Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Phade (Barbarian)

Barefoot assassin babe Phade is one nasty girl.

Not many out there may be aware of Barbarian, a fantasy brawler for the Playstation 2. The game is set in a savage world where 11 deadly fighters battle for supremacy using blades, spells and the very stage in which they are fighting. Similar to Power Stone, the game pits four characters against each other in every stage, along with a bunch of CPU 'thugs' to add more spice to the mix. The action was fast and furious, and the character designs were not bad at all. Barbarian wasn't a bad game, but it never really became a title of any popularity.

It's still worth tracking down by barefoot fans for the one barefoot babe in the game- Phade the Assassin. Of course, looking at her artwork, she's certainly a design made for barefoot fans. The barely-there bikini 'armor' is light so she can move and leap without being encumbered, and being barefoot lets her move, climb and sneak about quietly as she pads her way to her prey. The mask is pretty sexy, kinky and adds a bit of mystery... but thankfully you can easily see she's obviously gorgeous. This masked minx though is not a pretty nice lady... she's a cold-blooded killer for hire, after all. But she's probably no less as fierce or as formidable as someone who wishes to survive in her dangerous world needs to be. In fact, once you play through her Story Mode, some surprising revelations may be revealed as to who she really is, or was.

In any case, perhaps this masked vixen isn't the evil witch she may be. In fact, the mask simply hides a beautiful lady beneath, and damn, she's one strong barefoot beauty who can ensnare any barefoot fan's heart with her long, strong and well-formed toes and smooth soles. Perhaps we can tame this savage femme fatale with loving, warm kisses on her feet, foot massages and foot rubs... and perhaps unlock the princess hidden beneath the cold, hard shell. But then again, this babe's best bad-ass and barefoot. Kill, my lovely. Kill. KILL!

Anyway, here's a video with not one, but FOUR Phades in a free-for-all fight to the finish. Four barefoot assassins means four times the hotness. Enjoy!


  1. awesome!!

    yo this is rich520 from youtube

    cool blog solekeeper

  2. This girl looks very hot Sole Keeper. I really love female assassins a lot (my favorite is Nina Williams). Even if Phaede wasn't out to kill me, I know I would probably still worship her feet like my life depended on it.

  3. Hey Richfeet! Glad you enjoy the blog. I'll be posting more soon. ^_^

    Phade is pretty awesome, King. Yeah, she is the Nina Williams of her world, I guess. A next-gen update of Barbarian would have been awesome. Too bad it never really took off. Oh well.