Monday, March 16, 2009

Fiona Belli (Haunting Ground)

The sexy and macabre intro 'trailer' to Haunting Ground.

When you talk babes in Survival-Horror, you'd think of heroines like Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield or Sheva Alomar... hot action heroines who can kick ass and take down zombies while looking great doing it. But unfortunately, that doesn't do much for us barefoot fans. These heroines are usually dressed for the occasion, in fatigues and rugged boots. Whatever happened to the damsel caught unprepared by the horror around her, forcing her to run off barefoot into the darkness?

Well, thankfully Capcom though about that and came up with the somewhat twisted survival-horror title, Demento AKA Haunting Ground. The game puts you in the role of Fiona Belli, a beautiful teenager who suddenly finds herself thown into a dark and sinister castle inhabited by some pretty dangerous and demented individuals. More victim than vigilante, Fiona has no combat training or high-powered arsenal at her disposal, so she has to use her wits (and on occasion the help of a canine companion named Hewie) to try and escape from a crew of demented individuals bent on ending her young life for their own twisted purposes.

The cool pre-rendered cutscene that starts off the game.

Fiona does what she does best in a crisis...

Fiona's a sweet girl, and pretty gentle. Her only physical attack is a cute-looking kick to the shins, and her best tactic for the most desperate situations is to faint dead away unconscious. AND she's got a knack for running off into some dank castle corridor without her shoes on. Yep, I love her. She's no fighting femme fatale, but her gentle and fragile beauty makes me just wanna carry her off to safety where I can comfort her frayed nerves with a relaxing foot massage. Heheh.

Another suspenseful cutscene with some nice views...

Finishing Haunting Ground once gives you access to several alternate outfits, two of which have Fiona barefoot, and they appear in-game and in the many cutscenes. Haunting Ground is, without a doubt, a survival-horror game made for foot fetish enthusiasts, and is a must for the barefoot fan's game library.


  1. Wow...these cut scenes are nice Solekeeper. I love how smoothly the fabric of Fiona's dress flows in the opening scene. I imagine that being such a gentle and timid character her feet must be extra soft.

    They really should pass a law making it mandatory for all hot videogame babes to have an alternate barefoot costume. ^_^

    Anyway Great post.

  2. If not a law, hopefully a strictly-followed tradition. Videogame-makers should recognize that barefoot fans are a significant market. ^_^

  3. theres also yoko. She has unlockable swimsuit in


    so thats another Survival-Horror barefoot girl


  4. Beautiful. I still haven't played Haunting Ground(I know, shame on me) but I will definitely pick it up cheap soon. Seeing these cutscenes has brought great joy to my fetish. :) Fiona looks cute, with nice soft and tender snow white soles.

    Speaking of survival horror, it would be nice to see Jill's soles if possible. Seeing some of Sheva's exotic feet in RE5 was very pleasing. After my first playthrough with Chris, I picked Sheva for medium, all the way to professional mode. Though she doesn't show any feet, Battle suit "Nina Williams" Jill is who I use often during Mercenaries mode. :)

  5. Jill is the one reason I am thinking of getting the RE5 Gold edition disc... ^_^ Too bad she doesn't have a barefoot outfit.