Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On the Hunt for Virtual Soles...

Hello. I'm called The Solekeeper, and I love barefoot babes. Like many out there, for me a beautiful woman becomes far sexier when she bares her most wonderful of body parts... her feet. And what women are more perfect and idealized than the vixens and divas of animation and videogames? None, really. That's why I've started a little hobby of collecting images and videos of the gorgeous, shoeless female characters in anime and gaming. I've already been doing this for at least a year on Youtube, and recently on Dailymotion, collecting and sharing videos of my favorite barefoot digital divas for other barefoot fans to enjoy. Thanks to blogs like Anime Feet, of which I am a big fan and regular reader, I've decided to start my own journal to talk about our shoeless muses, and about anime and gaming in general, I guess. Aside from bare feet, my fetish extends a bit to ryona- a fairly recent Japanese fetish term coined for videos and material that shows females being attacked or beaten. Don't get me wrong- I don't have a hatred for women, I don't like S&M or seeing women being battered or bloodied. My interest is limited to the actual knockout, where the femme fatale in question is knocked unconscious, faints or falls asleep in various ways. I just find the act of going out, or losing consciousness, and the state of unconsciousness, pretty hot.

A LOT of my vids will reflect this, often culled from videogames, particularly fighting games, and that's probably the root. I think babes kicking butt or getting beat up themselves is pretty sexy. But I hate blood and bruising, so I'm more into Tekken or Virtua Fighter, where uber-hot digital divas dish out the pain or take it themselves, but never, ever getting their perfect bodies damaged, ever. So well, the hunt begins. I'll be posting as much as I can, as often as I can, as I post vids on my channels.
If you're into the stuff here, I am always open for discussion about our objects of attraction. However, if you're not into the 'feet' thing, please just point your browsers elsewhere. I find internet arguments pointless, and will simply ignore and delete any disparaging comments from ignoramuses. For the rest though, let's begin the hunt.


  1. Great blog Sole Keeper. I love your videos a lot and can't wait to see how your blog develops in the future.

  2. Thanks, King. Your blog is a big inspiration for me, for your AMAZING content (man, how do you post all those pics!) and your love for the barefoot babes. I'll see where this takes us, I guess, for as long as it's fun to do. Later!

    BTW, it's irritating that Youtube closed down my channel, TheSoleSurvivor... but we go on and just rebuild. Sigh...

  3. Nice blog here! ^_^

    I've always been into the bares soles of attractive females, from not only gaming, but real life. Feet are arguably, the most attractive part of a women. Save for more hidden parts ^_- But seriously, everything on a woman is molded perfectly. Even when you see a very brief movie scene with actresses like Diane Lane or Halle Berry being barefoot, you feel that passion for feet. So much, that you'd keep the DVD just for that one scene. I'm like that. Female bare soles are something I just fell in love with from the time I was really young. After a few relationships, I knew my fetish was the real deal. ^_^

    Of course, in gaming and anime, barefoot girls are everywhere. In gaming, you seem them quite a lot, which makes me happy. As you stated, fighting games are where it's at. With beauties like Christie, Elena, Makoto show you their goods for free. But what really excites me, is when my favorite characters who wear shoes/boots, are given the option to remove them. Example, Nina Williams. Or when you see them barefoot in another adaption. Example, Chun Li during her fight with Vega in the SF II movie.

    In anime, you know the deal. I'm in 100% dedication and worship to my Wind Goddess- Kagura. The ultimate example of beauty in the universe. Some can argue that she isn't a barefooter, but the truth remains, she's barefoot, gorgeous and has the sexiest voice I've ever heard. My perfect woman. But still, many girls in anime/manga who're barefoot or get the chance to get barefoot look amazing. Sailor Moon has some of the best soles I've ever seen. Sango from Inuyasha has some impressive feets herself. Oh and how about Naru from Love Hina? So many out there(even from american shows), I could list them all. ^_^

    When a female in anything shows up barefoot, they're automatically a goddess. Feet are a beautiful part of a female, and smell quite heavenly. That is, if you appreciate it as much as I do. But remember, appreciate the female first. All of my favorite barefoot females are 3-dimensional characters with great personalities attached to amazing/entertaining stories. Like knowing a new girl, you gotta understand her. Then you desire for her feet will become stronger. ^_^ I like having a connection. My strongest, obviously, with Kagura.

    Sole Keeper is another example of someone that greatly appreciates females. Their personalities and their amazing looks. I gotta give him credit, for supplying me with the best bare sole videos from different sources.

    Kudos man! *cheers* Continue the never ending hunt! ^_^

  4. Hello, Da TrueNoir! Great entry and I am glad to know that there are people like you and King who share the love. Thanks for the compliments, they are really appreciated.
    Of course I love real women's feet, but virtual feet are my schtick here, so I'll stick with that. ^_^ And that's going to be even more fruitful, as fighting games like VF5R, Sole- er, Soulcalibur IV and Tekken 6 include customization to have the lovely digital divas barefoot as we please. Isn't technology grand? Maybe in a few years we'll have anatomically-correct feet on in-game characters... maybe. Something to look forward to. Hahaha!

    Oh, and Kagura the Wind User... be still my foot-loving heart. She's one of my all-time favorites. Awesome character- I'll surely post about her soon.

    Glad to have you around. Later then!

  5. Thanks Sole Keeper, I've been a fan of yours for a while too and I'm really impressed with all the clips you posted. I'm also very sorry about your Channel being closed down (especially since I visited and watched that channel so often). It sucks that Youtube would consider such clips even remotely offensive. I'm really glad that you're rebuilding.

    Anyway, best of luck with all your endeavors.