Saturday, February 28, 2009


Ninja Gaiden 2... sucked. Well, it played well, but nowhere near as good as the first game. As usual, the game was unforgiving in difficulty as the producer, Tomonobu Itagaki, was an ass. Aside from that, a crappy camera made things like offscreen enemies more dangerous than they should be. In any case, there was at least one great thing about NG2, and it was Elizebet the Fiend Queen. Yeah, there was that busty babe who supposedly worked for the C.I.A. (and a poor substitute for Rachel from the first game), but she's for the leather and boobs crowd. Us barefoot babe fans had Elizebet. Though she wore a pretty mannish jacket and pants for most of the game, she dressed down for a pivotal cutscene, barefoot and clad in just a demonic bikini. A dominating diva like her wouldn't be an easy babe to get along with, but we'd at least be made into her footstools (like Satanikos Pandemonio in From Dusk Till Dawn, another hot barefoot babe) so all wouldn't be bad.

Sadly, afterwards Ryu Hayabusa would face off with Elizebet and she's turn from her hot barefoot bikini babe self into some weird, stomach-less half-insect form. Too bad. Why can't these evil demon babes retain their hotness instead of transforming into monsters? And why must they explode or self-destruct all the time? Oh well... Elizebet, we hardly knew you- which may be for the best- but at least the moment, though short, was sweet.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chun Li (Streetfighter II: The Animated Movie)

Back before the days of 3D fighting games, it was all about Street Fighter II. Capcom's one-on-one opus basically started the whole genre, setting the stage for countless wannabees, copycats and challengers to come. One of the big additions that Streetfighter II gave the fighting genre early on was, well, BABES. Chun-Li was one of the first female competitors in beat 'em ups- a beauty among the beasts, a rose among the thorns. But she stood tall with her deadly legs and killer feet. Since then, Chun-Li has become a videogame and pop culture icon, endlessly parodied or imitated. It's natural that such a strong beauty would be many a gamer's fantasy and object of affection. Unfortunately for us barefoot fans, Miss Li has never been barefoot in a SF game- she's either in her 'Chinese Acrobat' kung fu outfit (the trademark suit with the puffy shouldered top, stockings and white boots) or her Alpha outfit (tights and sneakers).

And so it was with joy back in the early 90s when the Streetfighter II Animated Movie showed up with easily the sexiest and most awesome animated barefoot babe fight scene ever. The setup- Interpol agent Chun Li is marked for death by Shadaloo's masked assassin, Vega (Balrog in Japan). After a brief bit of nudity in her infamous shower scene (which is nice but not what we're interested in, right?), Chun-Li is ambushed by the Spanish Ninja in her bedroom and awesomeness ensues. Chun-Li has to fight the intruder barefoot in just a nightshirt and her bra and panties, which transfixed countless gamers and otaku for the entire three or so minutes it went (Guile's intercut driving and running scenes be damned).

Not only is this fight scene totally intense (the understated, melancholy guitar music of the Japanese version beats out the crass rock of the US version, in my opinion) excellently choreographed and animated, of course it gives us royal views of Chun-Li's gorgeous bare feet, with a unique and wonderful foot stomp to the face and a double foot kick at the end that I consider some of the most awesome anime sole shots ever. No anime fight scene since then has ever equalled this, or even approached it in coolness, sex appeal and execution. 

That time was a more free time, where fan service was a bit more liberal and not something to be prudishly censored or held back. Man, those were the days. Anyway, here's the fight scene for your enjoyment, Guile edited out for uninterrupted barefoot babe battle awesomeness. Man, wouldn't it be awesome if they included Nightshirt-and-Undies as an alternate outfit in SFIV? Heheh...

Best. Sole Shots. Ever.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jun Kazama (Tekken)

Jun Kazama is one of the most popular babes in the mega-popular Tekken series, ever since she appeared in Tekken 2 on the Playstation. She's a martial arts-kicking international operative who was fated to rub pelvises with series' bad boy, Kazuya Mishima and give birth to the current anti-hero, Jin Kazama. Sadly, aside from that, we don't know much about her aside from the fact that she's hot and kicks ass. We never got to know about her character, her personality or how she spoke (all her lines in Tekken 2 were the usual 'Kiyya!' and 'Hai-ya!'), unless you consider that horrible Tekken anime movie. All we know is that Jun is beautiful and very in touch with nature. Surely, such a babe would not be averse to taking off her shoes and letting her soft soles and toes feel the grass or soil underneath, to feel the song of the earth. And that's pretty much confirmed by the CG cinematic to Tekken Tag Tournament for the PS2, which shows just that (and from which we took the video above).

Of course, this could all be just the fevered dream of son Jin Kazama, dreaming of his hot momma splashing her feet in the water. Well, weird thoughts and Oedipus Complex aside we can't blame Jin for musing about his mom's hot feet. Oh well.

Tekken is full of hot babes we want to see barefoot. We'll get to the rest of them in good time.

On the Hunt for Virtual Soles...

Hello. I'm called The Solekeeper, and I love barefoot babes. Like many out there, for me a beautiful woman becomes far sexier when she bares her most wonderful of body parts... her feet. And what women are more perfect and idealized than the vixens and divas of animation and videogames? None, really. That's why I've started a little hobby of collecting images and videos of the gorgeous, shoeless female characters in anime and gaming. I've already been doing this for at least a year on Youtube, and recently on Dailymotion, collecting and sharing videos of my favorite barefoot digital divas for other barefoot fans to enjoy. Thanks to blogs like Anime Feet, of which I am a big fan and regular reader, I've decided to start my own journal to talk about our shoeless muses, and about anime and gaming in general, I guess. Aside from bare feet, my fetish extends a bit to ryona- a fairly recent Japanese fetish term coined for videos and material that shows females being attacked or beaten. Don't get me wrong- I don't have a hatred for women, I don't like S&M or seeing women being battered or bloodied. My interest is limited to the actual knockout, where the femme fatale in question is knocked unconscious, faints or falls asleep in various ways. I just find the act of going out, or losing consciousness, and the state of unconsciousness, pretty hot.

A LOT of my vids will reflect this, often culled from videogames, particularly fighting games, and that's probably the root. I think babes kicking butt or getting beat up themselves is pretty sexy. But I hate blood and bruising, so I'm more into Tekken or Virtua Fighter, where uber-hot digital divas dish out the pain or take it themselves, but never, ever getting their perfect bodies damaged, ever. So well, the hunt begins. I'll be posting as much as I can, as often as I can, as I post vids on my channels.
If you're into the stuff here, I am always open for discussion about our objects of attraction. However, if you're not into the 'feet' thing, please just point your browsers elsewhere. I find internet arguments pointless, and will simply ignore and delete any disparaging comments from ignoramuses. For the rest though, let's begin the hunt.