Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Elektra Follow-up

Barefoot ninja girl action!

As a quick continuation to my previous post on Marvel Comics' Numero Uno Ninja Babe, I just saw the preview for the latest (and penultimate) issue of the current Elektra limited series, Dark Reign: Elektra, and as I predicted, the lovely kunoichi is barefoot in her trademark red outfit for the episode. This issue locks Elektra in mortal combat with the sadistic Bullseye, a man who has killed her before. What will be the outcome of this match-up?

Anyway, the sample pic I posted above shows a pretty awesome closeup of Elektra's sexy, bare sole and oh, so cute toes, and there's hopefully a lot more hot foot shots in the issue as we have the shoeless Elektra in fighting action for the majority of this issue. The comic came out yesterday, so I'll be sure to drop by the comic store later for my ish. If you're both a comic and foot fan, this Elektra mini-series is sure to please. It's kinda sad the series is about to end, but it was a total blast so far. Hopefully Elektra will remain shoeless in future comics... slim chance, but it may happen... we can always hope; barefoot Elektra is awesome.

Check out more pages from Dark Reign: Elektra #4 (including another nice closeup foot shot) here.


  1. O_O Awesome close up. Elektras feet are hot!!! The issue looks really exciting too with her having a rematch against Bullseye.I definitely need to check this series out.

    Thanks so much for posting her Sole Keeper!!!

  2. Just read the issue, and really, it does NOT disappoint. Great action, and yes, more nice closeups of Elektra's deadly-sexy feet... in fact, one panel has her foot right up near Bullseye's face... lucky bastard. Heheh... Man, I am going to treasure this mini-series. I'll probably get the trade paperback. ^_^