Thursday, August 20, 2015

Angel's Heavenly Feet (Tekken Pachislot 3rd)

Now, that's a heavenly sight...

Now, I'll have to admit- I'm pretty proud of this find. Saw a preview video on some channel on Youtube which showed off Tekken cinematics, a lot of which I did not recognize from any of the Tekken games. Well, at least not from any of those available to us. I then realized, what I saw was probably from that most obscure of video sources- a Pachislot game. Pachislot is basically a gambling game, pretty native to Japan (similar to Pachinko, but often with gaming themes and cinematics. 

The particular 'footage' that piqued my interest was a scene with Angel, the winged holy warrior woman that seemed to be linked inexorably to series' anti-hero, Kazuya. Of course, it was her lovely, barefooted incarnation from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The segment saw Angel descending from the sky, with the camera of course focusing exclusively on her GORGEOUS feet as she alighted on the ground, even as she took a couple of steps, bringing her kiss-worthy toes almost right into the viewer's face. I knew then I HAD to find that footage and share it on the channel.

It took searching, and even more searching, to find the most hi-res footage. Sadly, it's not as super-clear as the footage used on the Tekken channel where I first saw bits of it, but at least it's good enough for the video to be in pretty good 1080p viewing quality- the video you see above. It alse requred me to crop the video a LOT (since the actual CG is only in a portion of the screen, the rest comprising of the pachislot game's weird 'gameplay' HUD.

But now, here it is- the Angel Intro cutscene from the Tekken Pachislot 3 game. It's truly a sin that us foot-loving fighitng game fans would otherwise NEVER see this CG (along with a ton more interesting scenes) unless you go to Japan and play this weird gambling game (OR try searching through hours of Youtube footage). I see it as only fitting that I get this lovely footage and share it with everyone on my channel to enjoy. There's actually more Angel CG to find, including fight scenes with Devil (where she can both win or lose) and lots of scenes of her flying around. I may try to find more footage to share, but at least for now, the scene with the best view of her beautiful, angelic bare feet are now on the channel for us to worship and enjoy as we please. Enjoy!

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