Monday, June 8, 2009


Kinky Superwitch with a Boot Fetish.

Okay, sorry for the recent lack of posts- I was pretty busy last week at work, plus in any free time I was totally absorbed watching the recently-concluded E3 Expo and watching for everything Tekken 6-related. Long story short, I wasn't able to do any new vids or concentrate on anything but imagining all the fun I'm gonna have playing with my barefoot Tekken babes in the newly-revealed Scenario Campaign. Anyway, moving on...

Sad to say but I still don't have a new video up for feature, as I have decided for now to talk about a videogame babe who should be but isn't barefoot. She's of course Bayonetta, the titular character in the upcoming action game of the same name fro the maker of Devil May Cry. As expected, the game will have frenetic action laced heavily with sexual innuendo as this long-limbed, gun-toting witch blasts and slashes her way past hordes of beings that suspiciously look like angels. Nothing in this game seems to be what it seems, so expect some wild storylines to be uncovered.

Anyway, what has Bayonetta's appeal? She's a strong, confident beauty, albeit stylized in her look with her glasses and her Aeon Flux-like proportions. This babe dishes out the pain with guns on both hands AND both feet, making for some pretty odd angles of play. Some may see her grotesque on the extreme side, but I myself find her pretty attractive... and definitely bad-ass. Unfortunately though, it seems that the devs, while pretty fixated on her long legs and feet, are more boot and high heel fans, and it appears that while Bayonetta may show off tons of skin throughout the game as she exposes her body of her 'hair' costume, she won't be baring her feet. Now, that's a shame, since given her graceful form I can imagine that her toes must be long and lovely, her soles smooth and silky. And while she may be scary to some, I think foot fans would love to give this bewitching bad-ass loving foot massages and rubs in between angel-hunting forays... that is, unless she cleaves your head off first.

Even if it's only in a cinematic, I hope Bayonetta does indeed show off her bare feet and soles somehow in the game. While unlikely, we can always hope. More updates soon- next time WITH barefoot babes, I promise. Heheh...


  1. Bayonetta is's kinda cool that the title character wears footwear that draws attention to her feet. Hopefully this game will be as exciting as Devil May Cry.

    I also tuned into E3 too...the next year looks pretty promising for video games. I'm looking forward to Heavy Rain, Assassin's Creed 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Tekken 6, Drake's Fortune: Among Thieves and (of course) Final Fantasy 13.

  2. Surely the future can only bring more and better barefoot babes in gaming. ^_^

  3. Attention Bayonetta fans! I found her bare feet, i.e. her sexy soles! Go here at