Friday, March 6, 2009

The Black Belt Demon (Rumble Roses)

Konami of Japan is known for a lot of great games- mostly for the high profile Metal Gear Solid series. But as great as Konami's action games are, they haven't had as much success in the fighting genre. Case in point- ever heard of Fighting Bujutsu? No? Well, it was also known as Fighting Wushu. Still nothing? Well, that's cause it was never released. For some reason, Konami never gave it widespread release, and it certainly never saw a console port. Which is a shame because the roster, as far as I know, had at least one barefoot babe- a Japanese beauty named Tsubaki who was shoeless in one gi-type outfit, and also had a hakamas costume where she wore tabi (those toed socks). In any case, martial arts hakama girls have come since then, and no doubt hotter than anything Fighting Bujutsu ever had.

However, while Konami has been lackluster in fighters, they have found a bit of a step in making wrestling games. Well, at least ONE wrestling game, and a niche wrestler in that it's an all-female wrestling game. Scratch that- an all-female fan service titillation-heavy wrestling game. That's Rumble Roses, Konami's jiggly grappler that debuted on the PS2 some years ago.
Now, gameplay had your assortment of blows, but focus was primarily on throws and grapples- in this case grapples that usually put the opposition in compromising positions. Archetypal characters that fitted a lot of fetishes (the Naughty Schoolgirl and Teacher, the Cowgirl, the Japanese Hero Chick, the Mad Surgeon... you know) made up the cast, all with ridiculous but fun-to-follow storylines to tie up the series of matches you fight on the way to the championship.

The game looked pretty slick, in fact it was one of the best-looking games in the tail end of the PS2's cycle. The ladies were hot, and the character models were fuller and more 'realistic' and unique compared to the competition at the time (the more anime-esque Dead or Alive series, which Rumble Roses targeted specifically in their marketing). Animations were smooth with slick grapples and sexy camera angles aplenty, even if after a while you were seeing the same attacks over and over.

Anyway, to the babes. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of barefoot babes in Rumble Roses. In fact, there's only two. Well, technically there's just one, since both girls are just different versions of the same character. The default girl or 'Face' (hero) version of the character is Makoto Aihara, a goody-goody cute judo wrestler. She wore a gi top, shorts and ankle wraps (kinda like Ibuki from Streetfighter), though she was basically barefoot. Makoto was nice but her cutesy character left a lot to be desired, and she was a bit on the Plain Jane side. And those bandage wraps had to go.

Luckily for us barefoot fans, once you beat the Story Mode with Makoto, you unlocked her 'Heel' persona- an evil version of Makoto. Her name is The Black Belt Demon, or The BBD for short. She's Makoto but twisted and bad, and well, a lot damn HOTTER. In contrast to Makoto's more wholesome sporty attire, her outfit's pretty provocative- just a gi top over her bra and panties. That's it. Oh, and a small bandage over one knee. Otherwise, that's pretty much it. Of course, she's totally barefoot without the bandage wraps and pretty much dressed to make you drool. And she's a bad girl. She's the type to wrap her thighs around your neck and press her soles against your face until you say Uncle. Then afterwards, she's have you kneel before her and have you kiss her feet. Isn't she sweet?

Anyway, The BBD is awesome, and certainly one of the hottest barefoot babes in videogames. Check out her story above in the posted vid (It's nice the way the first thing you see of her closeup are her feet) as well as some fan service of her doing some stretches in the video below. As far as bad girls go, The BBD's one of the best. Enjoy!


  1. Wow...that's really cool that she has a heel persona. I like it when a good girl goes bad. For some reason villainesses are a lot of fun to watch.

    Great Post Sole Keeper.

  2. As a poster on my channel often says, Barefoot Villainesses are the best. I agree 100%. ^_^