Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick or Feet! The Scary Soles of Gaming (2012)

It's that time of the year again, when our thoughts turn to the macabre, the eerie and the unnerving. Yep, it's Halloween, and here is another bunch of scary yet oddly sexy virtual barefoot babes to both titillate and terrify. Trick or Tease!

Alpha-152 (Dead or Alive 5)

Cheerful gummi-like colors don't take away from how scary this babe is...

Our first babe is none other than the gel-like Final Boss of Dead or Alive 4 and the recently-released Dead or Alive 5. The 'Ultimate Weapon' of the evil DOATEC corporation created from the data and material of Kasumi, this bestial female fury has a penchant for hovering around and flitting like a spirit, teleporting out of harm's way and ripping opponent's to shreds with her long combos. Yeah, she may be kinda cute in a bath toy sort of way, but she also creepily groans, moans and overall acts like an animal. Maybe some of you may like that but I just find it scary. Alpha seems to have been destroyed at the end of DOA5's Story Mode, but can death really keep a good scary babe down?

Claudia (Silent Hill)

Yeah, she's kinda fetching but surely reeks of stink and evil...

In all the pantheons of Konami's creepy Silent Hill series, easily the most easy on the eyes is the undeniably unhinged and creepy Claudia Wolf. A mysterious character encountered by protagonist Heather in Silent Hill 3, she eventually was revealed to be an antagonist, albeit she wasn't a totally evil character, but more a religious fanatic and perhaps a bit insane. But then, she does have her Gwyneth Paltrow/Cate Blanchett-ish looks (albeit she really looks like she hasn't showered or bathed in a long time) and her general aversion to footwear. Still, that scene where she scarfs down a demonic fetus just turns me a bit off.... YIKES!

Siren (Bioshock Infinite)

Surely the prettiest of the Heavy Hitters in Bioshock Infinite...

Little is really known about The Siren, one of the 'Heavy Hitters' or boss-like enemies you'll encounter in the upcoming Bioshock Infinite. She's the only female of the crew, and has the unsettling ability to resurrect enemies you've already slain. Her spectral appearance is sure to give many the creeps- who knows what kind of visage lies beneat her ghostly wraps- a wispy beauty or an image of horror? I bet we'd all be better off just ogling her feet in any case.

This babe wouldn't look out of place in Silent Hill.

Zozo (Code of Princess)

Kinda cute... if you're into zombies.

 Our next babe comes from the 3DS RPG/Brawler Code of Princess. The Necromancer Zozo is one of the many playable allies your protagonist can recruit to her cause. Zozo's not really undead, but a necromancer who's currently trapped in a makeshift body. Perhaps the real Zozo is prettier (although I suspect she looks similar to her temporary body) and livelier; her current host though, while kinda cute with the panties and pink hair, just rubs me off the wrong way. Maybe it's the blue, lifeless skin or the possibility that she must stink to high heaven. If I see this babe, her fetchingly bare feet regardless, I'm going to RUN.

Angel (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Don't get this lady angry. You wouldn't like her when she's angry.

You'd ask, why is Angel in this article? Isn't she a stunning beauty with heavenly bare feet that are just made for worshipping? Well, yes but that still doesn't change the fact that this supernatural warrior can, when she's angry or shooting her eye beams, take on an enraged look on her face that would strike the fear of the apocalypse in all who beholds her. YEESH! Again... just concentrate on her soles and her toes... just keep thinking of her lovely, suckable toes...

Unknown (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Wouldn't it be awesome if that goo on her was actually jam?

Next up is the eerily beautiful end boss of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the goo-covered Unknown. Despite the evil black slime all over her nubile body, the yellow eyes and the evil-possessed aura, Unknown surely has a lot of admirers among gamers all over the place, whether they're footfans or not. We all know there's a fair lady (with succulent feet) under all that evil goo. You just need to beat her senseless and then wash her off with holy power to get her. But then again, what would she be then but a plain jane? No, I guess we'll just take Unknown as she is, black body paint and all. Don't ever change, my lady. Don't smash my face in either, please...

Deborah Harper (Resident Evil 6)

Slimy but sexy or sexy but slimy?

Resident Evil 6 has polarized many gamers and critics, but I think most will agree that one of the most memorable segments is with the rather sexy but ultimately scary and slimy Deborah Harper. Sister to new protagonist Angela, Deb had an unfortunate fate- to be transformed into a mutant monstrosity out to kill both her loving sister and Leon S. Kennedy... which of course meant she was going to go down, and down hard. Deb's monster design was apparently styled to somehow evoke imagery of a sexy burlesque dancer, which explains her provocative poses and movements- something we may have lost sight of due to the slimy green skin and the giant mutant appendages clawing at our faces. Oh well, at least she still had really nice-looking feet regardless... but man, kissing those slimy soles would surely be unpleasant...

Happy Halloween, Everyone!


  1. Wow great Halloween post Sole Keeper. ^_^ All of these women are a great combination of scary and sexy. They definitely got my heart beating fast. :-)

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