Saturday, February 28, 2009


Ninja Gaiden 2... sucked. Well, it played well, but nowhere near as good as the first game. As usual, the game was unforgiving in difficulty as the producer, Tomonobu Itagaki, was an ass. Aside from that, a crappy camera made things like offscreen enemies more dangerous than they should be. In any case, there was at least one great thing about NG2, and it was Elizebet the Fiend Queen. Yeah, there was that busty babe who supposedly worked for the C.I.A. (and a poor substitute for Rachel from the first game), but she's for the leather and boobs crowd. Us barefoot babe fans had Elizebet. Though she wore a pretty mannish jacket and pants for most of the game, she dressed down for a pivotal cutscene, barefoot and clad in just a demonic bikini. A dominating diva like her wouldn't be an easy babe to get along with, but we'd at least be made into her footstools (like Satanikos Pandemonio in From Dusk Till Dawn, another hot barefoot babe) so all wouldn't be bad.

Sadly, afterwards Ryu Hayabusa would face off with Elizebet and she's turn from her hot barefoot bikini babe self into some weird, stomach-less half-insect form. Too bad. Why can't these evil demon babes retain their hotness instead of transforming into monsters? And why must they explode or self-destruct all the time? Oh well... Elizebet, we hardly knew you- which may be for the best- but at least the moment, though short, was sweet.


  1. Eventhough Ayane and Rachel (who I would have loved to see without her boots on)are my personal favorites, It's great to see a Ninja Gaiden girl barefoot. Nice commentary too...I definitely wouldn't mind being turned into a footstool by her.

    Thanks for her Sole Keeper

  2. Glad you liked it, KSC. I wish I could post more, been a bit busy in the weekend. But I'll post a lot more this week. Nice post on Fujiko! Man, she's HOT. Lupin is worth finding just for her...