Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rumble Roses XX Barefoot DLC (Xbox360)

The sequel to Rumble Roses, the provocatively-titled Rumble Roses XX adds upgraded graphics (with next-gen shine), some new modes and the ability to customize the hot roster of wrestling babes to a degree. It also adds new 'Superstar' personas to each girl, for more elaborate outfits.

However, for barefoot fans, what are the game's appealing points? Well, we still have Makoto Aihara and her HOT Heel Persona, The Black Belt Demon. One more barefoot babe is added to the mix- the Superstar Heel persona of hip-hop babe Sista A., Arabian Nightmare, is a barefoot belly-dancer, but you'll have to work a bit to unlock her.

The best stuff about RRXX though is that the game eventually got DLC. You could buy several characters' outfits (only in the Japanese Xboxlive though) which can then be used by any of the babes in the game. Of course, only two outfits interested me- the barefoot outfits of The BBD and Arabian Nightmare. So now, you can dress up any of the roster (save the boss, of course) in these outfits and have them barefoot. Here's a sample match with the game's two blonde bombshells- Dixie Clemets and Miss Spencer- having it out in a barefoot match. Enjoy!

One last note though- I have to say that while RRXX is nice, there is a BIG flaw. The girls' feet- specifically from the sole view- look pretty BAD in closeups. This isn't an issue during actual matches and is most noticed during the Gravure/Photo-shoot modes of the game. But if you can ignore that (admittedly major) thing, Rumble Roses XX is still a pretty great title to any barefoot fan's game collection.