Monday, April 27, 2015

Streetfighter X Tekken: Barefoot Default Costume Collection by repinscourge (PC)

Modder repinscourge makes a footfan's dreams come true with this awesome series of mods.

Barefoot customization is the Holy Grail in videogame fan service for us foot fans. While there have been fortunately many games that have given this, there are many still that don't. Thankfully, there are those instances when exceptional people- modders- step up to the plate where the mainstream game devs can't or won't. In this particular opportunity, this has happened again with awesome results. Streetfighter X Tekken (PC) is already, at this time, a Barefoot Fan's Must Have game, thanks to TONS of sexy barefoot mods already existing and free to download and use online. But still, it's a bit amazing that after all this time, no one has actually made a pretty basic series of 'Barefoot Default' Costume mods- not the usual Bikini or Swimsuit skin, but just the characters in their default, usual costume, sans shoes.

This of course hearkens to a game like Tekken 6 (still one of my all-time faves) which lets you have lovely ladies like Lili Rochefort take off her GoGo boots and bare her perfect, coltish lets and fleshy, lovely feet for all to admire. Well, that hasn't repeated itself yet in Tekken 7, but thanks to our friend, modder repinscourge, this is now something we can enjoy in Streetfighter X Tekken.

Though it started with me asking for a Barefoot Lili mod (in her default white dress), another person ventured to ask repinscourge to actually do Barefoot Default costume mods for ALL the female fighters in the game- and thankfully, he obliged. After a couple of weeks of work, repinscourge has finished the series and uploaded the whole lot on his DeviantArt account, free to all footfans to download and enjoy.

The Streetfighter X Tekken Default Barefoot Girls Pack contains a download link for a file with ALL the mods, which includes all 12 of the game's female fighters. The page also has links to all the individual mods that make up the pack as well. Aside from these, there are several other sexy SFXTK mods on repinscourge's DA that you may want to check out.

Not only does the mods simply remove a girls' footwear but often the mod has an 'Alternate' version that repinscourge has taken the liberty to  inject a bit more sex appeal- this usually means showing a bit more skin; Nina's Default for example has her legs bared only below the knee (as she has only taken off her boots), while her Alt has her legs and feet bare (save for an optional knife belt), making it look a bit like a sexy Wetsuit (hint: I LOVE repinscourge Alts). Xiaoyu's Alt has her wearing cute and sexy panties, removing the default shorts (heheh). Sakura's and Julia's skirts are a tad shorter (mmm) and so on.

Needless to say, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these mods, and I have and will continuie to post videos with them on my channel from here on in. I do recommend any footfan with SFXTK to download and use these hot mods, and to visit repinscourge on both his Youtube and DeviantArt channels to thank him. He's an awesome guy and I hope this is just the beginning for more sexy mods from him. In any case, check out our Youtube channel for vids featuring repinscourge's mods, and enjoy the Barefoot Beauties of Streetfighter X Tekken!

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