Thursday, October 8, 2015

Laura Matsuda (Streetfighter V)

A Barefoot Beauty from Brazil joins the Great Brawl!

 Just officially revealed today is the latest fighter for the upcoming Streetfighter V. Her name is Laura Matsuda, and unlike other fighters who have come from Brazil, this lovely lass is a master of Jujuitsu- which means lots of grapples and limb-locking moves. She certainly is stunning with her curvaceous figure and long hair- of course it's her distinct footwear (or lack of, heheh) that is our main point of interest. Of course, the 'instep guard' thing has been done before, such as with the as-yet MIA Juri Han (whom we hope returns to SFV eventually).

I really, really wish Laura here was totally barefooted. Still, I have to say that I am so far loving this newest barefoot SF Babe- particularly how her feet are probably the best-looking 'default' bare feet in the franchise so far- they actually look feminine for the most part, and they are very- um, expressive if you see how her toes look during various moves. I think Capcom certainly referred to real-life martial artists' anatomy when they were doing her movements. I also in particular am really happy with her KO Pose (yes, I have seen some gameplay vids) which give a nice view of her unconscious face and also gives a nice sole view. My reservations with her outfit aside, I am looking forward to seeing more of Laura in action. Hopefully she isn't the last Barefoot Babe in Streetfighter V.

For now though, I am happy that the future looks bright for this future fighting game. Laura is certainly one babe I won't mind getting a foot stomp from... hahaha!


Laura's Reveal Trailer.

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