Sunday, June 14, 2009

Elektra (Marvel Comics)

Here's another comic book recommendation for barefoot fans, and this is a good one. If you know anything about comics, you probably know Elektra Natchios. Formerly the love interest of Daredevil AKA Matt Murdock, she eventually became a super-powered ninja assassin and the deadliest babe to swing a katana in the Marvel Universe. This lethal lady has gone to her grave and back, and is still ticking despite being captured and held by the Skrulls for quite some time. Now she's back and she's hotter than ever in a 5-issue limited series from Marvel. Currently at the 3rd issue, Dark Reign: Elektra sees the beautiful ninja under siege as she is targeted for termination by Marvel's current reigning bad guy, Norman Osborn. Elektra's confused, wounded and pissed off- not a good combination, but it makes for awesome comics.

So, why recommend this? Well, so far from issue one to the current issue three, the lovely Elektra has been barefoot the whole time, whether it's dressed in tatters of her costume to her undies. In the current issue, she spends half the time in her bra and panties before once again donning her trademark red outfit- and then she's STILL barefoot in it (which should be by default, really... nothing hotter than a barefoot ninja), which bodes well for her to remain shoeless for the rest of the 5-issue run. No doubt barefoot fans will love this hot, deadly barefoot femme fatale, certainly a ninja babe of the highest caliber. It's not often we catch this beauty barefoot for such a prolonged time, so I say check this out if you have a good comic book store nearby.

More updates and videos soon. Later then!


  1. O_O Elektra is really hot!!!! I love barefoot assassins. I'll definitely have to track down that comic series. Thanks so much for posting her Sole Keeper!!

  2. Crappy movie aside, I still think Electra is hot. :D

  3. Of course, Elektra can never be truly sullied by incompetent Hollywood translations. ^_^