Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ling Xiaoyu Bikini Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken PC)

Barefoot, bikini Xiaoyu: So cute, it hurts!

I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of Tekken's kung-fu kitten, Ling Xiaoyu. When she first appeared in Tekken 3, she was a bit young for my tastes, and her fighting style wasn't to my speed. Tekken 6 nicely gave us a slightly older Ling, and the barefoot customization finally made me take notice of her charms. Still, I preferred my Asuka and Lili. That all said, I really am finding her amazingly adorable in Streetfighter X Tekken (PC), thanks to the latest sexy barefoot mod produced for her- no less than a skimpy bikini! The original mod was apparently made by modder Moedjoer, though I myself had to make a couple of tweaks using SFIV Explorer to remove some tacky bits (the bikini mod was made from one of Ling's existing alternate costumes). And well, as you can see in the pic above- Bikini Ling is a wonderful sight to see.

Tekken's Good Girls take on the SF Assassins... whose soles will prove the stronger?

Gamers not liking the usual big (read: HUGE) feet in SFxTK will like this mod, since Ling has small, cute feet to kick iwth, similar to Lili Rochefort's bikini mod (in fact, I think they may share feet assets). Because of her petite size and slim build, I think the small feet really suit her (even if I do indeed prefer the feet to be a bit bigger). This kinda makes it a bit of a rule that Tekken Girls have small feet, while all the SF Girls have larger peds (or do they?). In any case, I really like Ling in this mod, and I think any footfan will too. Imagine those cute little feet in your hands, spreading her toes wide for you, clean fleshy soles just begging to be kissed and massaged.

Tekken's Barefoot Cuties take on Capcom's Hottest Girl Duo...

Anyway, those cute soles aren't just for ogling- they're for kicking... and that's what Ling does in the vids I've included in this article. Ling isn't the most aggressive or deadly of fighters, but when she pulls off a win, it's quite cool. So check out the vids! I've got another hothotHOT mod lined up, so stay tuned!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick or Feet! The Scary Soles of Gaming (2012)

It's that time of the year again, when our thoughts turn to the macabre, the eerie and the unnerving. Yep, it's Halloween, and here is another bunch of scary yet oddly sexy virtual barefoot babes to both titillate and terrify. Trick or Tease!

Alpha-152 (Dead or Alive 5)

Cheerful gummi-like colors don't take away from how scary this babe is...

Our first babe is none other than the gel-like Final Boss of Dead or Alive 4 and the recently-released Dead or Alive 5. The 'Ultimate Weapon' of the evil DOATEC corporation created from the data and material of Kasumi, this bestial female fury has a penchant for hovering around and flitting like a spirit, teleporting out of harm's way and ripping opponent's to shreds with her long combos. Yeah, she may be kinda cute in a bath toy sort of way, but she also creepily groans, moans and overall acts like an animal. Maybe some of you may like that but I just find it scary. Alpha seems to have been destroyed at the end of DOA5's Story Mode, but can death really keep a good scary babe down?

Claudia (Silent Hill)

Yeah, she's kinda fetching but surely reeks of stink and evil...

In all the pantheons of Konami's creepy Silent Hill series, easily the most easy on the eyes is the undeniably unhinged and creepy Claudia Wolf. A mysterious character encountered by protagonist Heather in Silent Hill 3, she eventually was revealed to be an antagonist, albeit she wasn't a totally evil character, but more a religious fanatic and perhaps a bit insane. But then, she does have her Gwyneth Paltrow/Cate Blanchett-ish looks (albeit she really looks like she hasn't showered or bathed in a long time) and her general aversion to footwear. Still, that scene where she scarfs down a demonic fetus just turns me a bit off.... YIKES!

Siren (Bioshock Infinite)

Surely the prettiest of the Heavy Hitters in Bioshock Infinite...

Little is really known about The Siren, one of the 'Heavy Hitters' or boss-like enemies you'll encounter in the upcoming Bioshock Infinite. She's the only female of the crew, and has the unsettling ability to resurrect enemies you've already slain. Her spectral appearance is sure to give many the creeps- who knows what kind of visage lies beneat her ghostly wraps- a wispy beauty or an image of horror? I bet we'd all be better off just ogling her feet in any case.

This babe wouldn't look out of place in Silent Hill.

Zozo (Code of Princess)

Kinda cute... if you're into zombies.

 Our next babe comes from the 3DS RPG/Brawler Code of Princess. The Necromancer Zozo is one of the many playable allies your protagonist can recruit to her cause. Zozo's not really undead, but a necromancer who's currently trapped in a makeshift body. Perhaps the real Zozo is prettier (although I suspect she looks similar to her temporary body) and livelier; her current host though, while kinda cute with the panties and pink hair, just rubs me off the wrong way. Maybe it's the blue, lifeless skin or the possibility that she must stink to high heaven. If I see this babe, her fetchingly bare feet regardless, I'm going to RUN.

Angel (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Don't get this lady angry. You wouldn't like her when she's angry.

You'd ask, why is Angel in this article? Isn't she a stunning beauty with heavenly bare feet that are just made for worshipping? Well, yes but that still doesn't change the fact that this supernatural warrior can, when she's angry or shooting her eye beams, take on an enraged look on her face that would strike the fear of the apocalypse in all who beholds her. YEESH! Again... just concentrate on her soles and her toes... just keep thinking of her lovely, suckable toes...

Unknown (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Wouldn't it be awesome if that goo on her was actually jam?

Next up is the eerily beautiful end boss of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the goo-covered Unknown. Despite the evil black slime all over her nubile body, the yellow eyes and the evil-possessed aura, Unknown surely has a lot of admirers among gamers all over the place, whether they're footfans or not. We all know there's a fair lady (with succulent feet) under all that evil goo. You just need to beat her senseless and then wash her off with holy power to get her. But then again, what would she be then but a plain jane? No, I guess we'll just take Unknown as she is, black body paint and all. Don't ever change, my lady. Don't smash my face in either, please...

Deborah Harper (Resident Evil 6)

Slimy but sexy or sexy but slimy?

Resident Evil 6 has polarized many gamers and critics, but I think most will agree that one of the most memorable segments is with the rather sexy but ultimately scary and slimy Deborah Harper. Sister to new protagonist Angela, Deb had an unfortunate fate- to be transformed into a mutant monstrosity out to kill both her loving sister and Leon S. Kennedy... which of course meant she was going to go down, and down hard. Deb's monster design was apparently styled to somehow evoke imagery of a sexy burlesque dancer, which explains her provocative poses and movements- something we may have lost sight of due to the slimy green skin and the giant mutant appendages clawing at our faces. Oh well, at least she still had really nice-looking feet regardless... but man, kissing those slimy soles would surely be unpleasant...

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Morgiana (Magi: Labyrinth of Magic)

Morgiana is a stunning beauty- in more ways than one!

I haven't posted anything from anime for a long time, but I think this babe is good enough to warrant posting (and following!). Her name is Morgiana, an anime babe from the manga and recently-debuted anime Magi: Labyrinth of Magic. The title is a fantasy/action series starring various characters named after the Tales of the Arabian Nights and other epics, concerning the fight of various Magi to preserve balance in the world. Morgiana is the one female among the main protagonists, and she's a foot-lover's dream babe.
For starters, she's a redhead, and she's plainly gorgeous. More importantly though, she's a KICK-ASS super-strong martial artist and fighter, and from all indications she seems to go barefoot all the time. Can you say, Awesome? You can see Morgiana in action in the Magi Anime's first Opening. Towards the end we see Mor in action against a pack of white tigers, and it ends with an hotter-than-hot sole shot (screencap below!). I think I'm in love.

Admit it, you'd like Morgiana to kick you in the face, don't you?

This amazing red-headed beauty is one battle-hardened cutie who has apparently had a hard life. I think once you've seen her in the anime you'll surely want to comfort and service her by giving those lethal, lovely feet long massages and barrages of kisses. Hopefully she'll appreciate the service and not send us flying with her kicks. So if you can, check out the Magi anime and you may find yourself wanting to follow Morgiana on her many magical and martial-arts kicking adventures.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Juri 'Flesh Pit Mileena' Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken)

All the hotness of the skimpy Flesh Pit costume... but no Tarkatan scariness!

Right on the heels of the post featuring the Flesh Pit Mileena mod for Juri Han in Super Streetfighter IV AE (PC) comes the version for Streetfighter X Tekken. I have to say, while SSFIVAE is probably the all-around better game (and it has Makoto and Rose), SFxTK shows off the characters better with more interesting and exciting camera angles. The throws and Ultras give quite a lot of great views of the babes' hot feet. Certainly only SFxTK has a nice Customization menu that gives a pic such as the one above.

The mod comes in two versions- a full 'Flesh Pit Mileena' body and head, while the other comes with Juri's default head.

Anyway, here are a bunch of videos showing off the 'Flesh Pit Mileena' mod in SFxTK. The first two are the full-body Mileena version that includes as well Poison as Shao Kahn (or is it, She Kahn?) for a full-on Outworld Invader tag team. Taking them on are SFxTK's blonde Special Forces babe in green... Nina and Cammy taking on the role of a missing Sonya Blade.

Flesh Pit Mileena and She Kahn invade the SF World!

A rematch with the fate of the SF world decided in Mortal Combat!

Now here are severa mods with the Juri version of the 'Flesh Pit' costume mod. It has Juri's sexiness with the mod's skimpiness minus the Tarkatan scary looks... how 'bout that for having your cake and eating it too? Juri's feet certainly look good enough to eat (and the size of them should make it a mouthful!). Enjoy the vids!

More barefoot babe action from Streetfighter X Tekken coming soon!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Juri 'Flesh Pit Mileena' Mod! (Super Streetfighter IV AE PC)

Outworld's Feral Femme Fatale invades World Warrior turf!

It's been a while since I last posted stuff from Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC- I guess it's 'sister' game Streetfighter X Tekken has been getting a lot of mod love lately. But really, SSFIVAE PC is a rich treasure trove of Barefoot Babedom, so we'll be seeing a lot more from this game soon enough. For now, the mod in question is an awesome work by modder Segadordelinks which I had been requesting for quite a long time. Of course, the outfit is one of the sexiest (and most outrageous- or outworldly?) outfits yet seen in a fighting game- Mileena's Flesh Pit costume from Mortal Kombat (2011), given to none other than SSFIVAE's resident bad girl, Juri Han.
Well, outfit may be kinda stretching it- it's really just a few strips of cloth, or bandages, covering up Mileena's privates. I guess it's a bit similar to the costume Leeloo wore in The Fifth Element. Of, but of course this IS Mileena so it also comes with her Tarkatan good looks- red eyes and razor teeth.

Thankfully though, while Flesh Pit Mileena in MK really pushed the boundary of scary-sexy, her incarnation in SSFIVAE is at least not quite as malevolent looking- the textures are actually taken from the actual game model from Mortal Kombat, but the modder didn't go to great lengths to capture her 'unique' charm- so this is probably the most fetching Mileena has ever looked! On the other hand, those really not liking fangs with their femmes can opt to choose the third variant of the mod, which has Juri's regular head and face (certainly Miss Han doesn't need fangs or beast eyes to look scary.... heh).

The mod comes in three flavors- Mileena, Fanged Juri and Regular Juri. Choose your poison!

So without further ado, check out Flesh Pit Mileena in action as she goes on a fighting rampage in the Streetfighter World! A couple of vids show off Juri as herself in action as well, for those who find Mileena a bit too feral (I do think she has her appeal in this incarnation though... heheh). Really, for a babe with a pretty scary face, Mileena certainly has feet that you can't keep your eyes off of... Enjoy the vids!

Ripped karate babe Makoto is taken down by a flesh-ripping opponent...

Mileena would like nothing better than to tear Sakura's new kimono to shreds...

Juri often says she'd eat her opponents- I guess in Mileena's case this would be literal... yikes!

Juri adds yet another ensemble to her Trophy costume collection...

No pits in sight, just LOTS of Flesh... heheh.

Man! That's a lot of skin shown off here- thankfully, a lot of it from sexy feet and soles. I'll be posting more SSFIVAE soon and spotlighting other mods that really deserve a closer look. For now though, I think Juri will be wearing the bandages for a while... heheh.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Astrid: Soles of an Assassin (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim)

It's about time we got Astrid out of her tight, all-covering outfit...

And we're back in Skyrim- land of Viking-like warriors, terrifying dragons and (with the proper mods) hot femme fatales aplenty! Well, actually I never really left- Skyrim is my favorite barefoot babe videogame, outside of beat 'em ups. Up to now,  most of the posts I've done on this mammoth RPG concern nameless hotties you encounter throughout the realm- sexy bandit babes or fickle sorceresses (who all have model-gorgeous feet even in the middle of a medieval wilderness). This time though, I've decided to show off the soles of one of the pivotal characters you'll meet in the storyline- no less than the sultry, devious and deliciously ruthless Astrid. This Nordish beauty is the leader of Skyrim's Dark Brotherhood- the Assassins Guild, if you will. You meet her shortly after you commit a cold-blooded act of murder, whereupon she manipulates you into joining her 'family' and starting arguably the game's most bloody-fun questline.

Even without any graphic mods to make the game's character models hotter than the vanilla game, Astrid is plainly a looker. She's no tender princess though- this is a mature lady, toughened by a hard life and trained to kill from a young age. Still, you can imagine that she'd keep her body toned and ravishing, to be able to seduce and allure with her beauty as potently as her blades can cut flesh. You can imagine that beneath those tight, sexy leather boots are perfect, delicate toes and smooth soles... imagine how they'd look, smell and feel.
Normally though, you'd never actually see Astrid's feet- once you accept her invitation into darkness, that's it- your relationship is pretty formal and distant, until the bitter end. The only way to capture her soles is to take her down, right there, during your first meeting. Of course, killing Astrid has the consequence of closing off the entire Dark Brotherhood questline, leaving you with a far shorter and simpler Elimination mission. So the best thing to do is simply save before you do the dark deed so you can have an 'alternate' timeline where you forsake joining the brotherhood for the simple pleasure of having Astrid's bare feet in your hands... well, and the rest of her hot bod as well (you could always keep her around as a Dead Thrall indefinitely).
Well, that's what you'll see in the vid above. A dark guilty pleasure with a deadly beauty. So, what would you do, in your time alone with Astrid's sexy toes, soles and body in a shadowy abandoned shack in the middle of nowhere? I'll leave that to each of your imaginations... heheh.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tekken Tag 2's Wacky 'Item Move' Knockouts! (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Asuka's expression is priceless.

I'll be the first to say that when it comes to Tekken, my favorite chapter is still Tekken 6 as of this writing. However, despite the frustratingly-truncated Character Customization, I have indeed been having tons of fun with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3). Of course, despite not having barefoot customization, the game does have a fair number of unshod or semi-unshod hotties to choose from. But even better, some of the Item Moves (of which there are a LOT now) in the game are pretty awesome- in fact, they provide some pretty cool knockouts- which is great since TTT2 did after all basically omit KO animations (GAAAH). I have to say though, some of the Item Move KOs make up for this and then some.
I've decided though to start off this probable series of Tekken Tag 2 Item Move KO vids with two of the wackiest but coolest in the game.

First off is Anna Williams' Unique Item Move. Her Item is called the Witch Mask. What does it do? Well, you'd think that a glasses-type item would give her something like eye beams or such, but nope- the Tekken devs thought up something far cooler. Like all the KO Items, you trigger the move, you have to finish off your opponent with a specific move- in this case it's Anna's df, df + LP throw. If you hit them, the animation plays out. Though I didn't notice it at full speed, I eventually realized watching the move in slow-mo that Anna apparently force-feeds her victim with a weird red mushroom- obviously a poisonous shroom that causes the poor sod to do a silly dance before they pass out unconscious (probably just as much from embarrassment as from the actual toxin).

Anna inflicts an embarrasing (but quite cute and sexy) knockout on Leo...

Have to say, I LOVE this KO. I love the idea of how the opponent is kinda hypnotized or entranced, then falls out cold after. If I could tweak it though, I'd wish that the character would have just slumped to the ground out cold without any KO scream, but then this is Tekken so everyone screams when they pass out (why I love VF5). Anyway, the vid shows off the lovely Leo Kliesen doing the fatal dance, so that's pretty nice- never thought you'd see the tomboy dance like that... heheh.

Say 'Cheese'? How 'bout 'Nighty-night'?

Next up is the Unique Item Move for newcomer Miharu Hirano. This Japanese schoolgirl is Ling Xiaoyu's best friend and classmate, who just recently became unlocked for use in the game. Well, her unique item is the Schoolbag which, when equipped, gives her a new throw that has a pretty hilarious and VERY Japanese style to it. Miharu grabs her opponent and inexplicably gets them to pose with her for a souvenir snapshot!  After the pic is snapped, Miharu hops away, leaving her opponent, who's apparently transfixed in their silly pose, to fall to the ground (causing quite a bit of damage). I wish it were a KO throw but at least this way you can do it many times in a round to both enemies, if fighting a tag team.

You'll notice in both vids there's footage after the Item Move at the end showing Leo (and Asuka) lying unconscious afterwards. This footage comes from another Item Move- Marduk's Championship Belt which I'll probably make vids for another time. Suffice to say, that move has proven invaluable in making cool KO vids for TTT2- such nice views of both slumbering babes and their sexy, fleshy soles... Mmmm. Don't you wish you could just give those sleepy soles a massage? Or something else? Heheh. With that in your minds, enjoy the vids! More to come soon from TTT2 and other vids. Later then!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lili Rochefort, Barefoot Bikini Babe! (Streetfighter X Tekken)

Lili... now Asuka really looks like a sidekick to this barefoot princess...

After quite a bit of waiting time, the much-awaited Bikini mod for Lili Rochefort in Streetfighter X Tekken (PC) has been released! The mod, created by modder Rhazieul, was released a couple of days ago after several weeks in development. It certainly has been worth the wait, given how amazing the mod turned out. Rhazieul spared no effort in making sure that Miss Rochefort's hot bod as perfect as he could  make it. The mod of course is based on Lili's actual swimsuit that appears in Tekken artworks of her, as well as being a DLC costume in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Like the original bikini though, the costume does actually come default with sandals, which foot fans will probably want to toggle off with the use of SF4 Explorer. OR they can simply download an already-barefoot version of the mod from here.

Lili's feet certainly look as smooth and lovely as the rest of her...

If you thought Lili's moves were sexy before, they're 10 times sexier now.

Let's Be Beautiful!

As for my thoughts on the mod, it's awesome indeed. It certainly leaves little to the imagination and is easily the sexiest and most beautiful bikini mod so far released. Lili also distinctly has the smallest feet of any girl in the game, particularly with very slim heels (because of the natural tip-toe posture of her feet in her standing stance), but her toes and soles in particular look very smooth and soft, as they should. I am liking the mod more each time I see it in action. I'm sure a lot of footfans who don't like the usually oversized peds of the ladies in other mods will be in a lather with Lili's petite feet...

Rival Battle time, with nice views of the lovely Lili in the opening cutscene...

Rematch! REMATCH!

Lili shows her stuff with the other Tekken Babes...

I'll be posting more vids of Bikini Lili in action soon, so stay tuned! Man, I wish TTT2 had a barefoot toggle as well so Lili could be as sexy there as she is in SF X Tekken. Gosh, I LOVE my PC. Heheh...

"This moment makes it all worthwhile." Yes, we agree, Miss Lili.