Thursday, June 4, 2015

Poison Ivy: Batman Arkham Knight

Lots of Ivy to admire in the video above!

Since Batman: Arkham Asylum, we've all become particular fans of one awesome villainess in the Batman Rogue Gallery- one Pamela Isely, AKA Poison Ivy. Many think that the Arkham games revitalized the Batman franchise in gaming thanks to the gritty graphics, the expansive stages or perhaps the fluid combat... but we all know the real reason is because it gave us HOT Barefoot Poison Ivy. Heheh. You just know that the developers knew what Ivy's assets are (since they can't really show bare green boobs)- hot, sexy bare legs and feet, and the camera easily focuses on them every time Miss Isely appears.

Sadly, after an awesome debut in Arkham Asylum, Poison Ivy was relegated to pretty much a cameo in Arkham City (but still, at least we got some good views). How will she fare in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight?

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like her part is too big- despite being shown in one of the earlier trailers as one of the bat-baddies released by The Scarecrow to take on Batman, it has been revealed in a recently-posted 7-minute trailer ('To Go to War' Trailer), which we have posted above, that Ivy does not join the ranks of Scarecrow's allies. Because of this, she is taken prisoner and has to be 'rescued' (or at least, taken into custody) by Batman in one of his missions. After battling through several thugs, Ivy is freed and there is a nice cutscene  with all the lovely views we expect of green legs and feet. Mmmm...
Sadly, it seems that this may be the extent of Ivy's participation in the game. The video ends with her being taken back to the Gotham Holding Cells, and unless something more happens, that may be the end of her role. I can't believe this though- did they just basically spoil her entire part in a trailer? Is that all? Really? What a waste of an awesome villainess!

Now, I am hoping that I am wrong and that Ivy somehow breaks out again and does more stuff. Or at least I hope we see more of her in the game rather than just the scenes shown above. Otherwise, well... all I can say is, enjoy the video! There are wonderful views of the new and updated Ivy. I just hope there's more. We'll see though, when the game is released later this month.

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  1. bruh dont worry they might be a trophy for her in the game you know how in every game they add trophies of the chars