Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Phade (Barbarian)

Barefoot assassin babe Phade is one nasty girl.

Not many out there may be aware of Barbarian, a fantasy brawler for the Playstation 2. The game is set in a savage world where 11 deadly fighters battle for supremacy using blades, spells and the very stage in which they are fighting. Similar to Power Stone, the game pits four characters against each other in every stage, along with a bunch of CPU 'thugs' to add more spice to the mix. The action was fast and furious, and the character designs were not bad at all. Barbarian wasn't a bad game, but it never really became a title of any popularity.

It's still worth tracking down by barefoot fans for the one barefoot babe in the game- Phade the Assassin. Of course, looking at her artwork, she's certainly a design made for barefoot fans. The barely-there bikini 'armor' is light so she can move and leap without being encumbered, and being barefoot lets her move, climb and sneak about quietly as she pads her way to her prey. The mask is pretty sexy, kinky and adds a bit of mystery... but thankfully you can easily see she's obviously gorgeous. This masked minx though is not a pretty nice lady... she's a cold-blooded killer for hire, after all. But she's probably no less as fierce or as formidable as someone who wishes to survive in her dangerous world needs to be. In fact, once you play through her Story Mode, some surprising revelations may be revealed as to who she really is, or was.

In any case, perhaps this masked vixen isn't the evil witch she may be. In fact, the mask simply hides a beautiful lady beneath, and damn, she's one strong barefoot beauty who can ensnare any barefoot fan's heart with her long, strong and well-formed toes and smooth soles. Perhaps we can tame this savage femme fatale with loving, warm kisses on her feet, foot massages and foot rubs... and perhaps unlock the princess hidden beneath the cold, hard shell. But then again, this babe's best bad-ass and barefoot. Kill, my lovely. Kill. KILL!

Anyway, here's a video with not one, but FOUR Phades in a free-for-all fight to the finish. Four barefoot assassins means four times the hotness. Enjoy!

Chae Lim (King of Fighters Maximum Impact)

The King of Fighters series isn't known for a lot of barefoot babes... but there are a couple of hotties us foot fans can enjoy. One of them is in the 3D Maximum Impact series- taekwondo student Chae Lim. The star pupil of longtime Fatal Fury fighter Kim Kaphwan, Chae appears to be a very upstanding young woman. She enters the tournament to battle evil with her taekwondo skills, and won't let anyone or anything stand in her way. Pretty standard stuff, but of course the icing on the cake is that Chae is a hot barefoot babe whose feet are as deadly as they are beautiful. I'd think that Chae here is a really loving and caring person, if just a bit too serious... and Kim is a lucky guy to have such a hottie following in his footsteps.

This vid shows off Chae in the game's Story Mode. The views of Chae's feet aren't too good (which pretty much goes for the whole game as well, since the camera never really gives us a good look at her feet), unfortunately. But at least we'll all have a laugh with the atrocious voice acting and funny dialogue. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cross Edge

Update: IGN posted their review of the game, and it seems this isn't a very good game. The fact that the characters appear as cute SD sprites in-game kinda kills the appeal of dressing them up in hot barefoot outfits as well. Pass on this one, probably.

Here's a game to look forward to in the next couple of months for barefoot fans. Cross Edge is a turn-based RPG starring babes from a gaggle of game companies- Capcom, Gust, Idea Factory, Namco-Bandai and Ippon Ichi. This includes babes like Morrigan and Lilith from Darkstalkers and Etna from Disgaea. Aside from turn-based battles and super attacks, the game will prominently feature cosplay, with the various babes donning a virtual wardrobe of outfits, including a few barefoot ones. So this may be something to keep tabs on. The game is set for release for US PS3's this May.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury Series)

SNK's Fatal Fury has been one of the longest-running fighting franchises around, with a following that, while not as large and as mainstream as Streetfighter, is defintely as loyal. With a different feel and style from Capcom's flagship, Fatal Fury has it's own heroes and heroines that we have grown to love all these years. Of course, foremost of SNK's babes is Mai Shiranui, the bouncy ninja girl who is forever running after hero Andy Bogard.

Mai's surely SNK's answer to Chun-Li, their main babe. And why not? She's hot, has a great fighting style and certainly has star quality (I'd go for a Fatal Fury: The Legend of Mai anyday). But back when she started, Mai wasn't a babe barefoot fans could relate to much, as she was known more for her healthy chest than her other assets. During her first appearance in Fatal Fury 2, Mai appeared in a more provocative costume than you'd usually expect for a ninja (in fact, she may have given rise to all the sexy kunoichi designs since then). However, she didn't show off her feet. Mai wore the traditional ninja tabi, a toed sock or shoe/sandal.

It wasn't until Fatal Fury 3 that we suddenly did double-takes and saw that Mai had finally bared her beautiful feet to the world. Instead of all-covering tabi, Mai now wore sexy foot supporters that, while protecting her more vulnerable instep, left the front part of her foot, her toes and a nice view of her heel, bare. In my book, if a significant part of a babe's foot touches the ground, then she's barefoot, so finally, Mai was a barefoot babe! Her beautiful barefoot portraits that came with every game were, needless to say, must-haves for barefoot fans to admire and enjoy.

Mai Shiranui in Fatal Fury 3.

Mai Shiranui in Real Bout Fatal Fury (my favorite portrait of her).

Mai Shiranui in Real Bout Fatal Fury Special. Damn, she's hot.

A more cartoony style of Mai for Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The New Challengers, but thankfully her feet are still hot.

Mai would always wear her sexy foot supporters in the subsequent Real Bout Fatal Fury series (all three installments). So while the bouncy ninja would wear her old-style tabi in the King of Fighters series, it's nice to know that barefoot fans can enjoy Mai's sexy bare toes and soles as she kicks butt in the colorful and vibrantly-animated Real Bout Fatal Fury titles. All these are available in SNK collections on the PS2, and are a great addition to any barefoot fan's fighting game library.

Enjoy the the two videos above, mirror matches between barefoot kunoichis from Real Bout Fatal Fury Special and Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The New Challengers.
Here's to Mai going barefoot once more in future SNK games. She may be bouncy, but it's her feet that we find heavenly.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fiona Belli (Haunting Ground)

The sexy and macabre intro 'trailer' to Haunting Ground.

When you talk babes in Survival-Horror, you'd think of heroines like Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield or Sheva Alomar... hot action heroines who can kick ass and take down zombies while looking great doing it. But unfortunately, that doesn't do much for us barefoot fans. These heroines are usually dressed for the occasion, in fatigues and rugged boots. Whatever happened to the damsel caught unprepared by the horror around her, forcing her to run off barefoot into the darkness?

Well, thankfully Capcom though about that and came up with the somewhat twisted survival-horror title, Demento AKA Haunting Ground. The game puts you in the role of Fiona Belli, a beautiful teenager who suddenly finds herself thown into a dark and sinister castle inhabited by some pretty dangerous and demented individuals. More victim than vigilante, Fiona has no combat training or high-powered arsenal at her disposal, so she has to use her wits (and on occasion the help of a canine companion named Hewie) to try and escape from a crew of demented individuals bent on ending her young life for their own twisted purposes.

The cool pre-rendered cutscene that starts off the game.

Fiona does what she does best in a crisis...

Fiona's a sweet girl, and pretty gentle. Her only physical attack is a cute-looking kick to the shins, and her best tactic for the most desperate situations is to faint dead away unconscious. AND she's got a knack for running off into some dank castle corridor without her shoes on. Yep, I love her. She's no fighting femme fatale, but her gentle and fragile beauty makes me just wanna carry her off to safety where I can comfort her frayed nerves with a relaxing foot massage. Heheh.

Another suspenseful cutscene with some nice views...

Finishing Haunting Ground once gives you access to several alternate outfits, two of which have Fiona barefoot, and they appear in-game and in the many cutscenes. Haunting Ground is, without a doubt, a survival-horror game made for foot fetish enthusiasts, and is a must for the barefoot fan's game library.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Meryl Silverburgh (Metal Gear Solid)

The Metal Gear Solid series is synonymous with rockin' action and awesome gameplay, as well as some hot babes. Certainly one of the hottest and most popular is the fiery redhead Meryl Silverburgh. An army brat and tomboy, Meryl doesn't take crap from anyone, not even ol' Solid Snake.

In this cool little cutscene, Snake thinks he has the drop on Meryl and quickly finds himself upstaged by the young spitfire who sneakily took off her boots (and most of her clothes) so she could sneak up behind him. The sight of the hot babe in basically just a skimpy tank top, panties and bare feet were of course enough to get Snake talking funny (I wonder if he's a foot fan?). Meryl's definitely an exceptional babe, but it'll take work to get her to open up and give up her 'hatred' towards men. Perhaps a nice foot massage and rub will soften her battle-hardened heart?

The original Metal Gear Solid is the only game where Meryl goes barefoot for some time, and this particular cutscene (taken from the Gamecube remake, MGS: The Twin Snakes) shows her off best. I particularly love the sound made by Meryl's bare soles as she walks... sexy. Enjoy the clip!

Rumble Roses XX Barefoot DLC (Xbox360)

The sequel to Rumble Roses, the provocatively-titled Rumble Roses XX adds upgraded graphics (with next-gen shine), some new modes and the ability to customize the hot roster of wrestling babes to a degree. It also adds new 'Superstar' personas to each girl, for more elaborate outfits.

However, for barefoot fans, what are the game's appealing points? Well, we still have Makoto Aihara and her HOT Heel Persona, The Black Belt Demon. One more barefoot babe is added to the mix- the Superstar Heel persona of hip-hop babe Sista A., Arabian Nightmare, is a barefoot belly-dancer, but you'll have to work a bit to unlock her.

The best stuff about RRXX though is that the game eventually got DLC. You could buy several characters' outfits (only in the Japanese Xboxlive though) which can then be used by any of the babes in the game. Of course, only two outfits interested me- the barefoot outfits of The BBD and Arabian Nightmare. So now, you can dress up any of the roster (save the boss, of course) in these outfits and have them barefoot. Here's a sample match with the game's two blonde bombshells- Dixie Clemets and Miss Spencer- having it out in a barefoot match. Enjoy!

One last note though- I have to say that while RRXX is nice, there is a BIG flaw. The girls' feet- specifically from the sole view- look pretty BAD in closeups. This isn't an issue during actual matches and is most noticed during the Gravure/Photo-shoot modes of the game. But if you can ignore that (admittedly major) thing, Rumble Roses XX is still a pretty great title to any barefoot fan's game collection.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

As a gamer, the Final Fantasy series is one of the franchises close to my heart. Unfortunately, it's not known for many barefoot babes. I'm pretty sure legions of barefoot fans would give their eye-teeth to see the busty Tifa Lockhart or the ethereal Aeris Gainsborough shed their bulky work-boots and show off their bare feet, but it was not to be... well, most of the FF games were in the 16-bit or earlier era, so even if they did, graphically we'd have to fill in the blanks ourselves, so to speak. Well, that ended pretty much in Final Fantasy X, the first PS2 installment. Many things left to the imagination were given in full. For the first time, FF characters spoke with actual voice acting. And, for the very first time, we saw a heroine's bare feet, and what gorgeous feet they are.

The scene is a pivotal cinematic showing Yuna, the winsome Summoner and main heroine of the game, performing a ritual that would send the spirits of the dead to their eternal repose. As part of the ritual, she walks barefoot on the water in a ceremonial dance. Of course, never mind she WALKS ON WATER... all we care about is she's barefoot, heheh.

Aside from being a dramatic scene of emotion and grace, it cannot be ignored that Yuna's perfectly-rendered, delicate bare feet are made for the enjoyment of foot fetish and barefoot fans. The entire beginning of the scene is pretty much focused on her feet, and I particularly love that the camera gives us a nice look from pretty much every angle- from the side, from the front, from above and below- and the sound her soles make on the water is perfect.

It's just too bad she doesn't go barefoot anytime before or after this scene, but this awesome cinematic is one of my absolute favorites and one of the best barefoot videogame babe moments ever. Enjoy!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Black Belt Demon (Rumble Roses)

Konami of Japan is known for a lot of great games- mostly for the high profile Metal Gear Solid series. But as great as Konami's action games are, they haven't had as much success in the fighting genre. Case in point- ever heard of Fighting Bujutsu? No? Well, it was also known as Fighting Wushu. Still nothing? Well, that's cause it was never released. For some reason, Konami never gave it widespread release, and it certainly never saw a console port. Which is a shame because the roster, as far as I know, had at least one barefoot babe- a Japanese beauty named Tsubaki who was shoeless in one gi-type outfit, and also had a hakamas costume where she wore tabi (those toed socks). In any case, martial arts hakama girls have come since then, and no doubt hotter than anything Fighting Bujutsu ever had.

However, while Konami has been lackluster in fighters, they have found a bit of a step in making wrestling games. Well, at least ONE wrestling game, and a niche wrestler in that it's an all-female wrestling game. Scratch that- an all-female fan service titillation-heavy wrestling game. That's Rumble Roses, Konami's jiggly grappler that debuted on the PS2 some years ago.
Now, gameplay had your assortment of blows, but focus was primarily on throws and grapples- in this case grapples that usually put the opposition in compromising positions. Archetypal characters that fitted a lot of fetishes (the Naughty Schoolgirl and Teacher, the Cowgirl, the Japanese Hero Chick, the Mad Surgeon... you know) made up the cast, all with ridiculous but fun-to-follow storylines to tie up the series of matches you fight on the way to the championship.

The game looked pretty slick, in fact it was one of the best-looking games in the tail end of the PS2's cycle. The ladies were hot, and the character models were fuller and more 'realistic' and unique compared to the competition at the time (the more anime-esque Dead or Alive series, which Rumble Roses targeted specifically in their marketing). Animations were smooth with slick grapples and sexy camera angles aplenty, even if after a while you were seeing the same attacks over and over.

Anyway, to the babes. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of barefoot babes in Rumble Roses. In fact, there's only two. Well, technically there's just one, since both girls are just different versions of the same character. The default girl or 'Face' (hero) version of the character is Makoto Aihara, a goody-goody cute judo wrestler. She wore a gi top, shorts and ankle wraps (kinda like Ibuki from Streetfighter), though she was basically barefoot. Makoto was nice but her cutesy character left a lot to be desired, and she was a bit on the Plain Jane side. And those bandage wraps had to go.

Luckily for us barefoot fans, once you beat the Story Mode with Makoto, you unlocked her 'Heel' persona- an evil version of Makoto. Her name is The Black Belt Demon, or The BBD for short. She's Makoto but twisted and bad, and well, a lot damn HOTTER. In contrast to Makoto's more wholesome sporty attire, her outfit's pretty provocative- just a gi top over her bra and panties. That's it. Oh, and a small bandage over one knee. Otherwise, that's pretty much it. Of course, she's totally barefoot without the bandage wraps and pretty much dressed to make you drool. And she's a bad girl. She's the type to wrap her thighs around your neck and press her soles against your face until you say Uncle. Then afterwards, she's have you kneel before her and have you kiss her feet. Isn't she sweet?

Anyway, The BBD is awesome, and certainly one of the hottest barefoot babes in videogames. Check out her story above in the posted vid (It's nice the way the first thing you see of her closeup are her feet) as well as some fan service of her doing some stretches in the video below. As far as bad girls go, The BBD's one of the best. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ryoko (Fighter's History)

Fighting games rock. I just can't way that enough. We owe the original Streetfighter 2 a lot for introducing a pretty important aspect of the genre that sets it apart from your run-of-the-mill boxing and MMA fighters- BABES. Freakin' babes. SF2 gave us a game where hot and beautiful ladies can compete with big, ugly and sweaty blokes, dishing out as well as taking punishment just like everyone else. But as much as I love Capcom for this, I have to say their designs (at least until SF3) left a LOT to be desired. That's where other companies beat them out on. And back early in the day it was all about Fighter's History, the first fighting game to give us a barefoot babe to enjoy.

Fighter's History was widely seen before as the first 'copycat' in the fighting genre, aping the more popular SF with it's own archetypes- it had it's own versions of Ryu, Ken and Chun Li, Zangief and Guile. However, there was one character in FH that I loved above all else, and she was the one really unique fighter in the lineup... cute little judo master and the first barefoot martial arts tomboy in fighting games, Ryoko.

Perhaps born a girl in a man's world, Ryoko took it upon herself to win fame for her dojo and fighting style (your usual schtick, but she was the first).  With speed and agility came cool looking judo slams, and for the finale this spunky fighter could hit with her most feared technique- the Super Mountain throw which rivaled any Spinning Piledriver the competition could dish out. I sneaked out as often as I could, plunked in countless coins so I could watch my adorable judoka kick, punch and throw her way to victory.  

I have to say, this was years ago and my personal fetish was still unfocused. But when I saw Ryoko for the first time, I found her far more beautiful and appealing than the other girls in the roster- even with her baggy, frumpy gi and boyish cuteness, I wanted Ryoko more than sexy Chinese actress Feilin with all her makeup and perky boobs, or even the leggy (but not barefoot) Taekwondo fighter Yungmie. No, it was Ryoko I kept playing with. Soon, I found myself thinking about giving her foot massages after her tiring bouts. Perhaps then, it clicked and from there on I knew what I wanted and my hunt for barefoot babes in games began.

It's pretty hard to find Fighter's History these days- unless there's an arcade with very old cabinets still around, you can do best by getting a Sega Saturn for a version of Fighter's History Dynamite (port of the Neo Geo/arcade upgrade) or have the SuperNES port (which was also cool). I'll try to have more vids (from Dynamite) up, but for now reminisce a classic fighter (and a classic barefoot babe) with the attached video.