Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tekken Tag 2's Wacky 'Item Move' Knockouts! (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Asuka's expression is priceless.

I'll be the first to say that when it comes to Tekken, my favorite chapter is still Tekken 6 as of this writing. However, despite the frustratingly-truncated Character Customization, I have indeed been having tons of fun with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3). Of course, despite not having barefoot customization, the game does have a fair number of unshod or semi-unshod hotties to choose from. But even better, some of the Item Moves (of which there are a LOT now) in the game are pretty awesome- in fact, they provide some pretty cool knockouts- which is great since TTT2 did after all basically omit KO animations (GAAAH). I have to say though, some of the Item Move KOs make up for this and then some.
I've decided though to start off this probable series of Tekken Tag 2 Item Move KO vids with two of the wackiest but coolest in the game.

First off is Anna Williams' Unique Item Move. Her Item is called the Witch Mask. What does it do? Well, you'd think that a glasses-type item would give her something like eye beams or such, but nope- the Tekken devs thought up something far cooler. Like all the KO Items, you trigger the move, you have to finish off your opponent with a specific move- in this case it's Anna's df, df + LP throw. If you hit them, the animation plays out. Though I didn't notice it at full speed, I eventually realized watching the move in slow-mo that Anna apparently force-feeds her victim with a weird red mushroom- obviously a poisonous shroom that causes the poor sod to do a silly dance before they pass out unconscious (probably just as much from embarrassment as from the actual toxin).

Anna inflicts an embarrasing (but quite cute and sexy) knockout on Leo...

Have to say, I LOVE this KO. I love the idea of how the opponent is kinda hypnotized or entranced, then falls out cold after. If I could tweak it though, I'd wish that the character would have just slumped to the ground out cold without any KO scream, but then this is Tekken so everyone screams when they pass out (why I love VF5). Anyway, the vid shows off the lovely Leo Kliesen doing the fatal dance, so that's pretty nice- never thought you'd see the tomboy dance like that... heheh.

Say 'Cheese'? How 'bout 'Nighty-night'?

Next up is the Unique Item Move for newcomer Miharu Hirano. This Japanese schoolgirl is Ling Xiaoyu's best friend and classmate, who just recently became unlocked for use in the game. Well, her unique item is the Schoolbag which, when equipped, gives her a new throw that has a pretty hilarious and VERY Japanese style to it. Miharu grabs her opponent and inexplicably gets them to pose with her for a souvenir snapshot!  After the pic is snapped, Miharu hops away, leaving her opponent, who's apparently transfixed in their silly pose, to fall to the ground (causing quite a bit of damage). I wish it were a KO throw but at least this way you can do it many times in a round to both enemies, if fighting a tag team.

You'll notice in both vids there's footage after the Item Move at the end showing Leo (and Asuka) lying unconscious afterwards. This footage comes from another Item Move- Marduk's Championship Belt which I'll probably make vids for another time. Suffice to say, that move has proven invaluable in making cool KO vids for TTT2- such nice views of both slumbering babes and their sexy, fleshy soles... Mmmm. Don't you wish you could just give those sleepy soles a massage? Or something else? Heheh. With that in your minds, enjoy the vids! More to come soon from TTT2 and other vids. Later then!

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