Monday, June 29, 2009

Lara Croft CG Gallery

Lara's sexy soles as never seen before, by artist NicoBass.

The beautiful and bombastic Lara Croft is surely one of the hottest babes in videogames, and certainly one sizzling barefoot babe. Now, this isn't one of my usual video posts, as it is about CG artworks- beautiful masterpieces created by Deviantart member NicoBass, who has taken great effort to recreate some of the iconic heroine's coolest poses throughout her long gaming career.

The great thing for us though is that many of these artworks portray the lovely Lady Croft barefoot, with some of the most beautifully-rendered silky-smooth soles and delectable toes you'll see online, in titillating high resolution. The above-posted artwork is just a tasty sample of the amazing gallery showcasing this incomparable barefoot babe of gaming. Check out NicoBass' gallery here and hold onto your jaws, lest they hit the floor. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Christie Monteiro (Tekken)

The Capoeira Princess oozes sex appeal from head to sexy toes.

Updated: Added a new KO ryona vid in the post, so check it out if you haven't already.
Now here's a long overdue post for one of the Tekken series' original barefoot babes. As a student of rhe Brazilian martial art of Capoeira, Christie Monteiro was barefoot by default in her P1 outfit, marking her an easy favorite for foot fans. But her sex appeal is pretty much universal given her natural beauty, her revealing outfits and her impressive assets. As a replacement for the previous lone Capoeira proponent, Eddy Gordo, Christie had big shoes to fill with her sexy feet... but thankfully despite some nay-sayers seeing her as nothing more than a palette-swap fan service character (of which I see nothing wrong with), she has since become a popular Tekken fighter in her own right. Of course Christie is truly a lovable character in any case- she's upbeat, cheerful and full of life, and she's a strong-willed, courageous heroine who fights for the ones she loves without any hesitation.

Christie's story is very personal- she enters the Tekken 6 Tournament to find her missing and terminally-ill grandfather, The Great Capoeira Master. She also enters to try and find the also-missing Eddy. Left in the lurch and fearing the worst, Tekken 6 may be a truly trying time for Christie... she may either win her loved ones back or lose both of them forever.

Far be it for us to take advantage of a lady's time of weakness, but I am sure all of us foot fans would easily volunteer to give the lovey and courageous kickfighter warm and comforting foot massages and foot rubs. Surely Christie's feet are tough and strong but like the rest of her body, beautiful and truly worth worshipping, from toes to soles. I'm quite sure that despite the odds being stacked against her, Christie will win her victory and a happy ending. For now, enjoy these sexy barefoot vids with the sexy Miss Monteiro!

First off is this short but sweet KO ryona vid with an exceptionally sexy and scantily-clad Christie being KO'ed by our favorite mute maniac, Sergei Dragunov. Lovely views of Christie's sexy soles and toes abound in this clip!

Next, check out these barefoot match vids with the Capoeira Diva...

Christie takes on the brutish Craig. Watch for her sexy win pose at the end.

Who's the better Capoeira master? Well, I know who's the hotter one...

Two barefoot Christies for the price of one!

Christie takes on robo-babe Alisa in this sexy match.

Watch out for barefoot Christie (and all the other barefoot Tekken babes) this Fall in Tekken 6!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Elektra Follow-up

Barefoot ninja girl action!

As a quick continuation to my previous post on Marvel Comics' Numero Uno Ninja Babe, I just saw the preview for the latest (and penultimate) issue of the current Elektra limited series, Dark Reign: Elektra, and as I predicted, the lovely kunoichi is barefoot in her trademark red outfit for the episode. This issue locks Elektra in mortal combat with the sadistic Bullseye, a man who has killed her before. What will be the outcome of this match-up?

Anyway, the sample pic I posted above shows a pretty awesome closeup of Elektra's sexy, bare sole and oh, so cute toes, and there's hopefully a lot more hot foot shots in the issue as we have the shoeless Elektra in fighting action for the majority of this issue. The comic came out yesterday, so I'll be sure to drop by the comic store later for my ish. If you're both a comic and foot fan, this Elektra mini-series is sure to please. It's kinda sad the series is about to end, but it was a total blast so far. Hopefully Elektra will remain shoeless in future comics... slim chance, but it may happen... we can always hope; barefoot Elektra is awesome.

Check out more pages from Dark Reign: Elektra #4 (including another nice closeup foot shot) here.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Poison Ivy Art and Render (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

Here's the character art design and sizzling-hot CG render for the Poison Ivy in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum. Well... all I can say is... wow. Like, I'm seriously thinking of becoming a vegetarian... Heheh.

I am certainly setting an appointment with this hot doctor... the game is set for release this August. Can't wait!

Maiden in Black (Demons Souls)

This fetching barefoot mystic is your guide in the dark world of Demons Souls.

From the recent action-RPG Demons Souls (Soles?) on the Playstation 3 comes the mysterious Maiden in Black. This barefoot babe is a beautiful (but kinda creepy) blind mystic who resides in The Nexus, the hub world where the player character sallies forth to do battle in the game. The Maiden has, for some reason, put out her own eyes with wax, but she's still the player's valuable and all-knowing guide in the quest to stop (or aid) the ominous 'Old One'.

Creepiness aside, this lovely lady possesses a pleasant voice, a tranquil personality and of course, quite sexy bare feet (which she teasingly plays around with in her idle animations). The Maiden has surely not had a pleasant life, serving as a guardian to horrific magical secrets, so surely barefoot fans will love to give her pleasure and happiness with warm foot massages and kisses on her lovely toes and playful soles. With her sight impaired, her sense of touch- particularly through her feet- should be quite astute, so she'd surely enjoy the gesture. Perhaps she's ticklish..?

She may look delicate, but the Maiden is quite resilient... and forgiving!

Demons Souls hasn't been released in the US, but the Asian version of the game is region-free and has full english support, so for those wanting to import a pretty good action RPG, the Maiden awaits you in The Nexus.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Keaira (Age of Conan: The Hyborian Age)

Keaira. Slipping silently into our foot-loving hearts.

Here's another barefoot assassin babe to capture our imaginations. She's Keaira, the royal assassin and spy master from Funcom's mature-rated MMO, Age of Conan: The Hyborian Age. This lethal, barefoot beauty first caught our eye in the game's cinematic trailer, creeping up stealthily on her beautiful bare feet to try and get one over on King Conan. Unfortunately this lethal femme has since only appeared in that cool trailer, and nowhere else... though she has prominently been featured by the game makers to advertise their game. Since I haven't played the game myself, I am not aware if you can encounter the lovely assassin in the course of the adventure, as an NPC.

Thankfully though, there are quite a few artworks and CG images of Keaira online, so we can see this barefoot beauty in full. Keaira's beauty is intoxicating enough for her to lull in her targets and eliminate them whether in the shadows of a hallway or within the confines of a bedroom. Dangerous beauty indeed!

Barefoot Assassins... Gotta love 'em.

Of course, Keaira need only extend her long legs at us to enthrall us with her soft, smooth soles. We'd be drawn to her feet like moths to a flame, eager to kiss, massage and service this vision till she decides to end the session with a flashing blade. At which point we'd better run. Or hope she's ticklish and just start tickling.

As silent as Keaira's soles are, Conan can sense their hotness a mile away.

Anyway, sorry for the recent lull in updates. Been a bit busy lately, but I'll firming up my schedule and a list of more game babes to feature in the weeks ahead. Needless to say, there are lots more to come so stay tuned. Later!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Elektra (Marvel Comics)

Here's another comic book recommendation for barefoot fans, and this is a good one. If you know anything about comics, you probably know Elektra Natchios. Formerly the love interest of Daredevil AKA Matt Murdock, she eventually became a super-powered ninja assassin and the deadliest babe to swing a katana in the Marvel Universe. This lethal lady has gone to her grave and back, and is still ticking despite being captured and held by the Skrulls for quite some time. Now she's back and she's hotter than ever in a 5-issue limited series from Marvel. Currently at the 3rd issue, Dark Reign: Elektra sees the beautiful ninja under siege as she is targeted for termination by Marvel's current reigning bad guy, Norman Osborn. Elektra's confused, wounded and pissed off- not a good combination, but it makes for awesome comics.

So, why recommend this? Well, so far from issue one to the current issue three, the lovely Elektra has been barefoot the whole time, whether it's dressed in tatters of her costume to her undies. In the current issue, she spends half the time in her bra and panties before once again donning her trademark red outfit- and then she's STILL barefoot in it (which should be by default, really... nothing hotter than a barefoot ninja), which bodes well for her to remain shoeless for the rest of the 5-issue run. No doubt barefoot fans will love this hot, deadly barefoot femme fatale, certainly a ninja babe of the highest caliber. It's not often we catch this beauty barefoot for such a prolonged time, so I say check this out if you have a good comic book store nearby.

More updates and videos soon. Later then!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Asuka Kazama, Feudal Era Outfit (Tekken 6)

Here's some more barefoot and KO action with my favorite barefoot videogame babe, Asuka Kazama. The arcade upgrade to the original arcade version of Tekken 6 gave us tons of cool new customizations and outfits for the characters, and certainly one of the coolest sets for any of the fighters is Asuka's Feudal Era warrior costume. The complete set is pretty elaborate and is composed of a kosode (sexy kimono-like top with one sleeve cut off at the shoulder), miko hakamas (baggy pants that stop below the knees) and several pieces of armor. Thankfully I was able to amass quite a bit of fight money for the kosode and hakamas, so now I have my Barefoot Warrior Archer Asuka! I totally love how the Miko Hakamas gives us a lovely length of sexy calf to go with Asuka's kissable, adorable bare feet. You can just imagine her running in the fields, a barefoot warrior goddess, sniping bad guys with her deadly arrows with her Sacred Bow, her new Item Move in Bloodline Rebellion. You can use it to make a ranged attack, which is however flashier than it is deadly. However, it looks pretty cool!

A barefoot babe's revenge is sweet...

Nicely enough, all these customizations will be included in the home console versions of Tekken 6, out later this Fall 2009. Till we have our barefoot warrior babe on our HDTV's, enjoy her in these vids. Later then!


Kinky Superwitch with a Boot Fetish.

Okay, sorry for the recent lack of posts- I was pretty busy last week at work, plus in any free time I was totally absorbed watching the recently-concluded E3 Expo and watching for everything Tekken 6-related. Long story short, I wasn't able to do any new vids or concentrate on anything but imagining all the fun I'm gonna have playing with my barefoot Tekken babes in the newly-revealed Scenario Campaign. Anyway, moving on...

Sad to say but I still don't have a new video up for feature, as I have decided for now to talk about a videogame babe who should be but isn't barefoot. She's of course Bayonetta, the titular character in the upcoming action game of the same name fro the maker of Devil May Cry. As expected, the game will have frenetic action laced heavily with sexual innuendo as this long-limbed, gun-toting witch blasts and slashes her way past hordes of beings that suspiciously look like angels. Nothing in this game seems to be what it seems, so expect some wild storylines to be uncovered.

Anyway, what has Bayonetta's appeal? She's a strong, confident beauty, albeit stylized in her look with her glasses and her Aeon Flux-like proportions. This babe dishes out the pain with guns on both hands AND both feet, making for some pretty odd angles of play. Some may see her grotesque on the extreme side, but I myself find her pretty attractive... and definitely bad-ass. Unfortunately though, it seems that the devs, while pretty fixated on her long legs and feet, are more boot and high heel fans, and it appears that while Bayonetta may show off tons of skin throughout the game as she exposes her body of her 'hair' costume, she won't be baring her feet. Now, that's a shame, since given her graceful form I can imagine that her toes must be long and lovely, her soles smooth and silky. And while she may be scary to some, I think foot fans would love to give this bewitching bad-ass loving foot massages and rubs in between angel-hunting forays... that is, unless she cleaves your head off first.

Even if it's only in a cinematic, I hope Bayonetta does indeed show off her bare feet and soles somehow in the game. While unlikely, we can always hope. More updates soon- next time WITH barefoot babes, I promise. Heheh...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Madison Paige (Heavy Rain)

Barefoot babe action in Heavy Rain.

A playable psychological thriller, Heavy Rain from Quantic Dream, looks to be a pretty impressive title to look forward to. You go through a complex, twisting storyline from the perspective of several different characters during the search for an elusive serial killer known as The Origami Killer. Aside from the amazing graphics, seamless gameplay and a mature, evolving storyline complete with nudity, sex, violence and mature language, this PS3 exclusive will also have, of course, barefoot babes. As seen in the trailer, fetching female reporter and playable character Madison Paige will be subjected to that much-beloved cinematic scenario- getting assaulted while dressed in just her underwear and bare feet. Another female character (so far unnamed) also appears in the trailer sans footwear, so we know the devs' tastes are in the right place. Certainly this title looks very promising indeed, and is something to keep tabs on in the future. Check out the E3 trailer for a teasing look at this steamy, sexy game (and some hot barefoot babes).