Saturday, June 27, 2009

Christie Monteiro (Tekken)

The Capoeira Princess oozes sex appeal from head to sexy toes.

Updated: Added a new KO ryona vid in the post, so check it out if you haven't already.
Now here's a long overdue post for one of the Tekken series' original barefoot babes. As a student of rhe Brazilian martial art of Capoeira, Christie Monteiro was barefoot by default in her P1 outfit, marking her an easy favorite for foot fans. But her sex appeal is pretty much universal given her natural beauty, her revealing outfits and her impressive assets. As a replacement for the previous lone Capoeira proponent, Eddy Gordo, Christie had big shoes to fill with her sexy feet... but thankfully despite some nay-sayers seeing her as nothing more than a palette-swap fan service character (of which I see nothing wrong with), she has since become a popular Tekken fighter in her own right. Of course Christie is truly a lovable character in any case- she's upbeat, cheerful and full of life, and she's a strong-willed, courageous heroine who fights for the ones she loves without any hesitation.

Christie's story is very personal- she enters the Tekken 6 Tournament to find her missing and terminally-ill grandfather, The Great Capoeira Master. She also enters to try and find the also-missing Eddy. Left in the lurch and fearing the worst, Tekken 6 may be a truly trying time for Christie... she may either win her loved ones back or lose both of them forever.

Far be it for us to take advantage of a lady's time of weakness, but I am sure all of us foot fans would easily volunteer to give the lovey and courageous kickfighter warm and comforting foot massages and foot rubs. Surely Christie's feet are tough and strong but like the rest of her body, beautiful and truly worth worshipping, from toes to soles. I'm quite sure that despite the odds being stacked against her, Christie will win her victory and a happy ending. For now, enjoy these sexy barefoot vids with the sexy Miss Monteiro!

First off is this short but sweet KO ryona vid with an exceptionally sexy and scantily-clad Christie being KO'ed by our favorite mute maniac, Sergei Dragunov. Lovely views of Christie's sexy soles and toes abound in this clip!

Next, check out these barefoot match vids with the Capoeira Diva...

Christie takes on the brutish Craig. Watch for her sexy win pose at the end.

Who's the better Capoeira master? Well, I know who's the hotter one...

Two barefoot Christies for the price of one!

Christie takes on robo-babe Alisa in this sexy match.

Watch out for barefoot Christie (and all the other barefoot Tekken babes) this Fall in Tekken 6!


  1. Christie is the character in Tekken that I am strongest with. So I like her a lot. She's also really hot and I'd definitely volunteer to massage her feet. ^_^

    I loved the picture and clips a lot. Really awesome bonus Sole Keeper!!

  2. Thanks, KSC! Sadly, Christie's been neglected a bit- she's not my favorite barefoot Tekken babe, but she's defintely awesome.

    BTW, I updated the post with a new Christie KO ryona vid, so check it out if you haven't already.

  3. All right! The Capoeira Princess!

    Christie is my second favorite character in Tekken. She's deadly in-game sure, but she's such a wonderful character. So upbeat and cheerful as mentioned.

    Christie's soles are quite lovely, and it's great seeing them in action. Brazilian women are quite gorgeous.

  4. Christie is a bitch character. She rewards players that do not actually try to use moves but instead just hit as many random buttons as possible to acheive victory. I can't look at anyone who chooses to use her in anything but a pitiful light.

    Sex icon added to video game...for Christs sake...Why dont you guys go masterbate to hentai or something??

  5. I'm a girl and I absolutely love Christie... I guess in some way because I'm most similar with her in terms of looks (same complexion) and though many button smashers love to use her, I still think that it's amazing when you've actually gone to know her moves and mastered it... I'm on to it now and believe me, it's not that easy...

    I also love her personality and her outfit and I hope I'd get to cosplay her someday :p AND I love her relationship with Eddy ^___^

  6. i wish you were able to get the bikini not under the shirt it looks hotter like that