Friday, February 28, 2014

Elena Ultra Trailer (Ultra Streetfighter IV)

The barefoot capoeira cutie gets her time in the spotlight.

As the weeks count down to the Japanese arcade launch of Ultra Streetfighter IV, Capcom has recently been releasing a trailer focusing on each of the new characters. Prior to this week, we saw Poison and Hugo getting trailers. This week we have the new fighter in USIV that is surely closest to our hearts- the lovely, totally female and barefoot beauty from Kenya, the lovely Elena! The spot shows off her specials and Ultras care of the Japanese devs. I'm sure Elena will be a favorite, alongside our other hotties in SSFIV.
Next week will most surely bring a trailer for Rolento, then after that- the much-anticipated Secret Fifth New Fighter. WHO will this be? All we know is that it's female and few people expect her. I am hoping it's an all-new barefoot babe- perhaps Gouken's Daughter, as some have speculated? We'll just have to see.
Still, we have much reason to already anticipate Ultra SFIV in Elena here. So enjoy her trailer and the thoughts of her lovely dancing soles stomping to the beat... on your face. Heheh...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ramlethal Valentine, Part Deux (Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN)

Guilty Gear Xrd's Boss is reason enough to get this game.

I posted some weeks ago about this lovely and lethal boss babe, Ramlethal Valentine (the English subtitles mistook her name spelling as Ramletherl) from Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN. Back then, we hadn't yet gotten a good look at Ram-chan ingame (just the brief look at her from afar in the Arcade Opening Cinematic), and no full-body art of her was available. We DID have a fullbody fan art of her, which we really liked and wished was accurate, showing her barefoot save for some odd wrap-thing around her instep. Anyway, I've found another artwork of her, with nice views of her soles!

Well, good news is that YES, indeed, our lovely Ramlethal is indeed barefooted, as befitting a floating super-powered villain babe. We FINALLY get a good look at her in-game at GGXrd's Arcade mode, including her wonderful Intro Cutscene that nicely shows her off feet-first with a lovely view of her sexy soles and toes. A couple of arcade runs of the game has the cutsene, but the vid above cuts to the chase and shows the Boss fight intro and battle right away- check it out!

I am really wanting this game already (it's coming to PS3 and PS4) and I want to see more of 'Ram-chan' as much as possible. She has been confirmed to be playable and should have her own extensive Story Mode cinematics and all the trimmings. Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN is looking to be a footfan must-have for me in the Next Gen lineup of fighters! Here's to more barefoot babes in the game somehow (Maybe a redesigned Jam or Baiken will be barefoot..?), but even now I am stoked for GGXrd! Heheh.

Man, seeing Milia Rage's Intro just makes me want her barefoot so badly though... sigh.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ramlethal Valentine (Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN)

Never thought I'd ever be jealous of a book...heheh.

Okay, Next-Gen fighters are coming in the near future, even though not all fighting game companies have revealed their cards. One of the confirmed coming new beat 'em ups is ArcSystemWorks' latest and seemingly greatest installment of their much-beloved Guilty Gear series. Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN will be coming to arcades before heading to PS4 and presumably XBOne eventually. The game has impressed me with some truly dynamic angles with its cinematic cutscene-ingame attacks, and manic action that the series is known for. Sadly none of the existing female characters in the game- including the truly delectable Milia is barefoot, leaving footfans a bit high and dry with this new brawler.

Well, fear not! Apparently there will be a barefooted beauty in the game after all. The prospective unshod lovely is none other than Ramletherl Valentine, a new character recently introduced in the game's Arcade Version Opening Cinematic (posted below).

Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN's cinematic intro (Arcade)

Ramletherl is apparently the game's Final Boss and one tough cookie! She is currently supposedly a non-playable character but many speculate she'll be a usable fighter eventually, perhaps in the console versions. Anyway, when I first saw this super-powered boss (via the interesting angle we get in the Opening), I had thought she was wearing sandals. Well, apparently this is NOT the case, and as the artwork above shows (I am not sure if the art is official, but it certainly looks of high enough quality to be so), Miss Valentine has some kind of strapless plates attached to the top part of her feet, but otherwise there is nothing else on them- making her effectively barefoot. Her beautiful looks and cute voice are enchanting, and her sudden burst of menace at the end of her speech makes me intrigued at her character. All that plus I am wanting to give those toes and soles of her a thorough kissing. Heheh...

Nice to finally look forward to a Guilty Gear game for a change- heck, the only other barefoot character in the damn game is male, dammit. Whew! I'll keep on this like a hawk and try to get more images of Valentine that show off her lovely assets. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate 'Tropical' DLC brings MORE Barefoot Bikinis!

The latest DLC pack from Team Ninja is sure to please foot-loving gamers...

It's been a while since Team Ninja gave us good stuff, but lo and behold- they have some truly wonderful goodies for us with their latest add-ons for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Really, not since the Hot Getaway set months and months ago was I so excited to shell out some bucks on PSN. This latest set of new outfits- titled apparently 'Tropical' DLC- has what looks like some of the hottest swimsuits yet for the lovely DOA girls. I am particularly liking Leifang's and Ayane's suits, and finally, FINALLY Sarah Bryant gets a proper barefoot swimsuit (I really didn't like her swim-shorts outfit from the Getaway set).
Sadly several of the girls' suits come with some form of footwear, but I am lucky that all of them aren't favorites of mine (Kokoro, Tina and Rachel), or already have a bikini I am happy with (Pai and Mila).

Anyways, the Tropical DLC set (and the Gravure Theater) are now available on the Japanese PSN for purchase... other territories should get it soon. This early though, you can check out the 'goods' thanks to our good friend SplitPlayThru, who as usual provides a lengthy and detailed video with the latest new stuff for DOA. Check it out!=

As always, SplitPlayThru comes through with tons of sexy foot-age.

I'll have DOA5U videos on the Youtube channel with the girls in their new swimsuits as soon as I get the DLC myself. For now, enjoy the vids above.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Streetfighter X Tekken: Bikini Battles Galore!

At long last, Lili and Cammy get well-deserved new swimsuits.

Hello and a LATE Happy New Year to everyone! Sorry I've been pretty lazy in posting here- in truth, I've been remiss in posting stuff both here and on other channels. But that will hopefully change as new games appear and give us new barefoot babe content to enjoy. Still, the old favorites are always awesome, and thankfully Streetfighter X Tekken's modding scene (PC) is still very much alive, and every now and then a sexy barefoot mod arrives for our pleasure.

The latest bikini mods are very long overdue- new suits for the lovely Cammy and Lili. The Delta Red cutie hasn't had a good new bikini mod in ages, though I have to admit I've always been happy with just her basic bare-handed and bare-footed look in the always-awesome 'Escape from Shadaloo' mod. But seeing her in a casual bikini (taken although from another game, DOA5 Ultimate) is pretty cool. Nicely enough her feet models look amazing in either mod. Thanks to modder BrutalAce for this saucy number!

Cammy's bikini was borrowed from another hot blonde fighting babe- know who?

Does Cammy look better in a two-piece or her basic Delta Red leotard? I can't decide!

As for Lili, yeah, she's had the classic bikini mod created by modder Rhazieul years ago, but I've always found the foot models for it wanting. That isn't the case with the new Bikini mod she got- her feet look great, at least on part with the better feet in the other girls' mods. The mod is actually a Morrigan cosplay mod, wearing the Aconite bikini from Cross Edge- so this mod is two babes in one! We an all thank modder bbbSFXT for this lovely, lovely work.

Lili barefoot in a bikini is just... a radiant sight.

More action with the loveliest bodies and feet in videogames...

So check out the vids showing off these two swimsuit-clad beauties in action, letting their bods and bare feet do the talking. Man, I never imagined Streetfighter X Tekken would be an all-time amazing barefoot babe classic. My gosh, I love mods!!!