Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hermes Costello Barefoot Alternate Costume (JoJo's Bizarre Adventures All-Star Battle)

Who knew there was a curvy barefoot hottie under all that mannish power?

Okay this is a bit of a surprise. Really, I'm familiar with the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series only from a couple of episodes of the old, old anime- but I've never really read the manga. Anyway this action-packed title full of supernatural 'Stands' and their colorful users just got the fighting game treatment from Namco-Bandai, with ALL the trimmings so fans of the manga would get giddy with delight from all the fan service. Me though, I more or less thought that I would not care- I was not aware there were ANY ladies in this game's roster, much less a barefoot one.

Well, turns out there ARE actually a few ladies in the game- including a female 'JoJo' main hero. Another is the lady we are featuring now. Her name is Hermes Costello, and she is one of the good guys apparently. Anyway, now that I'm looking at her, her face and features really mix in with a lot of the other males, given the very fierce art style. As well, she's usually dressed pretty discreetly so unless you notice her perky chest, you'll probably mistake her for one of the guys (who pose like girls too often). Anyway, thankfully Hermes has an Alternate Costume in the game that has her showing off a lot more skin and has her barefoot as well. So I guess that's a nice treat for footfans who are thinking to get this new beat 'em up. She does indeed look quite fetching in her alt though. Hmmm.

The game is so far Japan-only with no word yet of a US release. The game is import-friendly apparently, so anyone liking the JoJo manga may do well to go ahead and grab a copy. Me? I'll hold off for now. But at least this thing isn't a total writeoff. Perhaps if there is at least one more barefoot alternate costume for another female I'll consider getting this. Maybe.

I STILL think the art is too mannish, but what the heck. Heheh...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Skyrim: Path of The Amazon, Dark Brotherhood Destroyed!

The DB femme fatale, Astrid, laid out before The Amazon.

Meanwhile, in my version of Skyrim... I'm really behind on posting episodes, but suffice to say I've got tons of footage I need to just get out. I've finished the main quest, and am moving on to Dawnguard... which I am liking since the lovely vampire princess Serana (whom I will feature soon) is barefoot in her default outfit (thanks to the Greaves and Legwraps mod) and makes for a cute (and thankfully unkillable companion). It will be some time till I get to posting that though.

Anyway, I just have to chronicle that I have recently disposed of The Dark Brotherhood. Yep, I have shut off an entire questline by exterminating the assassins of Skyrim instead of joining them. The Amazon slew their leader, Astrid, in single combat, in a secluded cabin, and left her lying on the floor, her sexy soles exposed (among other things). Following that, she reported it to a guard, was directed to the Penitus Oculatus' Captain Mero, and was sent in to clean out the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Falkreath. Needless to say, they were cake.

I perhaps noted early on in The Amazon's roleplaying aspect that she would NEVER join the DB, especially since they have tried multiple times to kill her. She has though joined the Thieves Guild (but has halted for now short of becoming Guildmaster so she can hold onto the Skeleton Key... heheh), she did so to have a network of spies and intelligence throughout the land, and considers their antics, while larcenous, in the end passable. The murderous ways of the DB however would never be considered by our heroine by any measure.

Anyway, I'll try to keep posting Skyrim and try to post more pics here too. Hoping I find ways to show more sole in every ep, but it's very difficult. Well, we learn by doing. Later then!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mysterious Female in Killer Instinct (XBox One)

Who is this lethal lady?

UPDATE: Killer Instinct Central just posted that this newcomer is an all-new character to the KI universse, and her name is apparently Sadira. No other info though. But I'm sure we'll have more updates on this femme fatale very soon.

So far the upcoming Killer Instinct hasn't panned out yet for us foot fans, but it has just taken a nice step into the right direction with the debut of a new female character. Well, I assume she's not really new but a returning fighter- which most seem to agree on that this is probably Kim Wu, albeit with a darker twist or redesign that all of the characters seem to have gotten going into the game. I agree it's most surely Kim, since she is wearing sandals/leggings that reveal her toes and heels, though sadly the clog-like claw thingies she has prevents her from being actually barefoot. I'm still hoping that Maya the barefoot Amazon Queen returns someday in this game, but for now- at least there's one fighter I can get interested in (kinda) this game. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a barefoot babe in the new KI eventually.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fighter Within Revealed (Xbox One)


While the longtime fighters like Tekken and Streetfighter seem to be in hiatus these days, new fighters are still coming in the near future, a couple for the upcoming XBox One. We already know about Killer Instinct (3), but sadly that appears to be, for the start at least, pretty slim pickings for us footfans- there will only be 6 fighters out at launch, with 2 DLC coming after- while I am hoping for barefoot Amazon Maya to make it in earlier than later, that seems to be a remote chance. So for now at least, the new KI is for fans of leathery males and weird monster fighters... Ugh.
Thankfully, another new beat 'em up was just revealed at the recent Gamescom 2013, and it has more promising visuals that footfans will be liking a lot. The Fighter Within from Ubisoft has at least one barefoot (well, near barefoot with the cloth wraps/bandages) female fighting fury in the roster, with more hopefully in the wings. The current shown barefoot babe is an Oriental karate-kicking hottie named Van, who seems to be a combination of Pai Chan and Chun-Li, with footwear from Ibuki. Heheh.

I just can't resist a barefoot martial arts catfight.

Anyway, the catch here is- it's a KINECT fighter. AACK! Kinect means goofy movements and you looking utterly weird when you're playing this. Well, the producers promise 1-to-1 movement with the new Kinect, but darn- this is more workout than simple fighting game. Still, the graphics and character models seem to be pretty cool, I like the KOs and the graphics, and it's about time there's a game that's more based on realism than ever before. The only thing is- this had better be damn awesome to get me to buy a Kinect, never mind an XBox One.

Still, it's a new fighter, with barefoot babes, and it kinda looks nice. I'll keep an eye on this one at least. This is due out in the holidays, perhaps just after the XB1 launch. You can check out more art, character bios and a couple of vids over here.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bikini Ninja Attack! Ibuki as Kitana Mod (SSFIVAE PC)

The Streetfighter Girls go ala MK!

It's been a while since I've posted a vid from Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition (PC), but this is quite an exceptional new mod- one of the best kinds, in fact- which lets us enjoy two hot babes in one. Not only do we have SF's barefoot kunoichi, we also have Mortal Kombat's sexy assassin princess. Yep, from awesome modder Segadordelinks comes this Princess Kitana cosplay mod for Ibuki. The SSFIVAE mod comes with ten variants, with the last two being bikini versions. Awesome.

Who's hotter? I really can't decide...

Sadly while there is a version for Streetfighter X Tekken, that one does not have the barefoot bikinis. So for us footie fans, the SSFVIAE mod is the one to go. That's fine anyway- it's great to see IbuKitana in action against the other babes of SF that didn't make the SFxTK roster- Makoto, Rose and others. Such hot, strong feet! I should play this game more often. Heheh...

Seeing Ibuki with toenail polish alone is worth the price of admission.

So enjoy the vids here (and a couple more on the Channel), and perhaps I'll post more soon. I'll probably keep this mod up for Ibuki for now. What can I say- those red toenails are just too delectable!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gormlaith Golden-Hilt (Skyrim)

Gormlaith Golden-Hilt in Sovengarde (Skimpified Barefoot Version).

One of the hotter babes you'll find in Skyrim is the Nord Hero, Gormlaith Golden-Hilt. Well, the first time you meet her is in a sorta-flashback/vision thingie, as the Dragonborn watches a scene from the ancient Dragon War between the Ancient Nords and Alduin's Dragons. Gormlaith is one of the three chief Nord Heroes who battle Alduin himself. Of the three, Gormlaith is the only one to fall in combat, valiantly fighting the black dragon to the end.

The Dragonborn meets Gormlaith more or less in person during the Main Quest's final leg, and they wage the final battle together hand-in-hand. Of course, thanks to the open-ended nature of the game, right after you 'win', you get a Shout that lets you summon Gormlaith (or one of the other two Nord Heroes Three) to aid you in combat for a while.

Anyway, The Amazon has already finished the Main Quest and vanquished Alduin the World Eater, but her travels are far from over. Now she has the Call of Valor Shout at her disposal, so now when she needs to, The Amazon can summon the lovely and strong Gormlaith to fight with her! Of course, OUR version of Gormlaith requires the 'Killer Keo's Skimpy Armors' and the 'Greaves and Legwraps' mod to have her looking as she does in the pics here. Also, recommended is the Call of Valor Fix mod to make the Sovngarde Summons as viable combatants at high levels (otherwise they're pretty weak).

I love summoning Gormlaith- she's surely the only Barefoot Babe Summon in the game, and aside from her kicking ass, if she doesn't get 'killed' by enemies she has a nice 'KO' animation when her time limit runs out, so you get a cool KO in any case. Heheh.

Gormlaith fallen.

I'm sure I'll be able to show off Gormlaith fighting alongside The Amazon in upcoming episodes of Path of The Amazon. Stay tuned for that! For now though, check out the pics and dream of this lovely Valkyrie kicking up her perfect bare soles in Sovngarde, ready for you to give her some loving massages and worship...

Skyrim: Path of The Amazon Poll Result, Update!

The Amazon's ready to fulfill her Dragonborn destiny...

Okay, the people have spoken! About a week ago I asked everyone to help me decide which side in the Skyrim Civil War should our Heroine, The Amazon, join? The Imperial Legion and the Empire, or to the Stormcloak Rebellion?

The results are out and more than half of all votes went to keeping our Barefoot Dovahkiin NEUTRAL. So I will acquiesce... we won't join either side, and just keep on truckin', er, questing.

To be honest, I am very partial to the Empire, mainly because I like General Tullius and Rikke quite a bit. Ulfric for me is a wild card choice, something you'd do just to see the other side of things. Anyway, I will keep the Status Quo for now and just keep on the path of the Dragonborn.

As of right now, The Amazon is Level 54. I have gone and decided to finish the Main Quest and take care of Alduin. After that, we'll see about taking her through the DLC quests and other stuff. She's almost too powerful at this point, but she can still die if I'm careless. But still- Dual wielding legendary swords she can pretty much kill anything- including dragons- in a couple of power attacks.

Anyways, I'll be posting vids for the next several weeks. We'll see where her adventure leads her!