Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jun Kazama (Tekken)

Jun Kazama is one of the most popular babes in the mega-popular Tekken series, ever since she appeared in Tekken 2 on the Playstation. She's a martial arts-kicking international operative who was fated to rub pelvises with series' bad boy, Kazuya Mishima and give birth to the current anti-hero, Jin Kazama. Sadly, aside from that, we don't know much about her aside from the fact that she's hot and kicks ass. We never got to know about her character, her personality or how she spoke (all her lines in Tekken 2 were the usual 'Kiyya!' and 'Hai-ya!'), unless you consider that horrible Tekken anime movie. All we know is that Jun is beautiful and very in touch with nature. Surely, such a babe would not be averse to taking off her shoes and letting her soft soles and toes feel the grass or soil underneath, to feel the song of the earth. And that's pretty much confirmed by the CG cinematic to Tekken Tag Tournament for the PS2, which shows just that (and from which we took the video above).

Of course, this could all be just the fevered dream of son Jin Kazama, dreaming of his hot momma splashing her feet in the water. Well, weird thoughts and Oedipus Complex aside we can't blame Jin for musing about his mom's hot feet. Oh well.

Tekken is full of hot babes we want to see barefoot. We'll get to the rest of them in good time.


  1. That's an awesome clip. I really like Jun a lot too.

  2. It's just too bad at the time there were more limitations to games- we never actually heard her speak (Tekken characters only started speaking in Tekken 4, I think), and there was little in the way of art or extra stuff... in fact, I had one pic of the Tekken 2 girls in swimsuits and barefoot- but Jun was kneeling so her feet were hidden. LOL. Well, even if Jun's gone... there's always Asuka...