Monday, October 22, 2012

Juri 'Flesh Pit Mileena' Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken)

All the hotness of the skimpy Flesh Pit costume... but no Tarkatan scariness!

Right on the heels of the post featuring the Flesh Pit Mileena mod for Juri Han in Super Streetfighter IV AE (PC) comes the version for Streetfighter X Tekken. I have to say, while SSFIVAE is probably the all-around better game (and it has Makoto and Rose), SFxTK shows off the characters better with more interesting and exciting camera angles. The throws and Ultras give quite a lot of great views of the babes' hot feet. Certainly only SFxTK has a nice Customization menu that gives a pic such as the one above.

The mod comes in two versions- a full 'Flesh Pit Mileena' body and head, while the other comes with Juri's default head.

Anyway, here are a bunch of videos showing off the 'Flesh Pit Mileena' mod in SFxTK. The first two are the full-body Mileena version that includes as well Poison as Shao Kahn (or is it, She Kahn?) for a full-on Outworld Invader tag team. Taking them on are SFxTK's blonde Special Forces babe in green... Nina and Cammy taking on the role of a missing Sonya Blade.

Flesh Pit Mileena and She Kahn invade the SF World!

A rematch with the fate of the SF world decided in Mortal Combat!

Now here are severa mods with the Juri version of the 'Flesh Pit' costume mod. It has Juri's sexiness with the mod's skimpiness minus the Tarkatan scary looks... how 'bout that for having your cake and eating it too? Juri's feet certainly look good enough to eat (and the size of them should make it a mouthful!). Enjoy the vids!

More barefoot babe action from Streetfighter X Tekken coming soon!


  1. These various mods are the ONLY thing that makes SFxT worth buying.