Monday, April 25, 2011

Supremacy MMA Ladies' Interview (Updated with New Video)

These are some nasty-looking barefoot babes...

One of the titles I am looking forward to in the near future is Supremacy MMA, developed by Kung-Fu Factory. This mixed martial arts title is supposed to straddle the line between realistic and arcade-style fighters... something I am not that sure with. I mean, you gotta commit to one way or the other to really excel, right? If you don't stand for something you don't achieve anything. Or nothing. I dunno. Heheh... anyway, as I've posted before, the great thing about this game is that it will feature (a first for MMA games) two hot, brawling, real-life martial arts babes- Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez. The video below shows off another interview with these two fighting femmes, as well as showing more in-game footage of the barefoot babes in action, including a couple of sexy knockouts. Check it out!

Real-life MMA babes become barefoot videogame babes!

X-Play's Kristin bares her feet to play MMA with the tough girls!

I have to say though that the in-game character models could stand to be a little... softer. Really, it can't hurt to make the babes at least as beautiful as they are in real-life. I'm not too sure about the blood as well. From what I've gathered, the game only lets you play the babes in a limited fashion- they can only fight each other! This is due to the supposition that seeing the females get manhandled by the male fighters may have negative effects. But other mainstream beat 'em ups have babes who fight guys all the time! For me, this is a bit of a missed opportunity- I'd rather they just took out the blood and just went for hard-hitting animations ala Tekken or VF, instead of going for Mortal Kombat lite. Maybe in a sequel? Anyway, I'll most probably get this game regardless, at least to support it and have more barefoot MMA babes in the future, and I'm sure all of you footfans will too. For now though, enjoy the vid. The game is out in June.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

More Mileena (Mortal Kombat)

Nice views all over in this vid, including a lovely view of Mileena's sexy, sleepy soles.

After almost a week of playing Mortal Kombat, I can safely say that this new, rebooted fighter has become one of my new favorites. Yeah, it's not quite Tekken 6 in terms of hot, sexy barefoot-able babes, but it's a great start, and the new fighting system makes it more playable than any previous MK. I'm just hoping that the future gives us more barefoot MK babes, and not just the one scary (but sexy) femme fatale they have now. In any case, before I go back to Tekken 6 and other games, here's one more dose of sexy, scantily-clad barefoot Mileena both dishing out punishment and taking it, showing off her deadly skills and perfect, lickable feet and soles along the way. Enjoy!

The Shaolin is no match for this deadly barefoot babe.

Mileena kicks Ermac's ass!

Mileena bites back at her evil creator, Shang Tsung.

Even the god of war must bow down at Mileena's hot feet!

Kintaro wins himself a Mileena doll to play with.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mileena Flesh-Pit Costume (Mortal Kombat)

Flesh-Pit Mileena makes her debut in this sexy cinematic.

The upcoming 'rebooted' Mortal Kombat looks, from all indications, a bloody lot of fun. The graphics are marvelously dark and atmospheric, the character models super-detailed with smooth and fluid animation, and best of all, the game plays a treat (I know this since I got to play the Demo Version). I can readily say that this is easily the BEST Mortal Kombat ever, in looks, gameplay and extras. The only flaw is, well... the apparent lack of barefoot babes. Yep, sadly the development team apparently are fans of high heels seeing as about half the babes in the game wear them into battle. In actuality, there's actually one female fighter in the game who is barefoot by default- unfortunately she's the beastly Sheeva, the female counterpart of Goro. While she definitely has skimpy outfits that show off a lot of skin and a pleasingly curvy (if muscular) figure, color me not liking her two-toed monster feet. Early on in the first trailer, there was a glimpse of a barefoot slave girl/prisoner sitting beside Shao Khan's throne, but ever since she hasn't turned up.

BUT... all is not lost! The game has a ton of secrets and hidden treats for players to uncover, and one of them is a much-touted and hyped-up secret outfit for the feral ninja babe, Mileena. Through information leaks we have learned that this is called the 'Flesh Pit Costume', a somewhat minimalist look that Mileena apprently sported when she was created in Shang Tsung's labs (the Flesh Pits). So, it's literally her 'birthday suit'. Predictably though, she's not actually totally naked, but almost just- her most private parts are just kinda-sorta-barely covered by some cloth bandages- think Leeloo from The Fifth Element, just less stylishly designed (but gobs sexier). Anyway, the best part is- well, she's barefoot in this costume. Yep, there IS at least ONE barefoot babe in Mortal Kombat! How hot is Flesh Pit Mileena? Well, check the pics below out to see!

This is one sleeping beauty you don't want to wake up.

A Skinemax moment in the Mortal Kombat saga.

Body, legs and feet to die for... and a killer face. Literally.

Kitana should take off those high heels as well to make this a fair fight...

Her face may be beastly, but Mileena's soles are perfectly human and, well, just perfect.

You first encounter the skimpily-clad and newly-created Mileena in Story Mode, where Kitana discovers Shang Tsung's laboratory or Flesh Pits. A catfight predictably occurs, which is our first taste of this sexy barefoot siren in action. But to actually unlock Mileena's Flesh Pit costume for play, it's a little bit more complicated. Flesh Pit Mileena is the prize for beating the 300th and final trial of the game's Challenge Tower mode, which is no easy feat. For starters, you have to beat all 299 other trials first. When you reach 300, the test is pretty hard- it's literally a multi-stage boss fight, where you have to fight Goro, then Kintaro, Flesh Pit Mileena herself, and then the Big Boss, Shao Khan. The good news is you get some energy back after each fight, but it's still no cake walk. It's gonna take practice to beat that trial- or just a lot of fight money to buy your way through.

But rest assured, the prize of unlocking the game's one barefoot babe is worth the effort. Check out the shoeless vixen in action in the following videos below. The first one is the Story Mode cutscene where she is first discovered by Kitana. Can you say... catfight?

Next up, how hard is it to unlock Flesh Pit Mileena? Check out the next vid, which shows off the final, 300th Trial for Challenge Tower Mode. You can, alternatively, buy your way past this challenge with enough koin. Heh...

It may be a bit hard, but the prize is worth it! Barefoot Mileena is yours if you defeat her (and everyone else).

Finally, here's in-game footage of Flesh Pit Mileena, unlocked and in action against Johnny Cage. Check her out!

Yeah, she's scary.. but damn, she's hot too.

Some may hate her, some may love her, but I have to say for myself... Flesh Pit Mileena's definitely sizzling, and the fact that she's a bad girl makes her even more appealing- nothing's hotter than a barefoot bad girl. This is a great treat for barefoot babe fans like us, even if other fight fans may not think it's such a hot prize. This definitely makes the new Mortal Kombat a Must Buy game to add to my collection. Flesh Pit Mileena's hot enough to deserve worship of those hot and perfect toes and soles. Well, all the better to keep my eyes off her face... yikes. I think she heard me...

Darn! Judging from how Mileena looks in her Flesh Pit costume, the MK devs certainly can do sexy bare feet! I really hope that the other girls somehow get sexy barefoot outfits, perhaps as DLC, as well. Mileena is certainly a lot of barefoot babe to love, but if Kitana, Jade, Sonya and Sindel also get their boots off, man, MK may become a true foot fan must-have. Anyway, I'll be posting more pics and vids from this evil barefoot hottie when I get my own copy of the game soon. For now, enjoy the pics and vids! Mortal Kombat is out on PS3 and Xbox360 this coming April 12.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Thundra (Kasumi Ninja)

Barefoot Amazon Thundra is one of the few good things about this Jaguar fighter.

Here's a bit of a quickie barefoot babe post. This is from the ill-fated Atari Jaguar, that crappy 64-bit system which was plagued by some of the worst games to ever see the light of day. A couple of those titles on the Jag were beat 'em ups, and while both were pretty crappy fighters with muddy graphics, laughably bad character designs and horrible controls, at least Kasumi Ninja had a barefoot babe in it. The hottie is a bikini-clad Amazon Queen, Thundra, who battled to protect her kingdom from outsiders. Her powers included the ability to fly across the screen, teleport and well, that's about it. Yeah, the graphics are pretty basic, but yes, she IS barefoot as far as I can tell, and as such she has a place in our hearts. Even if she's from a woefully lacking game. Anyway, enjoy Thundra in action in the match vid below. Yeah, it's no Mortal Kombat or Streetfighter... but at least Thundra looks good KO'ed...

Muddy graphics and hilariously bad announcer aside, at least there's a barefoot bikini babe on offer... right?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christie Monteiro, Barefoot Capoeira Queen! (Tekken 4)

Christie Monteiro’s Tekken 4 character art.

Over on the Youtube Channel, a viewer gave an intriguing request for some videos- intriguing since it didn’t ask for Tekken 6 content, but from the much older Tekken 4. So I had to dig up the old disc from my PS2 library. Thankfully, I owned an original Japanese version which would play on my Playstation 3 (love backward-capability!).
Anyway, this just allowed me an opportunity to spotlight this retro title. Despite being a PS2 title that was released way back in 2002 (man, has it really been 9 years?), T4 still looks quite good, with vibrant colors and fairly well-detailed and HUGE characters when seen on an HDTV screen (playing through the PS3). This was a pretty controversial title, since many consider it the worst Tekken game. Looking at it now, I think it’s still head and shoulders above most beat ‘em ups, and is an interesting chapter in the franchise.

Christie's Tekken 4 CG Art.

In terms of barefoot babes though, Tekken 4 is significant in introducing to us the lovely Christie Monteiro (who was sadly, the only barefoot babe in the game). Christie took over the slot for resident Capoeira fighter from the missing Eddy Gordo (who actually appears via cameo in her ending). Certainly I myself didn’t miss the big lug, when you have such a fetching lass occupying your attention. And really, Christie is quite lovely, even with the older and less detailed PS2 graphics and character models. Her feet are a world away from the finely-sculpted peds in Tekken 6, but back then it didn’t matter- hell, we probably didn’t think it could get any better then! All we could think of, surely, was giving this sultry siren the worship and service a barefoot goddess like her deserved.

So here are the vids, basically having the lovely barefoot babe getting a bit of manhandling by Kazuya, Bryan and Heihachi.

Bryan gives Christie a hard massage… on her face.

Try to concentrate on Christie’s soles and not on Hei’s diaper…

Kaz dangles Christie to better show us her hot soles.

Don’t worry, afterwards they all are required to give Christie both full-body and foot massages (and, little do most know, Bryan does great foot massages… must be those cyborg fingers). Enjoy the retro Tekken goodness!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nina Williams: Barefoot Nurse of PAIN! (Tekken 6) UPDATED with More Videos!

She Kicks High! Tekken's first barefoot babe is still also the finest.

Among the hot and lovely barefoot-able babes of Tekken 6, there will always be one sentimental fave of mine. Yeah, these days, my mains are Lili and Asuka, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Nina Williams. Indeed, back in the first Tekken, she was the franchise's first barefoot babe (and really, one of the first barefoot babes in all of beat 'em ups, actually) and my main fighter. Since the original Tekken though, changes came with every new sequel. for starters, she lost the MMA-type barefoot outfit and went with her now-signature purple military outfits and tights. I always thought it was cool that Nina went barefoot while her sister and rival, Anna, wore pumps and high heels- a nice counter point. Sadly, both of them wore high-heeled stuff for most of the games. Nina's game also got a lot more complex and technical for me, so while I still thought she was awesome, I didn't find her style to be that easy to play anymore.

Tekken 6 brought us barefoot customization, and, at long last, let Nina's sexy, perfect feet see the light of day and feel the touch of the ground. What can I say? She's truly never looked better than she does in Tekken 6... she's a blonde goddess, confident, mature and utterly gorgeous... plus her cool, calm and icy-cold dominatrix demeanor just makes her all the hotter.
Lately I've strangely been in a Nina mood- I've finally gotten the desire to play her, and I think I'm getting better at using her, even if some of her stuff- like the rapid-flapping combos being done by experts- seem beyond me. Still, her arsenal of sexy attacks (and quite a few hot high kicks) gives more than enough versatility for any level of player.

Have an appointment with this hot, barefoot Nurse of Pain?

So here's my Nina- my favorite customization for her is her Nurse outfits, since they're freakin' hot and give us the best of both worlds- royal views of Nina's deadly-sexy legs, teasing upskirt shots AND the ability to be seen in Tekken 6's hottest win animations (which are sadly closed off to outfits like her miniskirts). Adding to the hotness of the ensemble are a set of submachine guns at her hips, which give her a Lara Croft-ish feel, as well as the Williams' signature bazooka at her back. The sophisticated Styled Hairstyle gives her glamor, while the frameless glasses are a finishing touch, giving her a bit of 'Teacher' appeal, which suits her perfectly as the genteel, bewitching dominatrix that she is.

I can't decide whether Nurse Nina is hotter in white or black...

Aside from the hot pics already peppering this post, see this Killer Nurse in action in these sexy matches. Really, no babe dishes it out like Nina. And those win poses- some of the best and sexiest in the game. Man, what I'd give to be right under Nina's feet when she stomps down with her 'Twisted Mind' foot stomp... how soft those soles must feel... they must hurt so good! Heheh...

Nina and Raven have been rival since Tekken 5. She's stomped on his face a lot... lucky bastard.

Wang likes the ladies. I wonder if he's a foot fan, the dirty old coot...

This match between two hot babes will keep you guessing till the end. Who will taste de-feet?

Sister vs Sister Match! Of course we know who our favorite is...

Christie's hot but putting on boots slows her down surely in this match...

Perhaps Julia will think about changing her attire (heheh) after this session with Nurse Nina...

Whether dishing out the pain or taking it herself, Nina always looks amazingly gorgeous.

Nina's so tranquil and peaceful, like a lovely angel... well, only when she's unconscious.

Of course, you can't win 'em all. Zafina gives Nina a long nap...

Of course all of us foot fans would love to have this blonde bombshell give us a grapple or two, or perhaps place her perfect soles right onto our faces. She'd do it with pleasure, and a self-assured smile. That just makes it all the hotter. I dunno if Nina will totally become another of my Mains, but well, I am using her so much right now. Perhaps this is the start of a great new partnership? Man, Asuka and Lili will be pissed... I'll be getting a stomping from them too. Heheh... Anyway, for now, enjoy the pics and the vids! Later then!