says, "Like my feet? Come and get 'em if you can."

Even though these days my Main in Tekken 6 is the leggy, graceful heiress, Lili Rochefort, firmly right alongside and perhaps just a hair away is the lusciously lovely troubleshooter of Osaka, Asuka Kazama. Her gorgeous and feminine Asian features are a wonderful mix with her somewhat tomboyish manner of carrying herself into battle. Oh, and of course I believe she has perhaps the most beautiful feet in the game, with the fleshiest, most delectable soles. I can't really decide what outfit is best able to showcase her strong, worshipful peds- her regular hakamas, which teasingly show off lovely lengths of calves and ankles, or the nice capri-length Miko version. But then, there's her sexy cloth shorts, or sarashi, which is basically just a long strip of (lucky) cloth hugging her waist like an enchanted foot fan, that shows off her hot legs best. Anyway, it's been a while so here are a couple of KO vids that nicely have Asuka showing off long, lingering views of her sexy, sleepy soles after she's given an impromptu naps by the ever-silent Dragunov and the sultry Zafina.

Asuka takes a long nap after missing her sexy Sparrow Pirouette kick against Zafina.

Dragunov puts Asuka out like a light after blocking her sexy Haze Palm Fist combo.

The White Heron Dance ends in a sexy straight kick- and in this case, one unconscious barefoot babe showing her soles.

Sigh... I'd give Asuka's feet service for hours... kisses on every toe and every inch of those ample, smooth soles. Well, at least until she wakes up and kicks us out of the room (mmm, more of her soles in our faces). Enjoy the vids... more to come!

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  1. Can't believe I missed this one. Asuka is hot!! Such flawless legs and feet. :-D