Friday, June 19, 2009

Maiden in Black (Demons Souls)

This fetching barefoot mystic is your guide in the dark world of Demons Souls.

From the recent action-RPG Demons Souls (Soles?) on the Playstation 3 comes the mysterious Maiden in Black. This barefoot babe is a beautiful (but kinda creepy) blind mystic who resides in The Nexus, the hub world where the player character sallies forth to do battle in the game. The Maiden has, for some reason, put out her own eyes with wax, but she's still the player's valuable and all-knowing guide in the quest to stop (or aid) the ominous 'Old One'.

Creepiness aside, this lovely lady possesses a pleasant voice, a tranquil personality and of course, quite sexy bare feet (which she teasingly plays around with in her idle animations). The Maiden has surely not had a pleasant life, serving as a guardian to horrific magical secrets, so surely barefoot fans will love to give her pleasure and happiness with warm foot massages and kisses on her lovely toes and playful soles. With her sight impaired, her sense of touch- particularly through her feet- should be quite astute, so she'd surely enjoy the gesture. Perhaps she's ticklish..?

She may look delicate, but the Maiden is quite resilient... and forgiving!

Demons Souls hasn't been released in the US, but the Asian version of the game is region-free and has full english support, so for those wanting to import a pretty good action RPG, the Maiden awaits you in The Nexus.


  1. This is the first I've heard of this seems pretty interesting. Kind of reminds me of Legacy of Kain.I don't know whether I should be disturbed by this but this but I find her kind of hot. ^_^;

    Nice post Sole Keeper!!

  2. Thanks, KSC. The game does have a bit of a history in that it's supposed to be the spiritual successor to King's Field, another classic RPG series on the Playstation. It's a very dark-themed RPG, and the style of the visuals and gameplay makes it a somewhat disturbing world to visit. However, the Maiden IS quite hot... I may actually get this game myself since I've read lots of positive things about it. Again, if anyone's interested, the Asian version is the one with english support. ^_^