Friday, October 19, 2012

Juri 'Flesh Pit Mileena' Mod! (Super Streetfighter IV AE PC)

Outworld's Feral Femme Fatale invades World Warrior turf!

It's been a while since I last posted stuff from Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC- I guess it's 'sister' game Streetfighter X Tekken has been getting a lot of mod love lately. But really, SSFIVAE PC is a rich treasure trove of Barefoot Babedom, so we'll be seeing a lot more from this game soon enough. For now, the mod in question is an awesome work by modder Segadordelinks which I had been requesting for quite a long time. Of course, the outfit is one of the sexiest (and most outrageous- or outworldly?) outfits yet seen in a fighting game- Mileena's Flesh Pit costume from Mortal Kombat (2011), given to none other than SSFIVAE's resident bad girl, Juri Han.
Well, outfit may be kinda stretching it- it's really just a few strips of cloth, or bandages, covering up Mileena's privates. I guess it's a bit similar to the costume Leeloo wore in The Fifth Element. Of, but of course this IS Mileena so it also comes with her Tarkatan good looks- red eyes and razor teeth.

Thankfully though, while Flesh Pit Mileena in MK really pushed the boundary of scary-sexy, her incarnation in SSFIVAE is at least not quite as malevolent looking- the textures are actually taken from the actual game model from Mortal Kombat, but the modder didn't go to great lengths to capture her 'unique' charm- so this is probably the most fetching Mileena has ever looked! On the other hand, those really not liking fangs with their femmes can opt to choose the third variant of the mod, which has Juri's regular head and face (certainly Miss Han doesn't need fangs or beast eyes to look scary.... heh).

The mod comes in three flavors- Mileena, Fanged Juri and Regular Juri. Choose your poison!

So without further ado, check out Flesh Pit Mileena in action as she goes on a fighting rampage in the Streetfighter World! A couple of vids show off Juri as herself in action as well, for those who find Mileena a bit too feral (I do think she has her appeal in this incarnation though... heheh). Really, for a babe with a pretty scary face, Mileena certainly has feet that you can't keep your eyes off of... Enjoy the vids!

Ripped karate babe Makoto is taken down by a flesh-ripping opponent...

Mileena would like nothing better than to tear Sakura's new kimono to shreds...

Juri often says she'd eat her opponents- I guess in Mileena's case this would be literal... yikes!

Juri adds yet another ensemble to her Trophy costume collection...

No pits in sight, just LOTS of Flesh... heheh.

Man! That's a lot of skin shown off here- thankfully, a lot of it from sexy feet and soles. I'll be posting more SSFIVAE soon and spotlighting other mods that really deserve a closer look. For now though, I think Juri will be wearing the bandages for a while... heheh.


  1. cool. Now let's see Cammy Barefoot in Sonya's outfit and Chunners barefoot in Kitana's. That would rock.

  2. :-D The combination of Mileena appearance with Juri's movements and personality works really well. Great post and mod. ^_^