Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

As a gamer, the Final Fantasy series is one of the franchises close to my heart. Unfortunately, it's not known for many barefoot babes. I'm pretty sure legions of barefoot fans would give their eye-teeth to see the busty Tifa Lockhart or the ethereal Aeris Gainsborough shed their bulky work-boots and show off their bare feet, but it was not to be... well, most of the FF games were in the 16-bit or earlier era, so even if they did, graphically we'd have to fill in the blanks ourselves, so to speak. Well, that ended pretty much in Final Fantasy X, the first PS2 installment. Many things left to the imagination were given in full. For the first time, FF characters spoke with actual voice acting. And, for the very first time, we saw a heroine's bare feet, and what gorgeous feet they are.

The scene is a pivotal cinematic showing Yuna, the winsome Summoner and main heroine of the game, performing a ritual that would send the spirits of the dead to their eternal repose. As part of the ritual, she walks barefoot on the water in a ceremonial dance. Of course, never mind she WALKS ON WATER... all we care about is she's barefoot, heheh.

Aside from being a dramatic scene of emotion and grace, it cannot be ignored that Yuna's perfectly-rendered, delicate bare feet are made for the enjoyment of foot fetish and barefoot fans. The entire beginning of the scene is pretty much focused on her feet, and I particularly love that the camera gives us a nice look from pretty much every angle- from the side, from the front, from above and below- and the sound her soles make on the water is perfect.

It's just too bad she doesn't go barefoot anytime before or after this scene, but this awesome cinematic is one of my absolute favorites and one of the best barefoot videogame babe moments ever. Enjoy!


  1. Of course, this was a pivotal scene. Until this moment, Yuna held no real interest for me- but not only did this obviously increase her sex appeal, it also was a very strong character moment.

    But, nah, this one was all about the decidedly rare opportunity to see some of that famous Square CGI go to town on our favorite female body part. Other than random barefoot Lulu cosplayers at anime convenions (I've seen at least three) this is about as good as it gets when it comes to FF.

  2. Ah, Lulu... now she'd also be awesome barefoot. Actually in FFX there's also Yunalesca, one of the bosses, who's a hot undead priestess who is pretty much just in a bikini and barefoot. Unfortunately she's always shown with in-game, realtime graphics, and is never given the full-on prerendered CG sequence that Yuna got. A missed opportunity, I guess. ^_^

  3. Such a beautiful scene from every direction.

    Yuna is my favorite character from FFX. She's beautiful and very brave. Such power to be able to Summon. But in this video, her barefeet really steal the show.

    Yes, it's an emotional scene. Plus haunting in a way. But her feet look amazing here. I really enjoy the shots where you can see her entire leg and feet. Those are the sexiest shots IMO, though the close up walking on water shots are quite a contender. Yuna's feet are clean, beautiful, and tender. :) What more can you ask for in the best FF game of all time(IMO)

  4. This is one of my favorite Final Fantasy scenes too. When I think about all the Final Fantasy girls I wanted to see barefoot (Tifa, Lulu, Quistis, Ashe, Rinoa and Terra chief among them) the list becomes a mile long. I'm glad there's at least one of them I can check off for removing their footwear.

    Great post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  5. Oh, yeah, forgot all about Yunalesca. Guess she didn't make much of an impression on me. Looking back on it, she had a pretty sexy character design, though.

    Well, I guess FFX is just the best game in the series for feet all around eh?

    (By the way, I'm the same guy as TheBigGuiron on Youtube. Just so you know.)