Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chun Li (Streetfighter II: The Animated Movie)

Back before the days of 3D fighting games, it was all about Street Fighter II. Capcom's one-on-one opus basically started the whole genre, setting the stage for countless wannabees, copycats and challengers to come. One of the big additions that Streetfighter II gave the fighting genre early on was, well, BABES. Chun-Li was one of the first female competitors in beat 'em ups- a beauty among the beasts, a rose among the thorns. But she stood tall with her deadly legs and killer feet. Since then, Chun-Li has become a videogame and pop culture icon, endlessly parodied or imitated. It's natural that such a strong beauty would be many a gamer's fantasy and object of affection. Unfortunately for us barefoot fans, Miss Li has never been barefoot in a SF game- she's either in her 'Chinese Acrobat' kung fu outfit (the trademark suit with the puffy shouldered top, stockings and white boots) or her Alpha outfit (tights and sneakers).

And so it was with joy back in the early 90s when the Streetfighter II Animated Movie showed up with easily the sexiest and most awesome animated barefoot babe fight scene ever. The setup- Interpol agent Chun Li is marked for death by Shadaloo's masked assassin, Vega (Balrog in Japan). After a brief bit of nudity in her infamous shower scene (which is nice but not what we're interested in, right?), Chun-Li is ambushed by the Spanish Ninja in her bedroom and awesomeness ensues. Chun-Li has to fight the intruder barefoot in just a nightshirt and her bra and panties, which transfixed countless gamers and otaku for the entire three or so minutes it went (Guile's intercut driving and running scenes be damned).

Not only is this fight scene totally intense (the understated, melancholy guitar music of the Japanese version beats out the crass rock of the US version, in my opinion) excellently choreographed and animated, of course it gives us royal views of Chun-Li's gorgeous bare feet, with a unique and wonderful foot stomp to the face and a double foot kick at the end that I consider some of the most awesome anime sole shots ever. No anime fight scene since then has ever equalled this, or even approached it in coolness, sex appeal and execution. 

That time was a more free time, where fan service was a bit more liberal and not something to be prudishly censored or held back. Man, those were the days. Anyway, here's the fight scene for your enjoyment, Guile edited out for uninterrupted barefoot babe battle awesomeness. Man, wouldn't it be awesome if they included Nightshirt-and-Undies as an alternate outfit in SFIV? Heheh...

Best. Sole Shots. Ever.


  1. Nice...Chun Li vs Vega is one of my all time favorite anime scenes. She's definitely a great character. I'm really enjoying reading your commentary a lot Sole Keeper. Keep up the great blogging.

  2. Chun Li. Not only the most famous female name in gaming, but also my favorite character in the SF universe. She's beautiful, strong, and had quite a long career. She's an object of affection for me, since I've played as her since I was a youngster. It's amazing to know that more than a decade later, I would still be kicking ass with her.

    Her appearance in the SF II animated movie. I remember getting the VHS at the time. I was impressed by how she was animated. Very cute, yet sexy. Just like her video game counterpart. I was happy with the shower scene, but what happened next, made history.

    What makes the fight between Chun Li and Vega so great, is how realistic it is. While I don't think it's the greatest anime battle of all time, it's easily in the top ten for being the most realistic. The whole fight was animated in beautiful cel art, which I enjoy greatly. It was dark, yet so powerful. Chun Li looking gorgeous in her night shirt and panties, along with her beautiful bare feet. Chun Li has made a career out of her feet. They can easily KO any weak male fighter, who thinks they can get into her pants. Her rapid kicks were always a marvel to look at. Imagine all that power, traveling into one body part, to execute a blow so powerful, it could give you a lifetime concussion. Just like Bruce Lee's character in Fist of Fury, except all the power travels to Miss Li's feet. I personally find it exciting to know that not only is she a great fighter, but has powerful feet. It makes for wonderful fantasies. Look at her soles in close up. Clean, detailed, and perfect. They're bare feet of strength, which I happen to enjoy. Strength in a woman is appealing.

    Speaking of which, the whole fight scene is really empowering for women. Chun Li was completely unprepared for the fight against the naughty and malicious Vega. She was taken by surprise, she's nearly naked, and battled Vega in a closed in area(major disadvantage). However, Chun Li proved greatness beyond anything, but taking him down. Using the whole room to her advantage, not to mention her body. It's excellently choreographed as mentioned, with a tremendous double foot kick finish. ^_^ I really excited myself when I first saw that. I wanted to watch that whole fight over and over again, to the point where I didn't care if Ryu and Ken beat Bison or not. The rewind button became my best friend. :)

    Years later, I still enjoy the fight. It's still in my top ten, and Chun Li still hasn't lost her appeal/beauty. See her in SF IV? She's a Goddess. If they had a barefoot option, I'm sure it would excite players and non-players alike!

    Chun Li is a legend, hands down. With amazing bare soles that make me wanna go: YATTA!


  3. Oh, boy. This is THE anime fight scene in my opinion.

    I'm a huge Chun-Li fan, and on that basis alone, this is a massive scene. It makes both characters look strong, establishes a genuine and believable threat, and includes stunning choreography free of the cheap "super move" exchanges that plague most anime fights. The flow of the battle is completely believable, and Chun-Li has to work for her narrow victory, making it far more rewarding than the shallow, easy win she gets against Vega in the recent live-action clunker.

    Then you add in the foot fetish part of the equation and a whole 'nother level of awesomeness is piled on. We don't see Chun-Li barefoot much, so the few opportunities we get are greatly appreciated. Throughout the sequence our heroine's feet are consistently well-drawn and attractive, large but far from grotesque, and we get several high-quality looks at them that are both erotic for fetishists while not isolating the non-foot-lovers, because they make perfect sense in the context of the scene.

    The whole movie was incredible, but this scene was the capper. Even if you don't have a foot fetish, it's an exhilarating and thrilling fight scene in which a character we genuinely care for is put in peril and fights her way out triumphantly. For those of us who dig feet, though- it's an unforgettable masterpiece.

    By the way, while it's unfortunate that we don't get to see Chun-Li barefoot in SFIV, I still think her alternate costume is genuinely goooorgeous. It may not be custom-made for foot fetishists, but if you like legs, it's incredible. Oh, and she plays great, too, as usual (almost as well as she did in SF3- which is ripe with barefoot martial arts women, as I'm sure you're already aware).

    Thanks for sharing the love.

  4. Wait...didn't you see her tits? That's pretty risque for street fighter. Feet awesome, true, but how often do you get to see Chun-Li's boobs?

  5. This is a foot fetish blog, in case you haven't noticed. Tits are fine, but we have our own priorities. ^_^