Friday, December 4, 2015

Uncharted 4 Sexy Cinemaic and List of Sexy Shoe-Removal Scenes!

Nathan finds himself in a dance with Nadine Ross, a less-than-friendly new babe, in this Uncharted 4 Trailer...

The trailer above for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End contains a pretty awesome type of scene that foot-lovers should love- the sexy 'pre-fight shoe removal' scene. We see it in quite a few scenes with badass females- a woman takes off her shoes so she can fight without impediment or abandon. It's quite hot, and I felt in celebration of this cool spot, I'd like to list down some other 'shoe-removal' scenes I've seen in the past, in film and other media. How about you guys? Any sexy, teasing pre-combat footwear shedding scenes come to mind?

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. A pretty recent entry, featuring the gorgeous actress Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust, a sexy double agent and femme fatale who is not averse to removing her high heels when she needs to fight or run in her bare feet. There are two scenes of shoe removal in the film, one at the start where Ilsa preps to 'torture' Ethan, and another where Ilsa has Ethan remove her shoes for her (lucky bastard). Coming on the heels (heh) of Jurassic World, a film remembered for its female heroine's ability to spend time in a jungle or being chased by a T-Rex in super high heels.

Pacific Rim. Female protagonist Mako (played by the lovely Rinko Kikuchi) takes off her bulky combat boots to spar with hero Raleigh Becket (Charlie Huunam). We don't actually see her taking them off, just laying them down... but we do get to see a royal view of Miss Kikuchi's rather interesting bare feet.

Kill Bill Vol. 1. A missed opportunity, sadly- at the climax of the House of Blue Leaves battle scene is a fatal duel between The Bride (Uma Thurman) and O-ren Ishii (Lucy Liu). Just before the fight begins, 'Lady Snowblood' Ishii steps out of her geta sandals (with a nice closeup), but unfortunately she is wearing tabi socks. We DO get a bit of a nice, if very brief scene of O-ren's bare feet running atop a table to decapitate a rebellious Yakuza Boss, but that doesn't really count for much- sad for a film from renowned foot lover Quentin Tarantino.

Charlie's Angels. Now this isn't actually a fight scene, but we do see Angel Alex Munday (Lucy Liu again) taking off her heels prior to giving a slimy exec (played by the lucky Tim Curry) a sexy barefoot shiatsu massage- which includes rubbing her feet and toes all over his face... MAN.

Machete Kills. Beauty Queen/villainess Miss San Antonio (Amber Heard) both kicks off her heels AND cuts her long dress in preparation for a fight with a blinded Michelle Rodriguez. The actual shoe removal isn't focused well enough, but we do get some nice glances of the femme fatale's feet throughout the fight. Nice sexy scene in any case.

Samurai Champloo. In Episode 20 (Elegy of Entrapment, Vol. 1) we are introduced to Sara, a blind female musician who is eventually revealed to be a deadly spear-wielding assassin. Prior to her first duel with rogue swordsman Mugen, we get a wonderfulview of her soles as she steps out of her sandals to fight in her bare feet. The only wrinkle I have with this entry is that when Sara returns in Episode 21 (and her inevitable defeat) the animation art style changes, which I find very jarring. Anyway, the first appearance of Sara is both badass and sexy, and a must-see for footfans.

Awesome anime fight scene (and barefoot female fighting action) from Samurai Champloo!

These are just a few scenes at the top of my mind- I may add to this, if I remember more, How about you guys? Any memorable footwear-removal scenes come to mind?

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  1. It's not a pre-fight one, but the Scott Pilgrim vs The World movie has a really great one fairly early on. There's a closeup of his girlfriend Ramona (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) removing her chunky goth boots to reveal her fishnet-clad feet. Best part is that this was 100% intentional too - according to the commentary, she said "This one's for Quinton!" before slipping the boots off.