Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Astrid: Soles of an Assassin (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim)

It's about time we got Astrid out of her tight, all-covering outfit...

And we're back in Skyrim- land of Viking-like warriors, terrifying dragons and (with the proper mods) hot femme fatales aplenty! Well, actually I never really left- Skyrim is my favorite barefoot babe videogame, outside of beat 'em ups. Up to now,  most of the posts I've done on this mammoth RPG concern nameless hotties you encounter throughout the realm- sexy bandit babes or fickle sorceresses (who all have model-gorgeous feet even in the middle of a medieval wilderness). This time though, I've decided to show off the soles of one of the pivotal characters you'll meet in the storyline- no less than the sultry, devious and deliciously ruthless Astrid. This Nordish beauty is the leader of Skyrim's Dark Brotherhood- the Assassins Guild, if you will. You meet her shortly after you commit a cold-blooded act of murder, whereupon she manipulates you into joining her 'family' and starting arguably the game's most bloody-fun questline.

Even without any graphic mods to make the game's character models hotter than the vanilla game, Astrid is plainly a looker. She's no tender princess though- this is a mature lady, toughened by a hard life and trained to kill from a young age. Still, you can imagine that she'd keep her body toned and ravishing, to be able to seduce and allure with her beauty as potently as her blades can cut flesh. You can imagine that beneath those tight, sexy leather boots are perfect, delicate toes and smooth soles... imagine how they'd look, smell and feel.
Normally though, you'd never actually see Astrid's feet- once you accept her invitation into darkness, that's it- your relationship is pretty formal and distant, until the bitter end. The only way to capture her soles is to take her down, right there, during your first meeting. Of course, killing Astrid has the consequence of closing off the entire Dark Brotherhood questline, leaving you with a far shorter and simpler Elimination mission. So the best thing to do is simply save before you do the dark deed so you can have an 'alternate' timeline where you forsake joining the brotherhood for the simple pleasure of having Astrid's bare feet in your hands... well, and the rest of her hot bod as well (you could always keep her around as a Dead Thrall indefinitely).
Well, that's what you'll see in the vid above. A dark guilty pleasure with a deadly beauty. So, what would you do, in your time alone with Astrid's sexy toes, soles and body in a shadowy abandoned shack in the middle of nowhere? I'll leave that to each of your imaginations... heheh.

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